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Music Theory and Composition

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This is a collection of more than 150 of my Music Theory and Composition videos. Let me know if there are specific things you would like me to address. Thanks!


The Darkest Scale Ever.
Music Theory Lecture - What Every Pro Musician Needs To Know.
Four Simple Chords to Modernize Your Sound.
John Williams vs Gustav Holst or Star Wars Vs The Planets.
Modes of the Darkest Scale Ever.
Perfect Pitch vs Relative Pitch: Which Is More Important?.
How To Develop a Musical Idea From Scratch - Recording and Arranging.
The Mother of All Chords (really).
Techniques of Orchestration Part 1 | How To Orchestrate a Chord.
Basics of Music Theory: Part I.
How To Write and Arrange For Strings The Basics.
3 Things To Practice To Improve Your Playing FAST.
Music Theory Lecture: The Elements of Jazz Explained!.
Superimposing Pentatonics - Using Multiple Pentatonics Over One Chord.
Why Top Composers Use Chromatic Mediant Modulations.
Music Theory | Principles of Melody - Bebop Lines.
How To Write Like John Williams! Secrets of Film Scoring Part 1.
Secrets of The Melodic Minor Pentatonic Scales!.
Film Scoring: What The Pros Know | Getting Started.
Intro to Jazz Guitar Language For Rockers.
What Bach and Charlie Parker Had In Common.
Modal Mixture - Using Multiple Modes Over One Chord | Music Theory.
Piano Chords For Guitar - Allan Holdsworth and Johnny Smith Style.
Music Theory - The Dorian Mode.
How To Practice Your instrument Like A Pro.
How To Figure Out Any Chord By Ear.
Music Composition: How To Harmonize a Melody Part 1.
How To Write and Orchestrate for Strings - Score Study.
Guitar Lesson: Playing by Ear.
What You Should Know About Chord Families and Their Modes.
What Only The Pros Know About The Diminished Scale.
The Chords of Allan Holdsworth Part 1.
Forget Microtones, Check Out Polychromatics!.
How To Write an Orchestral Sketch - Orchestration Techniques.
How To Use Quartal and Quintal Harmony and Melody In Your Compostions.
How to Play Bossa Nova Guitar - Jobim Style.
Musical Palindromes & Negative Harmony (what?).
Music Theory Everyone Should Know.
Film Scoring 101 - The Phrygian Mode.
Tonal HARMONY | The SECRETS of Four Part Writing (SATB).
Music Theory Lecture: How To Use Modulations Part 1.
How To Write Melodies Like John Williams - Continuity of Line.
How To Use Secondary Dominants, Diminished 7ths and Cycle of 5ths.
Slash Chords- What Are They and How To Use Them.
Music Theory - Minor Keys Explained - Chords, Scales and Function.
Olivier Messiaen - The Modes of Limited Transposition.
Olivier Messiaen - The Modes of Limited Transposition.
Even Beethoven Had Licks! How To Make Other Peoples Licks Your Own.
Music Theory Lecture - What Every Pro Musician Needs To Know Pt 2.
How To Solo On Rhythm Changes (with Backing Tracks).
Music Theory - The Whole Tone Scale.
Music Theory -The Diminished Scale.
Music Theory - Drop Voicings.
Wes Montgomery Single Note Soloing - Techniques and Concepts.
The SECRETS of the Lydian #9 Mode - The Undiscovered Scale!.
SCALE WARS - Hungarian Minor vs Super Locrian bb7 DARKEST?.
Jazz Improvisation Multiplying Melodic Motifs | Montgomery, Metheny and Coltrane.
Michael Brecker and John Scofield - Jazz Licks for Rockers.
How To Solo Over "Spain" | What Scales and Arpeggios To Use.
How To Break Out of Your Old Habits | Expanding Your Music Vocabulary.
Understanding Augmented Sixth and Neapolitan Sixth Chords.
Music Theory - How To Find The Key Of Any Song FAST!.
Ear Training: Secrets of Interval Singing Exercise 1.
Orchestration for Pros - How To Score Music For Film Part 1.
Music Theory - How To Use Lydian Major and Sus4 Arpeggios.
Postmodern Reharmonization of the Blues.
How to Create Chord Melodies.
Composing For Video Games | All You Need To Know.
How To Use Polyrhythms For Drums and Melodic Instruments.
Aydin Esen and the Art of Improvisation - A Musical Gift.
Film Scoring 101- Dorian Mode - Concepts of Music for Film.
Introduction to Fugue.
WHY CAN'T Classical Musicians Play Melodic Minor?!.
