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20 Most Popular Online Courses Starting in June

The twenty most popular free online university courses and MOOCS starting in June.

Here are the twenty most popular new Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) starting in June, based on Class Central learners’ activity.

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Leadership and organizational behavior
Tecnológico de Monterrey via edX
This course will Challenge you to develop who you are and could be as a leader, develop what type of leader you could be depends on empowering your strengths and ability to adapt your behavior according to the situation.

Financing Innovative Ventures
University System of Maryland via edX
Demystify key financial concepts for creating a financial plan for your new venture to raise the right funding from the right partners at the right time

Resilience Skills in a Time of Uncertainty
University of Pennsylvania via Coursera
We are all facing different and difficult challenges as we confront the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to support you in this time of uncertainty, the University of Pennsylvania is sharing this free and unique version of Dr. Karen Reivich’s “Resilience Skills” course from the Specialization Foundations of Positive Psychology.

Achieving Product-Market Fit
University System of Maryland via edX
Learn how to truly know your target customer, your customer’s underserved needs, your value proposition, your product feature set, and your user experience, then integrate this knowledge into product and market requirements and positioning plans

A Beginner’s Guide to Etiquette (Part 1)
XuetangX via France Université Numerique
“A Beginner’s Guide to Etiquette” is a compulsory career development course for new professionals in the workplace as well as a career culture development course for people around the world to understand the Chinese workplace and etiquette.

Innovations in Investment Technology: Artificial Intelligence
University of Michigan via FutureLearn
Learn how artificial intelligence is transforming investment technology with this online course from the University of Michigan.

Sign Language: Factors Contributing to Natural Change
Georgetown University via edX
This course describes how we use historical data to demonstrate language change. While earliest indications suggest that the origin of a signed language began as a gestural form, it has evolved as it was handed down.

Finding Purpose and Meaning In Life: Living for What Matters Most
University of Michigan via Coursera
In this course, you’ll learn how science, philosophy and practice all play a role in both finding your purpose and living a purposeful life. You will hear from historical figures and individuals about their journeys to finding and living a purposeful life, and will walk through different exercises to help you find out what matters most to you so you can live a purposeful life.

COVID-19 – A clinical update
University of Florida via Coursera
As an expert infectious diseases, editor of the Journal of Infectious Diseases and author of the textbook Infectious Diseases: A clinical short course, McGraw-Hill April 2020, I have been concerned about the misinformation being shared about the COVID-19 epidemic. How did this disease develop? Where did it come from? How does it cause diseases? The answers to these questions will be answered in the first video of module

Researcher Management and Leadership Training
University of Colorado System via Coursera
This course is for early career researchers and mentors who believe that modern scientific careers require management skills and want to be research leaders. This curriculum gives you skills to effectively implement funded projects, thereby enhancing your career success. Research leaders take on a number of new roles, rights, and responsibilities–as scientific leaders, financial administrators, managers, and mentors. In this course, we explain how to optimize the people, teams, projects, and finances for which you are responsible.

MathTrackX: Probability
University of Adelaide via edX
Understand probability and how it manifests in the world around us.

Writing and Editing: Word Choice and Word Order
University of Michigan via Coursera
This course will teach you how to use your written words to become more persuasive. You’ll learn about “the words under the words” and “the infinite power of grammar.” You’ll also get a chance to both professionalize your use of punctuation and add a bit of style and sophistication to how you craft everything from sentences to slogans.

Future Trends of Fashion and Textiles 時尚之未来趨勢(趋势)
Hong Kong Polytechnic University via edX
If you want to know about the future of the fashion industry, come join us. We will take you on a journey to interview more than forty (40+) international industrialists, academics, and business leaders. We will provide road maps and gears.

Becoming a teacher
The Open University via FutureLearn
Take your first steps towards teaching with this practical course exploring the basics of what it means to become a teacher. 8th Jun, 2020

Inglés empresarial para venta, gestión y liderazgo de equipos
Universidad Anáhuac via edX
Este curso en línea te permitirá aprender inglés y tener una inmersión del idioma en los negocios para sobresalir en tu carrera profesional.


Biomedical Visualisation
University of Glasgow via Coursera
This course is the first of its kind on Coursera. It explores the structure and function of the human body including terminology used. It showcases visualisation techniques available using technology to image and display data related to the body and biological processes.. It also provides training in the creation of animations, and examines the applicability of different types of reality.

The Pronunciation of American English Project
University of California, Irvine via Coursera
In the final course of The Pronunciation of American English specialization, you will complete a final self-reflection project applying what you have learned in the first three courses about consonants, vowels, and the “music” of English. In preparation for the project, you will take a post-test, review all the sounds of English, analyze a speech, and share your advice on improving pronunciation with other learners.

Beyond the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Addressing Sustainability and Development
University of Michigan via Coursera
In this course, we will explore three of the most pressing challenges undergirding the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) including climate change, poverty and inequality, and ecosystem degradation and biodiversity loss, with case studies to guide and challenge our thinking. In the final week of the course, we will discuss the trade-offs, co-benefits and synergies between these challenges, especially as they relate to designing innovative solutions for achieving our sustainability and development goals.

Understanding Medical Research: Your Facebook Friend is Wrong
Yale University via Coursera
The course encompasses propers study-design, research methods, and statistical interpretation. It also delves into the dark side of medical research by covering fraud, biases, and common misinterpretations of data. Each lesson will be highlighted with case-studies from real-world journal articles.

AI For Medical Treatment
deeplearning.ai via Coursera
Medical treatment may impact patients differently based on their existing health conditions. In this third course, you’ll recommend treatments more suited to individual patients using data from randomized control trials. In the second week, you’ll apply machine learning interpretation methods to explain the decision-making of complex machine learning models. Finally, you’ll use natural language entity extraction and question-answering methods to automate the task of labeling medical datasets.

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