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Scala Online Training

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Introduction to Scala Basics.
Scala - Overview.
Scala - Environment and Installation.
Scala - Plugin with Eclipse.
Scala - Plugin with IntelliJ Idea.
Scala - First Program.
Scala - Identifiers.
Scala - Keywords.
Scala - Datatypes.
Scala - Basic Literals.
Scala - Escape Sequences.
Scala - Variable Declaration.
Scala - Variable Type Inference.
Scala - Statements and Expressions.
Scala - Values and Variables.
Scala - Nested Expression Block.
Scala - Basic Class in Scala.
Scala - Extending a Scala Class.
Scala - Singleton Objects.
Scala - Companion Objects.
Scala - Arithmetic Operators.
Scala - Relational Operators.
Scala - Logical Operators.
Scala - Bitwise Operators.
Scala - Assignment Operators.
Scala - Operators Precedence.
Scala - If else Statement.
Scala - If else Expression.
Scala - While loop.
Scala - Do While loop.
Scala - For Loop.
Scala - Break Statement.
Scala - Breaking Nested Loops.
Scala - The Infinite Loop.
Scala - Function Introduction.
Scala - Recursion.
Scala - Functions with Default Arguments.
Scala - Functions with Named Arguments.
Scala - Function with Variable Arguments.
Scala - First Class Functions.
Scala - Functions Vs Methods.
Scala - Named Reusable Expressions.
Scala - Nested Functions.
Scala - Anonymous Function.
Scala - Currying Function.
Scala - Closure.
Scala - Closure Example.
Scala - Strings.
Scala - String Methods Part1.
Scala - String Methods Part 2.
Scala - Declaring and Processing Array Variables.
Scala - Concatenation of Arrays and Multi Dimensional Arrays.
Scala - Collections.
Scala - Lists.
Scala - Creating Uniform Lists.
Scala - Tabulating a Function.
Scala - List Methods.
Scala - Sets.
Scala - Basic Operations on Set.
Scala - Set Methods.
Scala - Map [K, V].
Scala - Different Operations on Map.
Scala - Map Methods.
Scala - Tuples.
Scala - Operations on Scala Tuples.
Scala - Options.
Scala - Using getOrElse() Method.
Scala - Using isEmpty() Method.
Scala - Iterator.
Scala - Iterator Methods.
Introduction to Scala Traits.
Scala - Value Classes and Universal Traits.
Scala - When to Use Traits?.
Scala - Matching Using Case Classes.
Scala - Forming Regular Expressions.
Scala - More on Regular Expressions.
Scala - Throwing Exceptions.
Scala - The Finally Clause.
Scala - Extractors.
Scala - Pattern Matching with Extractors.
Scala - Reading a Line from Command Line.
Scala - Reading and Writing File Content.
Tutorix Simply Easy Learning Steps.
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