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Quantum mechanics CSIR NET GATE JEST

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In this course, you will learn about Quantum Mechanics for CSIR NET, GATE and JEST. You will learn about square integrable function, operators, commutators, probability of measurement, state after the measurement, expectation value of any operator, symmetric potential, Schrodinger Wave Equation, quantum harmonic oscillator, odd parity, even parity, symmetric potential, postulates of quantum mechanics, step potential, harmonic oscillator, angular momentum operator, perturbation theory, photoelectric effect, and much more.


2. Square integrable function | normalisation of a function | orthonormal conditions.
4. Operators in quantum mechanics | eigen value and eigen vector.
5. Commutators in quantum mechanics..
8. Probability of measurement in Quantum Mechanics..
9. State after the measurement | Evolution of state after sometime in Quantum Mechanics..
10. Expectation value of any operatior | few examples in quantum mechanics..
14. Symmetric potential | Schrodinger wave equation for a particle In one dimensional BOX.
13. Schrodinger wave equation and energy for a particle In one dimensional BOX for csir net..
17. Quantum Harmonic Oscillator | CSIR net 2018 classes.
16. Odd parity | bound state | finite potential box.
15. Even parity | bound state | finite potential box.
14. Symmetric potential | Schrodinger wave equation for a particle In one dimensional BOX.
7. Postulates of Quantum Mechanics..
6. Expectation value in quantum mechanics.
11. Bounded system and current density in Quantum Mechanics..
12. Step potential in Quantum Mechanics | CSIR NET 2018.
18. What is 'n' Ket vector in Quantum Harmonic Oscillator??.
19. Three Dimensional Harmonic Oscillator..
20. Angular Momentum Operator Algebra.
22. Degenerate Perturbation Theory | part-2.
23. Numerical based on Degenerate Perturbation Theory and concept of Block diagonal matrix.
24. Variational method and trial wave function in quantum mechanics | hindi.
25. Previous year's Numerical based on Time Independent Schrodinger Equation | Hindi | csir-net 2018.
Important topic GATE 2019 | Eigen value and eigen vector in hindi.
Numericals based on Quantum Mechanics | CSIR NET dec 2018.
The photoelectric effect | Hindi.
Explanation of Photoelectric Effect | Einstein's Photoelectric Equation.
"TIFR" 2018 Quantum Mechanics QUESTION..
Normalisation constant in Quantum mechanics, HINDI.
Most Important concept in Quantum Mechanics in Hindi.
Numerical for Hydrogen Like atom, in Hindi.
21. Perturbation Theory | part-1.
Transition Probability from initial unperturbed state to final unperturbed state. (In Hindi).
Transition Probability from initial unperturbed state to final unperturbed state. (In Hindi).
Transition Probability for Constant Perturbation (Hindi).
Transition Probability for Constant Perturbation (Hindi).
Lecture-11 Sudden Approximation (Time-Dependent Perturbation Theory) in Hindi.
Lecture-12 Numerical based on sudden and adiabatic approximation in HINDI.
Lecture 14 Classical Treatment of the incident radiation (Time-dependent perturbation theory).
Numerical based on Quantum harmonic Oscillator, How to find out the uncertainty in the energy?.
Important topic GATE 2018 or CSIR NET | Schrodinger wave equation.
1. Introduction to Quantum Mechanics..
3. Dirac Notations for quantum mechanics | CSIR NET PHYSICS.
Best of luck !!.
Introduction, Types & Equality of Matrices | CSIR-NET DEC 2018.
5.Eigen value and Eigen vector | Hindi | mathematical physics | CSIR NET.
Finding the Maximum Probability density / Quantum Mechanics.
Operators in Quantum Mechanics for NET CSIR 2019.
Important For Net CSIR Physics [X^m,P]=?.
Important for Net Physics December 2019, Quantum Mechanics.
how to find the eigenvalue and eigen-function, if the operator is given?.
What is Schrodinger Picture? In Hindi..
What is Heisenberg Picture? (explained in Hindi).
The Heisenberg equation of motion, Explained in Hindi.
Interaction Picture (Dirac Picture) Equation of motion..
Find out the first-order transition probability (Time dependent perturbation theory).
Dyson Series, Time Dependent Perturbation theory in Hindi.
Lecture-9 Transition Probability Harmonic Perturbation (Hindi).
Lecture-10 Adiabatic Approximation in Hindi.
Lecture-13 Interaction of atoms with Radiation in Hindi.
lecture_15 Quantization of the Electromagnetic Field.

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