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Microsoft Excel

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Introduction to Excel-1.
Introduction to Excel-2.
Introduction to Excel-3.
Importing Data into Excel.
Data Tables in Excel.
Data Tables in Excel: Two Dependent Variables.
Naming Cells in Excel.
Formatting in Excel.
Formatting Numbers in Excel.
Entering an Equation into Excel.
Linearize/Plot Non-Linear Equations (Excel).
Overview of Scatter and Line Plots in Excel.
Scatter Plots in Excel.
Line Plots in Excel.
Overview of Pie Charts and Bar Graphs in Excel.
Pie Charts in Excel.
Bar Graphs in Excel.
Creating a Scatter Plot using Regression Analysis.
3D Plots in Excel.
Trend Lines in Excel.
Iterative Solutions/Excel.
Excel Goal Seek Introduction.
Excel Goal Seek Example.
Excel Solver Introduction.
Dynamic Naming of Arrays in Excel.
Histogram in Excel.
An Alternate to Excel's VLOOKUP for Searches in Tables.
Excel Case Study: Cantilever Beam Part 3 - One-Way Data Table.
Excel Case Study: Cantilever Beam Part 1 - Spreadsheet Setup.
Excel Case Study: Cantilever Beam Part 2 - Formula Approach.
Referencing Cells in Excel.
Excel Case Study: Circular Calculation.
Microsoft Excel Event Handlers.
When Iterative Solving Does Not Work in Excel.
An Introduction to Excel's Built-in Functions.
Golden Section Search Method.
Lookup Functions in Excel Part 1: VLOOKUP.
Lookup Functions in Excel Part 2: MATCH, OFFSET, and INDEX Functions.
Using Excel's Matrix Functions to Solve Linear Systems of Equations.
Solving Optimization Problems in Excel.
Linear Regression in Excel.
Excel Case Study: Cantilever Beam Part 4 - Two-Way Data Table.
Excel Syntax and Order of Operations.
Solving a Nonlinear Equation in Excel.
Solve a Set of Nonlinear Equations Using Solver.

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