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Photography Tutorials

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Is Depth-of-Field a LIE? Tested!.
Bird & Wildlife Photography Tips.
ALWAYS change these 5 camera settings.
Stop BAD REFLECTIONS (Photography & Video Tutorial).
SHARP Panning Photos (that will make your friends say, "neat.").
BOKEH explained in intense detail.
How to Clean your Camera Sensor & Lens-NO MORE DUST SPOTS!!.
Top-down tethered photography with a Sony a7R IV.
Levitation Photos w/ an iPhone.
How to Photograph a Protest.
MOON Landscape Photography Tutorial: Camera Settings for DSLR and Mirrorless.
High ISO does NOT cause NOISE! (but f/Stop & Shutter do!).
$20 gadget EVERY photographer needs: Extension Tubes for Macro Photography.
Camera Settings: Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO (the Exposure Triangle).
How to get the PERFECT photo (landscape photography).
Cold weather photography & drones (sorry I screwed this video up).
The Power of TIME ⏰: A photographers greatest tool.
PRO SECRETS for SHARP PORTRAITS! Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO.
NO MORE BLURRY PORTRAITS! Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO for sharp pictures.
Don't RUIN your tripod photos!.
ALWAYS change these 10 camera settings.
Using strobes, gels, and mist to create GAME OF THRONES LIGHTING .
STAR TRAILS will change your night photography.
IMPOSSIBLE Portrait: 14mm, f/0.2, 1400 MEGAPIXELS! The Brenizer Method.
Flashes (Strobes) vs Continuous Lights for Photography.
Which camera mode should you use? P, A, S, M, Tv, Av .
Back button focus: You'll NEVER go back!.
Rule of Doubles: 8 STOPS below the Reciprocal Rule!.
Long-exposure Portraits: Creepy Photos Taught by Creepy People.
Take CUTE Puppy Pictures!!.
Lighting SECRETS of ANY Photo.
One-light PORTRAIT tips with Miguel Quiles!.
SD & Micro SD Cards: Buying & Using Tips.
How to Take THE BEST FOG Photos! Photo shoot training, editing suggestions, and more.
Aspect Ratio is VERY important: 3:2, 4:3, 16:9, 9:19.5?!.
MASTER CAMERA SETTINGS: Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO.
Photoshop TRICK: Easy Stacking for Silhouettes.
Extended ISOs: Why you SHOULD use ISO 50!.
Fashion Photoshoot Behind-the-Scenes with Gelled Strobes & a Cyclorama!.
SHUTTER SPEED: Master it to get the SHARPEST, CLEANEST Pictures.
VIRTUAL Studio Photography (Learning, Planning): Set.a.Light 3D, Virtual Lighting Studio.
Street Photography Tips!.
Canon 1DX Mk II Overview Tutorial.
Glamour Portrait Photo Shoot: Model, Hair, Makeup, Styling, Lighting, Posing.
Glamour Photoshoot: Behind-the-Scenes & Photoshop.
How to Photograph the Moon.
Six quick tips to improve your digital photography.
Aperture & f/stop Tutorial.
Portrait Photography for Beginners.
Outdoor Portraits Essentials: Natural Light Photography, Fill Flash & Diffusers.
Photography Portrait Studio Tour.
How to Tether Your Camera.
Reflectors & Diffusers.
Dynamic Range & Stops.
Landscape Photography Essentials.
Image Averaging, Stacking, and Panoramas: Can a $100 Pentax beat a Nikon D810?.
Beauty Dish vs Softbox: A Studio Lighting Tutorial.
How to Use Manual Mode on Your Camera.
Multiple Exposures / Double Exposure (In-camera or Photoshop) for Abstract & Artistic Portraits.
How to Blur The Background (Bokeh).
Blurry Pictures--What Causes Them and How to Get Sharp Photos!.
Impressionistic, Abstract Art with ANY Camera! (4K/UltraHD).
Car Show Photography Tips.
DIY Ring Light (Cheap).
Back-Button Focus: Why EVERYONE should use that AF-On autofocus button.
How to Photograph Fireworks.
Outdoor Portraits Tutorial: How to use natural light and fill flash with digital photography.
Bounce Flash Tutorial.
Photograph Birds with any Camera using a Blind & Bird Calls.
Exposure Compensation and Spot Metering: Fixing Underexposed and Overexposed Pictures.
Fashion, Glamour, Modeling, Posing, and Lighting Photography Tutorial (outtakes @ 15:00).
Star Trails Photography Tutorial: Take Pictures at Night.
Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, & Light Explained-Understanding Exposure & Camera Settings.
Business Portrait On-location Photo Shoot (behind-the-scenes & Photoshop).
Still Life Tutorial-Fine Art Photography.
How to Photograph Waterfalls (a waterfall photography tutorial).
How to Photograph Kids, Babies, Children: A Portrait Tutorial.
How to Pose a Model for Headshots: A Five-Minute Portrait Tutorial.
Portrait Lighting Tutorial: How to Use the Main, Fill, Hair, Background, and Kicker Lights.
How to Create an Online Photography Portfolio (with Tips!).
White Background Photography Tutorial: How to Take High-Key Pictures.
Raw vs JPEG: Real-world photography examples, advantages and disadvantages.
Composition-A Digital Photography Tutorial.
Shutter Speed Tutorial.
Autofocus Techniques: Modes for Still and Moving Subjects, and how to use Focus Traps.
Controlling Portrait Backgrounds: How to use Depth-of-Field and Angle-of-View for Composition.
Off-Camera Flash Tutorial (Wireless Flash/Remote Flash/PocketWizard).
Baby and Infant Digital Photography Portrait Tutorial.
Night Photography in a City: A tutorial teaching exposure compensation, HDR, and bracketing.
Light Painting Photography Tutorial.
HDR Tutorial with Bracketing and Photomatix Pro.
HDR and Bracketing for Overcast Skies-Photography How To Tutorial.
Macro Photography/Close-up Digital Photography Tutorial featuring Flowers.
Macro Focus Stacking/Image Stacking Tutorial-How To Do Close-up Digital Photography.
How to Photograph Flying Birds: shutter speed, aperture, focus mode, exposure, and lighting.
Portrait Photography Studio Tour: Strobes, Reflectors, Softboxes, Beauty Dishes, and Backdrops.
Fall Colors: How to Photograph Autumn Trees.
Levitation Photography Tutorial: How to Hover with Multiple Exposures.
Song Bird Photography Tutorial-How to Photograph Birds.
How to Clean Dust from your Digital Camera Sensor.
How to Photograph Insects: Bees, Butterflies, Wasps, and Flies Photography Tutorial.
Christmas Pictures: How to Take Your own Family Holiday Portrait.
Group Photos Tutorial: How to take family pictures with your digital camera.
Outdoor Portrait Location Scouting Tutorial.

Taught by

Tony & Chelsea Northrup

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