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Yale University

Introduction to Radiology

Yale University via YouTube


Radiographic techniques are explored in this course: Conventional Radiography, Computed Tomography (CT), Ultrasound, and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). It concludes with some case studies.


Introduction to Radiology: Conventional Radiography.
Introduction to Radiology: Computed Tomography.
Introduction to Radiology: Ultrasound.
Introduction to Radiology: Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
Introduction to Chest Radiography.
Introduction to Computed Tomographic imaging of the Chest.
Abdominal Anatomy on Computed Tomography.
Normal Renal Anatomy.
Introduction to Musculoskeletal Radiology.
Introduction to Spine Radiographs.
Introduction to Brain Surface Anatomy.
Abdominal X-rays.
How I do it: Ultrasound of the Abdomen.
How I do it: thyroid biopsy.
Clinical Case: Renal Cell Carcinoma.
Clinical Case: Colon Cancer.

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Yale Radiology and Biomedical Imaging


4.8 rating, based on 51 Class Central reviews

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  • Yes. I'm improved and very Excellent work. This course very useful and implementation for medical line & Research line.
  • C.Dhana Lakshmi
    Certainly! Without specific details, I'll give a general review for an online introduction to radiology course. Review: The online introduction to radiology course provided a comprehensive overview of the fundamental principles and practices in the…
  • This course is a great tool to learn basics about radiology if you want to begin in this field. Thank you for the information, it was well explained and organized. I enjoyed my learning.
  • Profile image for MAJID ASGARIMEHR
    The radiological course demonstrated exceptional quality through its comprehensive curriculum and hands-on training. The instructors displayed profound expertise, ensuring a thorough understanding of diagnostic imaging techniques. The course effectively integrated theoretical knowledge with practical applications, fostering a dynamic learning environment. The inclusion of the latest advancements in radiology technology kept the content relevant. Student feedback highlighted the clarity of instruction and the accessibility of resources, contributing to a positive learning experience. Overall, the programme was fantastic.
  • Profile image for Diane Frazier
    Diane Frazier
    This course was exceeded my expectations! It was vert detailed and yet to the point. I have worked with some great Radiologists as I used to be a Radiology Support Tech but that was many years ago so I thought I would take this to brush up on my knowledge. They went over some things that I had definitely had forgotten and some maybe never knew. So I would recommend this to any student going in to radiology as a first step, as this will give you a full on look at what your in for. Happy studying.
  • A very informative course on the basics of radiology and radiology fundamentals. The content of the course was meticulously curated, providing a well-structured and organised approach to learning. The faculty have shared their depth of knowledge which only speaks to their passion for radiology. The lectures are straight to the point, easy to follow and to understand. I would highly recommend this introductory course to any medical professional choosing a career in radiology.
  • Seo Yun Thapa
    I had the opportunity to engage with the "Introduction to Radiology" course offered by Yale University via YouTube, and I honestly, it definitely exceeded all my expectations. This comprehensive introduction of radiology has provided me with a solid foundation of knowledge along with unlocking new skills. This course was well structured and provided beginners with a detailed explanation.
  • Saira Shahid
    I recently completed this online radiology course, The curriculum provided a deep understanding of imaging techniques and interpretation. The instructors were knowledgeable, and the interactive format made learning engaging. The practical case studies were particularly helpful in applying theoretical knowledge. Overall, a top-notch course for anyone looking to excel in the field of radiology.
  • Profile image for Hafiz Mubashir Gulzar
    Hafiz Mubashir Gulzar
    According to my experience this course is very good and extra level to going knowledge of radiology to subject. This definitely good for all those practitioners who doesn't have any knowledge of radiology techniques like , CT Scan,X ray , ultrasound, and MRI etc . thank you for whole team of this platform.
  • Profile image for Ehtisham Raza
    Ehtisham Raza
    this course is best illustration of radiology in practice both clinically and pathologically as well.
    i got a chance to learn this course with all the illustration contents of this cases and relevent bookish pathologies with respect to anatomy in MSK and cross sectional cases as well.
  • Mohammed Atif Hemedelneil
    Hi , I was complete the course of introduction to radiology just before 2 min ago and it was so exiting and usefull course , I'm medical studant and I really knew things i was't knew about before , I hope every body in the medical feild to heard like this courses
  • Imran Zaidi
    I've been taking the radiology course, and it has been an excellent learning experience so far. The content is informative and well-structured, making it easy to grasp complex concepts. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in radiology.
  • Profile image for Kenyi Thomas Wadok
    Kenyi Thomas Wadok
    Easy to understand lectures, thanks to class Central and Yale University. I am grateful to have completed my first course in introduction to Radiology. It has equipped me with more knowledge on several aspects of Radiology.
    Great site. Excellent images with clear and concise explanations. Use it for radiology revision. This course extremely useful learning resource as it provides both information and an opportunity to practise interpretation.
  • Chimelle Wilken
    Where do I start it well it was very interested and a lot of knowledge to be taken it.
    I learned a lot from the beginning to the end.

    I will gladly recommended the course to others, as I have really learned a lot.
  • Profile image for Angel M
    Angel M
    Great program , gives a great overview of everything . I love how it covers a range of modalities such as us , ct and mri . It is good for radiographers and a great resource to add on your CPD.
  • Sri Bharani Kumar S
    The course was most usefull get a job in goverment secto, and i have learn keep in the radiology . Instroduction part is most useful in the learning of basics of radiology technique
  • Profile image for Theetso Keitumetse
    Theetso Keitumetse
    i learnt a lot, it was an exciting thing to do. Obviously i have added to the little skill i had and improved my education about radiology. i hope this course has certificates
  • Kariman Samy Elzaeem
    In my perspective, the course is extremely helpful for a beginner. It offers a great opportunity to explore the basic anatomy in radiographic imaging .
  • Tabitha Velez
    This has been a very good learning experience for me. I’m new to the Radiology field and I will keep learning from this. It’s very good.

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