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Quantum Mechanics

MinutePhysics via YouTube


What is the Wave/Particle Duality? Part 1.
The Wave/Particle Duality - Part 2.
How the Sun works: Fusion and Quantum Tunneling.
What is the Uncertainty Principle?.
What is Quantum Tunneling?.
Schrödinger's Cat.
How lasers work (in theory).
Theory of Everything (intro).
Theory of Everything: What is Matter?.
Albert Einstein: Why Light is Quantum.
How To Discover Weird New Particles | Emergent Quantum Quasiparticles.
Transporters and Quantum Teleportation.
Solution to the Grandfather Paradox.
The No Cloning Theorem.
How to Teleport Schrödinger's Cat.
Hardy's Paradox | Quantum Double Double Slit Experiment.
How Quantum Computers Break Encryption | Shor's Algorithm Explained.
How Shor's Algorithm Factors 314191.
Do Photons Cast Shadows?.
A Better Way To Picture Atoms.

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