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MATLAB and Simulink Training Program Introduction.
Lecture-1: Introduction to MATLAB in (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-2: Get familiar with MATLAB Environment (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-3: Get familiar with MATLAB commands (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-4: How to write a mathematical expression in matlab (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-5: How to write a simple MATLAB program (Hindi/Urdu).
How to write mathematical expression in MATLAB [live Session].
Lecture-6: MATLAB Variables and Arrays (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-7: Multi dimensional Arrays in MATLAB (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-8: Initializing variables in MATLAB part 1 (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-9: Initializing variables in MATLAB part 2: Read data from a file (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-10: Displaying output data in MATLAB (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-11: Scalar and Array Operations in MATLAB (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-12: Introduction to Plotting in MATLAB (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-13: Multiple plots in MATLAB (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-14: Additional 2D plots in MATLAB (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-15: Three dimensional (3D) plots in MATLAB (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-16: Additional Plotting Features Part-1: Multiple plots and Subplots in MATLAB (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-17: Additional Plotting Features Part-2: Stream modifiers (Hindi/Urdu).
Amplitude Modulation (AM) in MATLAB (Hindi/Urdu).
Frequency Modulation (FM) in MATLAB (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-18: Polynomials Handling Part-1: Roots of a polynomial in MATLAB (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-19: Polynomials Handling Part-2: Partial Fraction Expansion of polynomials (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-20: Pole Zero Plot in MATLAB (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-21:Transfer Function Response and Bode plot in MATLAB (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-22: Top down design techniques :Steps to Implement a problem in MATLAB (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-23: Need of Control Statements in MATLAB(Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-24: if construct or if else control statement in MATLAB (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-25: Nested if else construct or control statement (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-26: Switch construct or Control statement in MATLAB (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-27: While loop in MATLAB (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-28: for loop in MATLAB (Hindi/Urdu).
Loop based programs in MATLAB (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-29: break and continue (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-30: How to create a function in MATLAB (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-31: How to create a function part 2 (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-32:function functions in MATLAB (Hindi/Urdu).
Getting MATLAB help.
Lecture-33: Sub functions in MATLAB (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-34: Nested function in MATLAB (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-35: private function in MATLAB (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-36: Sharing Data using Global memory (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-37: Preserving data between calls to a function (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-38: String Functions (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-39: MATLAB Sparse array (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-40: MATLAB Cell Array (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-41: MATLAB Structures (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-42: MATLAB Structures Part-2 (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-43: MATLAB Function handles (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-44: MATLAB Graphics Handles (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-45: Time domain to Frequency domain Conversion: Need of Fourier Transform.
Lecture-45: Time domain to Frequency domain Conversion: Need of Fourier Transform (English Ver.).
Lecture-46 Debugging of MATLAB programs (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-47 Debugging of MATLAB programs Part-2 (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture 48: How to choose and work on MATLAB higher versions.
Lecture 49: How to create sections in a MATLAB program.
Lecture-50: Create a function to import Excel data into MATLAB.
Lecture 51: How to create an ASCII file using MATLAB.
Reading and Writing images in MATLAB.
Lecture-52: How to create MATLAB Executable (MEX) file.
Lecture-53: Useful MATLAB inbuilt functions (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-54: Applications of MATLAB inbuilt functions (Hindi/Urdu).
Lecture-55: MATLAB Programming Practice Problem-1.
Lecture-56: MATLAB Programming Practice Problem-2.
Lecture-57: MATLAB Programming Practice Problem-3.
Lecture-58: MATLAB Programming Practice Problem-4.
Lecture-59: MATLAB Programming Practice Problem-5.
Lecture-60: MATLAB Programming Practice Problem-6.
Lecture-61: MATLAB Programming Practice Problem-7.
Lecture-62: MATLAB Programming Practice Problem-8.
Lecture-63: MATLAB Programming Practice Problem-9.
Lecture-64: MATLAB Programming Practice Problem 10.
MATLAB: Graphical User Interface (GUI) Introduction.
MATLAB Get familiar with GUI Environment [Hindi/Urdu].
MATLAB GUI programming for pushbutton and static text [Hindi/Urdu].
MATLAB GUI Programming for Edit box and Toggle button [Hindi/Urdu].
MATLAB GUI programming for checkbox and radio button [Hindi/Urdu].
MATLAB GUI Programming for Slider [Hindi/Urdu].
MATLAB GUI programming for popup menu [Hindi/Urdu].
MATLAB GUI programming for axes [Hindi/Urdu].
MATLAB GUI programming for containers [Hindi/Urdu].
MATLAB programming for Dialog boxes Part-1.
Use of global variable in MATLAB GUI Programming [Hindi/Urdu].
MATLAB GUI Programming: Dialog box part 2.
MATLAB GUI programming: menus [Hindi/Urdu].
MATLAB GUI model Example :Add image and progress bar [Hindi/Urdu].
How to create MATLAB Stand-alone Application (Hindi/Urdu).
Multi inputs GUI problem.
Introduction to Simulink.
How to Create a Simple model in Simulink.
Model annotation and signal labeling.
How to export simulink data into MATLAB workspace.
How to export Simulink Graph data into MATLAB and Excel.
How to access structure data as an array.
Trigonometric function Implementation in Simulink.
Amplitude Modulation (AM) and FFT Implementation in Simulink.
Digital FIR Low Pass Filter (LPF) Design in MATLAB and Simulink.
Analog Low Pass Filter (LPF) Design in Simulink.
zero crossing detection using simulink.
How to use if-else statement in Simulink model.
Use of Inport and Outport blocks in Simulink.
Scope Manager and Signal Generator.
How to use MATLAB code within a Simulink Model.
How to preload constants values in Simulink model.
How to use MATLAB inbuilt function within Simulink model.
Matrix operations in Simulink.
Implementation of mathematical functions in Simulink.
Evaluate a function in Simulink for different time intervals | Simulink by Raj Kumar Thenua.
Signals routing in Simulink model | Simulink by Raj Kumar Thenua.
Switch control flow in Simulink | Simulink by Raj Kumar Thenua.
How to use for loop in Simulink.
How to use lookup table in Simulink.
Two dimensional (2D) and Dynamic lookup tables in Simulink.

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