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W3C Partners with edX to Launch HTML5 Course

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), announced that it has joined edX the platform, and will develop a number of courses on various web technologies.

Nearly a month after the Smithsonian was announced as a partner, edX adds another powerful provider relationship in the W3C.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C),  announced that it has joined the edX platform, and will develop a number of courses on various web technologies. The first course, HTML5.1x taught by University Côte d’Azur professor Michael Buffa, is 6 weeks long starting June 1st and will cover all the new features introduced to the HTML5 standard at an intermediate level.

Founded by World Wide Web and HTML creator Tim Berners-Lee in 1994, the WC3 sought to enforce standardization and compatibility to ensure that a web page would be displayed in a similar manner regardless of the industry or vendor.

The timing of WC3’s MOOC is of significant importance with the HTML5 standard having been formally finalized as of October 28, 2014, after nearly 8 years of development.

The W3C previously hosted paid courses on their own W3DevCampus  platform which included the aforementioned HTML5 as well as Responsive Web Design.

In the press release W3C CEO Dr. Jeffrey Jaffe goes on to say:

“W3C’s partnership with edX expands opportunities for Web developers to take courses specifically created for them by W3C” 

“These W3Cx courses will help them increase their skills and empower them to become the next leaders and innovators on the Web.” 

Registration is now open to enroll in Learn HTML5 From WC3 and starts June 1st.


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