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Synth Tricks

Reverb via YouTube


48 videos on synthesis and producing synth sounds and tracks.


Ep1: The Synth Sounds of Stranger Things |
Ep2: The Synth Sounds of John Carpenter: Halloween, The Fog, Assault on Precinct 13.
Synth Tricks: The Yamaha DX-7 and MiniMoog Voyager with Shooter Jennings.
Synth Tricks: Introduction to Synthesis Using Eurorack.
Pedal Tricks with Ben and Karl of Earthquaker Devices.
Hidden Features of the Roland TR-8 Drum Machine | Reverb Demo Video.
Ep3: The Synth Sounds of Twin Peaks: Part One - "Twin Peaks Main Theme" |
Ep4: The Synth Sounds of Twin Peaks: Part Two - "Laura Palmer's Theme" |
Ep4: The Synth Sounds of Twin Peaks: Part Two - "Laura Palmer's Theme" |
Using Ableton Push as a Keyboard with JNTHN STEIN | Reverb Demo Video.
Ep5: The Synth Sounds of Blade Runner |
S U R V I V E Explores Four Vintage Synths | Reverb Soundcheck.
Ep6: Synth Sounds of Phil Collins "In The Air Tonight" | Reverb Synth Sounds.
Intro To Synthesis Part 1: Oscillators | Reverb Learn To Play.
Intro To Synthesis Part 2: Shaping Multiple Oscillators | Reverb Learn To Play.
Intro To Synthesis Part 1: Oscillators | Reverb Learn To Play.
Intro to Synthesis Part 3: What's A Filter? | Reverb Learn To Play.
Intro To Synthesis Part 4: Exploring Attack, Decay, Sustain & Release.
Kimbra's Sampling & Synthesis Magic | The Process Episode 1.
Intro to Synthesis Part 5: How to Use Amp Envelopes and Filter Envelopes | Reverb Learn To Play.
Hazmat Live's Arsenal of Synths, Drum Machines, Controllers, and Sequencers | The Process Episode 2.
Intro To Synthesis Part 6: Modulation and LFO | Reverb Learn to Play.
Ep7: Synth Sounds of Talking Heads' "This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)" | Reverb.
Ep8: Synth Sounds of Hall & Oates "I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)" | Reverb.
Ep9: Synth Sounds of Tears for Fears "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" | Reverb.
Ep10: Synth Sounds of Van Halen's "Jump" | Reverb How to Play.
Ep11: Synth Sounds of Madonna's "Into the Groove" | Reverb Learn to Play.
Ep12: Synth Sounds Of "Joy and Pain" by Maze & Frankie Beverly | Reverb Learn to Play.
Ep13: Synth Sounds of Prince's "1999" | Reverb Learn to Play.
4 Fun Things To Do With Your Korg Minilogue | Reverb Gear Short.
Strymon Magneto dTape Echo & Looper | Reverb Demo.
Moog DFAM | Arturia MiniBrute | Eventide EuroDDL || Reverb Synth Sessions.
Ep14: Synth Sounds of "Africa" by Toto | Reverb Learn to Play.
Jamie Lidell Plays All His Synths At Once: In The Studio With Jamie Lidell | Reverb.
Ep15: Synth Sounds of "Enjoy the Silence" by Depeche Mode | Reverb Learn to Play.
Ep16: Synth Sounds of Talk Talk's "It's My Life" | Reverb Learn to Play.
First Look at The UNO Synth by IK Multimedia | Reverb Demo.
20 Pedals to Pair With Synthesizers: Reverb, Distortion & Beyond | Reverb Synth Sounds.
Ep20: Synth Sounds of Minimoog: Parliament, Pink Floyd, Dr. Dre & More | Reverb.
Ep21: What Happens When You Plug Synths Into Guitar Synth Pedals? | Reverb Synth Sounds.
10 Basic Types of Synthesis with the Arturia MicroFreak | Reverb.
Korg Synth Setups: Synthwave, Trap, & Acid House | Reverb.
Crafting Songs w/ Novation Launchkey Mini & Ableton Live | Reverb.
Using Synths as Effects Processors.
Make Music Using Household Objects: Patches & Tone Sample The House | Reverb.
Puppets Playing Synthesizers: Making Music With Your House.
5 Rigs For Making Beats: From Sampler Apps to Hardware Rigs.
4 Concepts For Synthesizer Improvisation.

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