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SEO In 2021

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Everything you need to know about SEO in 2021 can be found in these videos. You'll learn what search engine optimization techniques are working and what SEO tools to use in 2020. You'll learn how to continue ranking #1 on Google. The difference of ranking on Google and YouTube. You'll also learn the pros and cons of organic or paid search strategies.


The Three Unseen Laws of SEO (Ignore These and Ranking #1 on Google Won’t Happen).
Rank #1 on Google Using 7 Free SEO Tools | Neil Patel.
The Real Reason Your Blog Doesn’t Rank (How to Write a Blog Post that Ranks in 2021) | SEO Tutorial.
SEO in 2019 What Will and Won’t Work | Neil Patel.
The Best SEO Tools for Beginners | Neil Patel.
How to Become an SEO Expert in 2019 | Neil Patel.
7 Advanced SEO Techniques To Use In 2021 | Neil Patel.
The 3 SEO Tools I Use Rank #1 on Google | Neil Patel.
How to Own the Front Page of Google Not Just Rank #1 | Neil Patel SEO Basics.
Organic VS Paid Marketing Search Strategies The Pros and Cons | Neil Patel.
The Difference Between Ranking on Google vs YouTube | Neil Patel.
5 Beginner SEO Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Website Traffic And What You Should Do Instead.
How to Spy on Your Competitors' SEO & Steal Their Traffic Through Competitor Analysis.
Why The Links You’re Building Don’t Bring You Any Traffic (Building High-Quality Backlinks).
Ranking #1 With a New Website on Google in 2021 | Is it Even Possible?.
Do Yourself a Favor: STOP Trying to Rank #1 For Keywords on Google (SEO Strategy 2019).
8 Things About SEO to Unlearn in 2019 (And What You Should Learn RIGHT NOW).
The Worst SEO Advice Ever! (That You May Be Following).
Learn SEO For Free! How to Jumpstart Your SEO Career Without Spending a Dime [2021 Edition].
How to Get 4 Million Visits Per Month With One Simple Keyword Hack.
What is Black Hat SEO Costing You? (How to Outrank Black Hat SEO Competitors).
The Ultimate SEO Checklist For New Websites | Get Traffic & Rankings FAST.
The Perfect SEO Setup for Wordpress: 8 Plugins to Skyrocket Your Rankings and Traffic.
How Many Blog Posts Should You Write Per Month?.
How to Find Endless Content Ideas With One FREE Tool.
eCommerce SEO: How to Bring Organic Traffic to Your Online Store.
Why I Decided To Disrupt the SEO Industry | My Marketing Plans for 2021.
The Anatomy Of A Perfect SEO Campaign | Neil Patel.
How to Rank Your Old Content (And Start Ranking for Hundreds Of New Keywords).
How to Do SEO For A Tiny Site With No Backlinks | Neil Patel SEO Tips.
How to Rank on Page 1 of Bing | Bing SEO.
How to Leverage Content Marketing When You Have No Traffic (Small or New Websites).
How to Build Links Without Trying to Build Links | Get HUNDREDS of Links Organically.
How to Rank for Thousands of Keywords Without Building Links.
6 Reasons You Still Aren’t Ranking: The Cold, Hard Truth.
How to Rank High on Google Without Writing Content.
How to Make Sure Algorithm Changes Don’t Destroy Your Business.
How to Write Headlines People Can’t Help but Click [Powerful Formulas Included].
How to Build 41,142 Backlinks From One Simple Hack.
7 Advanced Link Building Tactics That Skyrocket Rankings.
9 Amazing Google Chrome Extensions That’ll Improve Your Traffic.
How to Find Hundreds of Thousands of SEO Keywords For Free.
Types of Keywords That Never Sell (Stop Wasting Your Time With Them).
Wix vs Wordpress vs Squarespace Which One is The Best For SEO.
What are the MAJOR changes in SEO for 2021?.
How To Build Pages That Rank #1 On Google Consistently | SEO Tips.
STOP Paying for SEO Tools - The Only 4 Tools You Need to Rank #1 in Google.
How to Optimize For Google’s E A T Algorithm.
How to Optimize Your Blog to Get Explosive Traffic Growth in 2021.