Allan Holdsworth - Practical Uses of Bitonality In Composition.
How To Write Film Music With ONLY 3 Chords!.
Writing For The Cello - How To Orchestrate Like a Pro.
Adding Chromaticism To Your Soloing | Pat Metheny Style.
Writing For The Trumpet Section Like John Williams.
Film Scoring 101 - Atonality and Clusters.
Music Theory | Principles of Melody - Bebop Lines 2.
Rick Beato and Adam Neely NYC Hangout.
Immunity to Dissonance - Is It a Real Thing?.
Futuristic Guitar Soloing - The Altered Dominant Scale | Guitar Lessons.
The Harmonic Major and Minor Paradox.
How To Write Like James Newton Howard! Secrets of Film Scoring.
Altered Dominant Scale - Super Locrian & Diminished Whole Tone.
Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard - Music of "The Dark Knight".
How To Write Like Thomas Newman! Secrets of Film Scoring Part 1.
What Is Musical Gravity?.
Tonal, Modal and Polytonal ii V I Jazz and Classical Chord Voicing's.
How To Reharmonize a Chord Progression Part 1.
Lydian Counterpoint.
Music Theory 101 - Complex Music Terms Explained.
Upper Structure Triads and Seventh Chords - Explained.
Spread Triads For Guitar! On Everything Music With Rick Beato.
Aydin Esen Improvisation No.3 WCB 12-3-87.
Twelve Tone Triads - How To Use Tone Rows In Your Soloing.
Music Theory - How To Use Major and Minor add 9 Chords and Lines.
The Film Music of Howard Shore - Part 1.
Music Theory Lecture - Chord Families and Their Modes Part 2.
Bebop Dominant Scale | Using Chromatics On A Dominant Seventh Chord.
The Film Music of Bernard Herrmann Part 1 Film Scoring 101.
Deconstructing The Harmonic Minor Scale.
Why You Need To Understand Tonal Harmony.
AYDIN ESEN Interview on Sounding Off with Rick Beato.
GIANT STEPS | Advanced Reharmonization Techniques.
Cool Open String Guitar Chords | Rock Pop & Jazz.
DENNIS CHAMBERS Interview on Sounding Off with Rick Beato.
50's Hollywood Style Orchestral Arranging.
Music Theory - The Dorian b2 Mode of the Melodic Minor Scale.
How To Use Polyrhythms and Modulations In Your Melodies!.
Film Scoring: String Writing of Claus Ogerman.
Music Theory Lecture: How To Use Modulations Part 2.
Music Theory: Don’t Avoid “Avoid” Notes!.
Film Scoring - How To Use Drones In Your Film Composition.
Music Theory Lessons - Spread Triads.
How To Use Chromaticism In Your Playing.
How To Compose a Solo Guitar Piece.
How To Build and Use Polychords Part 1.
Hidden Sounds of the Harmonic Minor Scale.
SECRETS of The Locrian Natural 2 Mode - Playing Over a Min7b5.
Exotic Scales, X-Cells and CHROMATIC POLYCHORDS.
Practicing Guitar | Concepts and Techniques.
Film Scoring 101 - The Augmented Scale.
Film Scoring 101 - Exploring The Mixolydian #11 Mode / Lydian b7.
Composition In Six Modes | Film Scoring.
Contemporary Reharmonization Concepts from the Beato Book.
Bach, EQ, Sonic Artifacts, Four Part SATB and Everything Else.
How To Write Like Thomas Newman! Secrets of Film Scoring Part 2.
Introduction To Post-Tonal Theory | Schoenberg, Stravinsky, Berg.
Music Theory and Composition - Minor Triads Over Bass Notes.
Aydin Esen String Improv 4-23-1987 Ithaca, NY.
Music Theory - The Ancestry of Chord Symbols: Figured Bass.
How To Use Polychords In Your Compositions - Music Theory.
Music Theory | Theme and Variation - Musical Form Part 1.
Music Theory | Principles of Melody - Bebop Lines 3.
The Music of James Bond - Chromatic Line Motion.
Dylan Beato - Voice Leading Polychords - Guest Host of Everything Music.
Elements of Conducting - How To Conduct An Ensemble.
Guitar Lesson: Modal Chords for the Guitar.
AYDIN ESEN Lick Of The Week #2 | CHECK IT OUT!.
Music Theory: Aeolian Mode Lines | Improvisation Techniques.
Modern Nomenclature - Shorthand For Quartal Chords with Special Guest.
Modern Music Compostion - Hybrid and Modal Scale Extended Voicings.
Everything Music Theory and Ear Training Contest! Let's See What You Have Learned!.
Jazz Piano Soloing - Playing Over a I VI ii V Progression.
Phrygian Major | The Sound Of Spain and Neoclassical.

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Rick Beato

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