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MEB: Material Balances

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General Balance for Material Balances.
General Mass Balance on Single Tank.
Introduction to Degrees of Freedom.
Degree of Freedom Analysis on a Single Unit.
Material Balance Problem Approach.
Performing a Material Balance on a Single Unit.
Average Molecular Weight of Mixed Stream.
Flowchart Example.
Liquid-Liquid Extraction Material Balance.
Material Balance over a Crystallizer (Solubility).
Material Balances for a Mixing Process.
Scaling a Material Balance.
Water Vapor Adsorber Material Balance.
Analysis of a Split Point.
Degree of Freedom Analysis on Multiple Unit Process.
Multiple Unit Material Balance: Degree of Freedom Analysis.
Solving Material Balances on Multiple Units.
Designing a Flowchart.
Reactor with Recycle.
Crystallizer Material Balance with Recycle.
Multiple Unit Material Balance - Decaf Coffee.
Percent Excess Air.
Chemical Equilibrium: Effect of an Inert.
Gas Phase Chemical Equilibrium.
Single Reaction With Recycle.
Two Reactions (Extent of Reaction Method).
Fractional Conversion (Interactive).
Limiting Reagent (Interactive).
Reaction Stoichiometry (Interactive).
Three Methods for Reactive MEB Problems.
Atomic Species Balances.
Extent of Reaction for Material Balances.
Molecular Species Balances.
Two Reactions in a Two-Phase Reactor.
Wet to Dry Basis.
Dry to Wet Basis.
Critical Properties of a Fluid (T and P).
Ideal Gas Law - Lung Example (BIO).
Standard Temperature and Pressure - Ideal Gas Law.
Ideal Gas Mixture Characterization.
Ideal Gas Mixtures Example.
Ideal Gases Example Biofermentation (BIO).
SRK Equation of State Example.
Compressibility Factor (Z-Factor) Equation of State.
Pressure-Volume Diagram.
Heat of Vaporization: Antoine's Equation.
Heat of Vaporization: Clausius-Clapeyron.
Gibbs Phase Rule.
Relative and Absolute Humidity.
Single Condensable Species Balance.
Air/Water Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium.
Condense Water Vapor from Air.
Raoult's Law (Water as Condensable Component).
Lever Rule Derivation (P-x-y Diagram).
Lever Rule (Interactive).
Multi-condensable Species in VLE.
Raoult's Law Explanation.
Add Non-Volatile Component to VLE System.
Add One Component to Binary VLE System.
Condense a Binary Mixture.
Phase Equilibrium: Txy Diagram.
Binary Vapor: Partial Condensation.
Bubble Point Calculation for Condenser.
Dew Temperature Calculation/Excel Solver.
P-x-y Diagram for VLE (Interactive Simulation).
Solving VLE Using Raoult's Law and Iterative Method Solver.
Distillation of a Two Component Mixture Part 1.
Distillation of a Two Component Mixture Part 2.
Gas Stripping (Henry and Raoult's Laws).
Introduction to Solubility.
Using Solubility Diagrams for Material Balances.
Interpolating Tie Lines on a Ternary Diagram.
Ternary Phase Diagram Basics (Interactive Simulation).
Plotting a Ternary Phase Diagram.
Using a Triangular (Ternary) Phase Diagram.
Triangular (Ternary) Phase Diagram Example.
VLLE for Immiscible Liquids.
Partial Pressure: Immiscible Liquids.
Material & Energy Balances in a Reactor with Heat Exchange (Interactive Simulation).
Overview of Combustion Chemistry.
Percent Excess Air (Combustion).
Material Balances on Complete Combustion of Methane.
Complete and Partial Combustion of Ethane.
Degree of Freedom Analysis of a Distillation Column (Interactive Simulation).
Phase Behavior on a Pressure-Volume Diagram (Interactive Simulation).
Compressibility Factor Chart (Interactive Simulation).
Using the DePriester Chart for Vapor Liquid Equilibrium (Interactive Simulation).
Reading Compressibility Factor Charts.
Reading a Psychrometric Chart (Interactive Simulation).
Introduction to Non-Ideal Solutions.
Water Phase Behavior on a Pressure-Temperature Diagram (Interactive Simulation).
Calculate Specific Volume of Water Vapor Using the Ideal Gas Law.
Ideal Gas Properties.
Phase Changes on a Pressure-Temperature Diagram.
Virial Equation of State Introduction.
Density, Specific Volume, and Specific Gravity.
Temperature Scales.
Basis of a Calculation.
Bypass Example.
Example of a Purge Process.
Extent of Reaction.
Fractional Conversion.
Three Methods for Balancing Reactive Processes.
Using Extent of Reaction for Multiple Reactions.
Bubble and Dew Points for Binary Mixture.
Reading Compressibility Factor Charts.
Average Molecular Weight of a Mixed Stream.
Calculate Mole Fractions on Wet and Dry Basis.
Derive Equation for Boiling Point Elevation.
Use Selectivity to Solve Reactor Mass Balances.
Reactor With Recycle (Interactive Simulation).
Description of an Evaporative Crystallization Process with Recycle.
Recycle in a Chemical Reactor.
Recycle in a Chemical Reactor.
Material Balances on a Crystallizer.
Evaporative Crystallization with Recycle (Interactive Simulation).
Raoult's Law Example.
Transient Material Balance Example.
Transient Material Balance for a Solution.
Lever Rule Example on P-x-y Diagram.
Transient Material Balances.
Material Balances on System with Purge.
Material Balances on System with Recycle and Purge - Spreadsheet.
Ideal Gas Law (Interactive Simulation).
System with Recycle and Purge - Example Problem.
Single-Effect Evaporator (Interactive Simulation).
Mass Balances in Evaporative Crystallization (Interactive Simulation).
Transient Material Balances (Interactive Simulation).
Reactor with Recycle and Purge Stream (Interactive Simulation).

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