My 7 Favorite Free SEO Tools to Get Page 1 Rankings on Google.
How to Improve Your Wordpress SEO in 30 Minutes | Rank INSTANTLY on Google.
4 Simple Hacks to Bring Dead Pages Back to Life With Massive SEO Gains.
A Detailed, Newbie’s Guide to Building Your Brand in 2021.
Content Marketing is Changing - This is Where it is Heading in 2021.
The Beginner's Guide to Content Marketing in 2020 | Neil Patel.
How to Instantly Find Dozens of Content Ideas (That Your Audience Will LOVE).
Copy the 5 Winning Strategies Behind My 238% Traffic Growth in 2019.
How to Do an SEO Audit In Under 30 Minutes And Discover Hidden Opportunities to Rank #1.
5 Industries That Are Getting Crushed by Google in their SEO.
The Best FREE Traffic Sources for New Websites.
5 Dumbest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make With Their SEO.
The 6 Time Wasters of SEO - STOP Doing These Activities.
The Cheapest Way to Write Lots of Content At Scale.
6 Reasons Why Your Site Will NEVER Rank (STOP Doing This) | Neil Patel's SEO Tips.
8 Things To Master in SEO - Do You Know Them?.
How to Win on SEO Without Spending Money - The Penniless Marketer Full Strategy.
How To Write Content That Ranks Page #1 on Google.
How To Build Thousands of Backlinks Without Even Asking For Them (5 Actionable Tactics).
The Definitive Guide to Ubersuggest for SEO and Content Marketing.
The #1 Biggest SEO Mistake Nearly Everyone Makes | Avoid This At All Costs.
How to Design A Beautiful Homepage That Ranks on Google - The Non-Designer’s Guide.
How I Rank #1 For Very Competitive Keywords on YouTube.
Why I Stopped Doing Link Building (And Should You Too?).
8 Things to Remove From Your Website Immediately If You Want to Rank on Google.
4 Design Tweaks That Can Boost Your SEO Traffic.
How to Make Your Website SEO-Friendly When You Can’t Code | Neil Patel.
How to Rank Smaller Websites on Google in 2021 - FAST Method for Non-Techies.
The Biggest SEO And Digital Marketing SCAM (That You’re Still Falling For).
9 Things You Didn’t Know About The World’s Top Websites in Search Traffic.
How to Get Backlinks From Any Website (Big or Small).
14 Chrome Extensions That Will Save HOURS of Marketing Work.
6 Actionable Steps For Better Rankings With Small Websites.
Using Your Own Brand As Your SEO Secret Weapon.
Welcome to the SEO Unlocked! Free SEO Course with Neil Patel | SEO Training.
What is SEO? An Introduction to SEO.
Keyword Research Part 1 - SEO Unlocked - Free SEO Course with Neil Patel.
Keyword Research Part 2 - SEO Unlocked - Free SEO Course with Neil Patel.
On-page and technical SEO Part 1 - SEO Unlocked - Free SEO Course with Neil Patel.
On-page and technical SEO Part 2 - SEO Unlocked - Free SEO Course with Neil Patel.
Mastering Technical SEO Audits - On-page SEO Part 3 - SEO Unlocked - Free SEO Course with Neil Patel.
Content Marketing Part 1 - SEO Unlocked - Free SEO Course with Neil Patel.
Advanced Content Marketing Tactics - Content Marketing Part 1 - Lesson 2 - SEO Unlocked.
The 10 Commandments of Content Marketing - Content Marketing Part 2 - Lesson 1 - SEO Unlocked.
How to Edit Your Content For SEO - Content Marketing Part 2 - SEO Unlocked.
Discover Your Competitive Strategy - Content Marketing Part 2 - Lesson 3 - SEO Unlocked.
Over 4 Million Backlinks Built With This Simple Process - Module 05 - Lesson 1 - SEO Unlocked.
How to Get POWERFUL Backlinks for Faster Rankings - Module 05 - Lesson 2 - SEO Unlocked.
Get THOUSANDS of Backlinks On Semi-Autopilot - Module 05 - Lesson 3 - SEO Unlocked.
