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Principles Of Organic Synthesis

NPTEL and Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati via YouTube


Principles Of Organic Synthesis [ Introduction Video].
Lec 1: Aldol Reaction.
Lec 2: Perkin, Claisen and Thorpe Reactions.
Lec 3: Reaction of Enolates.
Lec 4: Reaction of alkenes and carbonyl compounds.
Lec 5: Mannich reaction.
Lec 6: Friedel-Crafts and Prins Reactions.
Lec 7: Grignard Reagents.
Lec 8: Organolithium Reagents.
Lec 9: Organocopper, Organozinc and Organomercury Reagents.
Lec 10: Ritter Reaction and Gabriel Synthesis.
Lec 11: Reactions of imines and enamines, synthesis of alkaloids and amino acids.
Lec 12: Reactions of electrophilic and nucleophilic nitrogens, synthesis of amino acids and peptides.
Lec 13: Principles, effect of substituents and carbon-carbon bond formation.
Lec 14: Formylation/acylation and related reactions.
Lec 15: Nitration, Sulfonation and other reactions.
Lec 16: Principle, Substitution mechanism and reactions of Benzyne.
Lec 17: Schiemann Reaction, Ullmann reaction and Stephens-Castro coupling.
Lec 18: Ziegler Alkylation, Chichibabin Reaction, Von Richter Rearrangement.
Lec 19: Preparation, properties and reactions.
Lec 20: Coupling reactions, Japp-Klingemann reaction and Tiffeneau-Demjanov rearrangement.
Lec 21: Applications of diazonium salts.
Lec 22: Wagner-Meerwein rearrangment, Pinacol rearrangment, Benzilic acid rearrangment.
Lec 23: Rearrangement of halogen, oxygen, sulfur and nitrogen containing centre.
Lec 24: Rearrangement to electron-Rich carbon.
Lec 25: Reactivity and several reactions.
Lec 26: Reactions of sulfur and silicon containing reagents.
Lec 27: Preparation and reactions of organoborane and organotin reagents.
Lec 28: Formation of carbon-carbon and carbon-halogen bonds.
Lec 29: Cu, Mn, Sm, and Sn Based Reactions, Acyloin Condensation.
Lec 30: C-N, C-O bond formation and decarboxylation.

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NPTEL IIT Guwahati

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