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FutureLearn Steps into the World of MOOC-Based Credentials With “FutureLearn Programs”

FutureLearn has launched its own MOOC credentials program, and the courses have good incentives for completion.

MOOC providers have experimented with creating their own credentials over the last couple of years: we’ve seen Udacity’s Nanodegrees, Coursera’s Specializations, and edX’s Xseries. FutureLearn, too, has announced its own version of MOOC-based credentials, and it’s called FutureLearn Programs.

FutureLearn Programs



Similar to a Specialization or Xseries, FutureLearn requires you to achieve their newly-launched Certificate of Achievement for each course in the program. Some programs have assessments and, once they complete all the requirements, students can receive an “Award.” Some programs in FutureLearn’s new scheme allow you to earn university credit, while others offer accredited Continuing Professional Development (CPD) or the opportunity to demonstrate a commitment to studying a topic in depth.

Here at Class Central we have been cataloging the various ways that students can earn academic credit online. You can find all of them here.

At launch, thirteen programs have been announced. Their costs range from £147.00 to £1,091.00.

  1. Environmental Challenges Program — £545.00
  2. The Digital Economy Program — £735.00
  3. Business and Finance Fundamentals Program — £1,091.00
  4. Management and Leadership Program — £368.00
  5. Online Business Success Program — £236.00
  6. Genomics in Healthcare Program — £237.00
  7. Big Data Analytics Program — £156.00
  8. Good Brain, Bad Brain Program — £177.00
  9. STEM Teaching Program — £177.00
  10. English Language Teaching Program — £177.00
  11. Business Fundamentals Program — £196.00
  12. Financial Fundamentals Program — £196.00
  13. Social Enterprise Program — £147.00

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