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Course review: Anatomy – Know Your Abdomen by University of Leeds

For aspiring medics or health science enthusiasts, learn from leading experts about the human abdomen in a simple yet comprehensive course.

The abdomen is a part of the human body located at the posterior of the torso and containing vast abdominal viscera. The Anatomy: Knowing your Abdomen course by University of Leeds is just the right approach to updating your knowledge of the abdomen if you have previous understanding of it, or giving you this knowledge if you don’t know much about the topic yet.

This course was also featured in Class Central’s Best Online Courses of All Time.

Why I took this course

Why take this class? Or why even know about your abdomen in the first place? That’s simple, it’s because you just have to. In recent times, being an ignoramus on certain things has a lot of cons and no pros at all. Especially when those things have to do with your health, body, and overall well-being.

Personally, I decided to take this course because my knowledge on the anatomy of the body as a whole needed updating, but I needed to start somewhere. The abdomen seemed like the right place to begin because, generally, human anatomy is a vast topic, and you can’t simply know it all. There has to be a starting point, more like a foundational knowledge. Also, with my interest in the medical field, I knew this was going to play a significant role in prepping and building my premed knowledge. More so, frankly speaking, the course is just too interesting to miss out on, and so I enrolled in the course.

My aims and objectives for taking the course were centered on solving the problem of me having to set out time to read a humongous biology textbook on this topic on my own (which as you know, would be a very cumbersome and somewhat tedious endeavor). Basically, being a tad smarter on this topic and having a make-believe feel of my soon coming premed year was the goal I had in mind for post completion, and yes, it was accomplished, thanks to the awesome teachers and the well-thought syllabus.

James Pickering, Associate Professor in Anatomy at the University of Leeds and the lead educator for Exploring anatomy: the human abdomen.

How to complete this course successfully

It is generally known that online courses are never completed, something would always serve as a hindrance. One could register for a gazillion online courses and would complete less than one, yes, none.

But then, the reality of the matter? That belief is just a mere fallacy. You can complete your online course, whether or not it is long or short. All you need is poise, determination, a sense of enthusiasm toward the course, setting your goals, making time for it, being consistent and committed, and being genuinely interested in it.

I completed the course successfully and so you can. It’s a reasonably easy course to pass, and as I mentioned earlier, you’ll need a houseful of commitment with the notes you’ll be taking (if you wish), the assignments, the research works and the quizzes.

A real-life case study with Dermot Burke, abdominal surgeon


For an aspiring medic, or if you wish to take a course in the field of health sciences, then look no further because this is a very reliable stepping stone to prepare you for your future ambition. The Anatomy: Knowing your abdomen course is a very broad one but on this platform, it has been amalgamated into a very simple and comprehensive two-weeks-long session with videos, transcripts, quizzes to check your understanding, glossaries, professors and experts to guide you through the whole journey; with which you stand a chance on completion of the course, to earn a digital certificate of the course with your name on it. I recommend this for everyone, you might not really need this for your line of course or ambition, but being informed is quintessential as a human in this century. I have learnt a great deal, you should too.

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