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NoSQL Databases (Neo4j, MongoDB, REDIS, Column Store Databases) CSE6006

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NoSQL Databases #1 (Data Models, CAP Theorem, BASE Property).
Neo4j - Introduction to Graph Databases - NoSQL Databases #2.
Neo4j - Introduction to Neo4j and Cypher Query Language - NoSQL Databases #3.
Neo4j - IN, AND, OR, Creating, Retrieving and Modifying Relationships - NoSQL Databases #4.
Neo4j - Creating Relationships, Matching Relationships, Order By - NoSQL Databases #5.
Neo4j - Skip, Limit, Merge Clause and Aggregate functions - NoSQL Databases #6.
Neo4j- Establishing Constraints in Neo4j Graph Database - NoSQL Databases #7.
Neo4j - String Matching Expression,CASE Expression and Foreach Clause - NoSQL Databases #8.
Neo4j - Causal Cluster Introduction and Demo - NoSQL Databases #9.
Neo4j - Variable length Relationships, Shortest Path, All Shortest Paths - NoSQL Databases #10.
Neo4j Indexes and String handling Functions - NoSQL Databases #11.
Neo4j - Finding Shortest Path,All Pair Shortest Paths, Minimum Spanning Tree NoSQL Databases #12.
Neo4j- Importing a CSV file - NoSQL Databases #13.
PageRank Algorithm, Exercise and Demo using Neo4j NoSQL Databases #14.
MongoDB Introduction and Installation - NoSQL Databases #15.
MongoDB Creating Databases, Collections and Documents , MongoDB Compass - NoSQL Databases #16.
MongoDB Query Operators (Comparison, Logical and Element) - NoSQL Databases #17.
MongoDB - Project results, updateOne, updateMany, replaceOne, upsert ,null items NoSQL Databases #18.
MongoDB Querying Arrays ($all, $slice, $elemMatch, $size with Arrays) #19.
MongoDB Aggregation Pipeline NoSQL Databases #20.
MongoDB Aggregation Pipeline Continued ($sort, $limit, $skip, $count, $unwind) NoSQL #21.
MongoDB - Querying Nested Documents and Array of Nested Documents - Tutorial.
MongoDB Indexing - Demonstration of Single Field Index , Compound Index, Multikey Index, Text Index.
MongoDB Replication and Sharding - Replication Demo on a local machine NoSQL #22.
MongoDB - What is Sharding? Sharding a Collection - Demo NoSQL Databases #23.
REDIS - What are Key Value Databases? REDIS Commands (Strings lists and keys) #24.
REDIS - What are Sets? SET commands in REDIS - NoSQL Databases #25.
REDIS - SORTED SETS (Introduction and Commands) NoSQL #26.
REDIS - Hashes - Introduction and Commands - NOSQL #27.
Java with Redis Database - Demo.
Column Store Databases - Introduction - How are they different from Row Store Databases? NoSQL #28.
Data Compression Techniques - Run Length , Bitmap, Dictionary Encoding NoSQL #29.
Data Compression Techniques - Huffman Encoding - NoSQL #30.
Column Store Databases - Early Vs Late Materialization and Jive Join - NoSQL #31.
Apache Cassandra - Tutorial - CQL - Keyspaces - Tables - Index - Set - List - Map.

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Satish C J


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