How To Get The Most Out Of Google Analytics - Module 06 - Lesson 1 - SEO Unlocked.
How to Setup Google Search Console - Module 06 - Lesson 2 - SEO Unlocked.
How to Use Advanced Features in Google Analytics - Module 06 - Lesson 3 - SEO Unlocked.
A Deep Dive Into Branding, Data & Experience - Module 7 - Part 1 - SEO Unlocked.
How To Create A Compelling Brand - Module 7 - Part 2 - SEO Unlocked.
Designing Your Customer Experience & Case Studies - Module 7 - Part 3 - SEO Unlocked.
Keywords Insights by Ubersuggest Chrome Extension: How to get Keyword Ideas From the SERP.
How to Find Lucrative Keywords That Are Easy to Rank For.
How to Optimize Your On-Page SEO in Less Than 10 Minutes.
How to Outrank and Steal Traffic From Your Competition.
How To Rank Your Existing Content - Module 1 - Lesson 3 - Content Marketing Unlocked.
How to Track and Grow Your Google Rankings.
How to Rank For 1000s of Keywords Using Google Search Console.
How to Get More SEO Traffic Using The Ubersuggest Chrome Extension.
The Best Traffic Hack (Works Even If You're a Complete Newbie).
A Quick Hack That'll Help You Rank For More Keywords.
Why You Should Write Content For Google and Not Social Media.
How to Get Millions of Visitors Like Quora.
A Simple Way to Build More Links.
An Easy Way to Rank For Competitive Keywords (Without Being a Professional SEO).
An Easy Way to Find More Keywords (Without Spending Lots of Time or Using a Ton of Tools).
How to Optimize For Google's 200 Ranking Factors (And Watch Your Rankings Skyrocket).
Welcome to my FREE Local SEO Course - Local SEO Unlocked - Module 1 - Lesson 1.
Local SEO Signals (And How to Master Them) - Module 1 - Lesson 2 - Local SEO Unlocked.
How to OWN Google My Business Rankings - Module 1 - Lesson 3 - Local SEO Unlocked.
How to Create Content That Ranks in Local Areas - Module 2 - Lesson 1 - Local SEO Unlocked.
The Easy Way to Rank Local Websites - Module 2 - Lesson 2 - Local SEO Unlocked.
The Secret Local SEO Recipe - Module 2 - Lesson 3 - Local SEO Unlocked.
How Many Links You Actually Need To Rank Page One On Google.
How To Optimize For The Page Experience Algorithm (Google's Upcoming Algorithm Update).
Why You Shouldn't Use Exact Match Domains (Don't Make This SEO Mistake).
How to Find 1000s of Lucrative Keywords in Under a Minute.
How To Protect & Grow Your Business With Digital Accessibility & SEO.
How to Beat Google by Leveraging User Metrics.
How to Grow Your SEO Traffic by Updating Your Old Content.
How to Find All the Keywords That Your Competitors Rank For (But That You Don't).
A Dead Simple SEO Strategy That'll Generate 1 Million Visitors.
The Dumbest SEO Hack (That Works).
How to Get More SEO Traffic Even When You Can't Rank #1.
Turn Your Idea Into a Real Business - 10 Steps from 0 to 100s of Sales Opportunities.
Is SEO Really Working For You?.
Here's How You Assess and Improve a Website's SEO - Neil Patel's Website SEO Breakdown Session.
How to Find The Ideal Backlink.
How to Write Blog Posts That Consistently Rank Well on Google.
How SEOs Should Use Google Analytics.
How to Generate 355 Backlinks With 29 Dollars.
How to Come Up With Content Ideas That Drive Traffic.
How to Build a Global Brand (7 Shortcuts I'm Using to Build My Brand Internationally).
The Painful Truth About SEO.
4 Daily SEO Tasks That You Need to Do (And That Produce Results).
How to Protect Your SEO Rankings (While Using Google to Help You).
My Favorite SEO Report - Uncover Your Competitors' SEO Strategy in a Few Clicks.
My Biggest SEO Mistake (And Why Your Organic Traffic Might Be Garbage).
The Easiest Way to Get More SEO Traffic.
What To Expect From SEO Technology in 2021.

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