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Science Friday: Let’s Learn about Black Holes in our New Cohort (Starts Jan 3)

Learn with peers worldwide about these astronomical objects that capture the imagination, and meet weekly on Zoom!

As a part of our Science Fridays Cohort series, we’re going to be taking the online course Astro 101: Black Holes, offered by the University of Alberta on Coursera.

Together, we’ll explore the concepts behind black holes, and we’ll learn the basics of astronomy, relativity, and quantum physics. And every week, we’ll meet on Zoom to learn together. If you were intrigued by the movie Interstellar, you’ll certainly enjoy this course and Cohort!

As always, the Cohort is free and welcomes everyone. Enroll here!

Science Fridays

Dino 101: Final Zoom session with Dr. Phil Currie

In previous Cohorts, we took Hank Green’s History of Science Crash Course, and the University of Alberta course Dino 101 — the instructor Dr. Phil Currie even joined us in the last session.

We had our meetings on Fridays, so now we’re making it a recurring thing: Science Fridays!

In January, we’ll look towards the sky for answers with Astro 101: Black Holes. The Cohort will be led by our colleague @mervyn, who also led the Dino 101 Cohort. And like in Dino 101, we’ll meet every Friday for one hour on Zoom to discuss what we’re learning.

You can find more details and how to enroll here. Join us!


This experience will be powered by Class Central Cohorts, our social learning platform for open courses. There are more Cohorts starting in Spring 2022, including two bootcamps that you can see below, and thousands of your peers have already enrolled. You can find all the Cohorts here. Come learn with us!

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