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190 universities just launched 600 free online courses. Here’s the full list.

Since the end of 2011 over 800 universities have created around 10,000 MOOCs. In the past four months alone, 190 universities have announced 600 such free online courses.

If you haven’t heard, universities around the world offering their courses online for free (or at-least partially free). These courses are collectively called as MOOCS or Massive Open Online Courses.

In the past seven years or so, over 800 universities have created around 10,000 of these MOOCs. And I’ve been keeping track of these MOOCs the entire time here at Class Central, ever since they rose to prominence.

In the past four months alone, 190 universities have announced 600 such free online courses. I’ve compiled this list below and categorized the courses into the following subjects: Computer Science, Mathematics, Programming, Data Science, Humanities, Social Sciences, Education & Teaching, Health & Medicine, Business, Personal Development, Engineering, Art & Design, and finally Science.

Here’s the full list of new free online courses. Most of these are completely self-paced, so you can start taking them at your convenience.

If you want to specifically learn more about COVID-19, Class Central has compiled a list of courses here. These courses are taught by WHO, Johns Hopkins University, Imperial College London, and other universities. A few of them also offer a free certificate!

Also check out For a Limited Time, Coursera Offers Free Certificates for 85 Courses. Here is the Full List.

Finally, numerous other course providers are responding to the pandemic by temporarily offering free online courses and additional e-learning resources. If you’re new to online education, have a look at our suggestions on how to learn online effectively.















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Dhawal Shah

Dhawal is the CEO of Class Central, the most popular search engine and review site for online courses and MOOCs. He has completed over a dozen MOOCs and has written over 200 articles about the MOOC space, including contributions to TechCrunch, EdSurge, Quartz, and VentureBeat.

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  1. George Pat

    take a look at edX degrees page
    they added some very very interesting degrees! 🙂

    • P davies

      Cannot find any on astronomy or solar system

      • Sylla

        Do you have language courses? Or interpreting ?
        Regards ,

        • Raul Ignacio Merino Rivas

          There are some in Humanities

      • Azhari

        There is one course on astronomy under Science entitled Our Place in the Universe by University of Hong Kong

  2. خديجة عثمان ابراهيم عمران

    اود حضور الدورات
    هذا البرنامج يساعدني في التعليم والممارسة ورفع قدراتي
    نظام تعليم ممتاز جدا

    • Mohamed khirallh

      موقع اكثر من رائع

  3. Bradyn

    I wonder if they have language classes

    • Amit

      Modern States have a few…

    • thelma

      Yes I too would like a language course please? Thelma

    • Paul

      So many!!! Just look through the list. 🙂

    • Kathryn Norton

      Have you looked? I saw Chinese, Spanish and others.

  4. Chiko

    Will these universities give me a certificate after completing the courses and is there a maximum number of courses taken

    • Amit

      Yes, costs money though. …

    • Luis

      All thecourses here are free and you can do all of them if you like. A certificate is available but it is a NON credit. It is only a certificate of INTRODUCTORY to the course completed. I completed Psychology introduction and paid $60.00 for the certificate.

      • Ms. Em

        Is it okay if you just wanted to learn the course and you will not avail the certificate? or is it a must to get the certificate? Thank you..

      • Joe Mor

        You mean that you can’t put it to your resumé under something like trainings?

  5. edward

    Kindly add courses in Property Management / Leasing Apartment and Single homes – thanks!

    • Stephanie Barbara

      Those are ALL very ‘state specific’! I’ve been thru that stuff before and the library, city hall, courthouses, H.U.D./Section 8, (*probably MANY other places!*)as well!

      One more ‘FYI’: I learned, unfortunately, the HARD way, that each state AND county AND city have their own Rules/Regulations, that can (& WILL) change, sometimes overnight!!

      I wish you the best in your endeavors!

  6. Ampi

    i really want to start a course. at the same time can i do more than one course

    • Amit

      Yes you may

  7. Krishna Murthy

    Fantastic collection. Great resource. One spot check list for a life-long learner. Thanks.

  8. Pradeep more

    This is truly awesome. Let’s spend time in learning

  9. Anita Smith - Mensah

    I want Natural plant medicine causes

    • Nick

      So do i, i wonder why this is so hard to find.

  10. Awanish Kumar

    Hi Sir,
    I am Awanish Kumar from India.
    I had completed PG diploma in sugar technology in 2016 & currently I am working as a design Engineer in ISGEC heavy engineering ltd but I have not done any course related to engineering of sugar plant.
    So please suggest a suitable course for me.

  11. Eugene Ihere

    Thanks, for introducing this wonderful free online courses for the less privileged one’s, and also to those their work may not permit for regular campus education. I wish to pick up course on Health & Medicine, kindly guide me with all relevant information that will be of benefit to me. Thanks, and God bless.Eugene

  12. Maria de Lourdes De Sanctus Silva

    It is a great opportunity to be added at those courses.I have languages groups on WhatsApp and facebook. I have shared with all my friends around the world. Thank you so much.

  13. Birrell Walsh

    Thank you for this AMAZING list!

  14. Abdelrahman Bedair

    this is awesome..
    thank you so much, this is helpful.

  15. Kaytha Yee

    I want to learn civil engineering course or construction project management course.
    I can’t find this 2 xourses from online for free courses.
    How can I choose it.
    Please help me.

    • Amit

      I believe there are a few on Coursera.

  16. Carlos Berben

    I am interested in Biodiversity and Environment free course.

  17. Thilina

    I try to rejister for course but i can’t create a edx account that showed error about my password and user name

    • Amit

      Send a email to technical support.
      Maybe your passwords do not match or maybe your username us already taken, in that case just select a new or different one.

  18. George Kiraga Mathole

    This is a very noble way of helping those who cannot afford to pay for the full Course fees,well done to the whole team that sat and came up with all these Online Course,which are tailored to suit everyone’s desire to learn and quech their educational thust ~ God bless you all

  19. Charli

    Are there any marine biology degrees by chance? 🙂

  20. Joshua Jacob

    Good day. I want to know if your university have a free online degree courses on transportation and logistics please.

    Thank you.

    • Amit

      MIT has a grad level micromasters course, you can do the proctored exam at the end and apply to MIT.
      You can also Audit for free.

      Rutgers gave a few courses on Coursera. Again, you can audit for free or pay monthly & get a certificate.

  21. Daniel Kebrit

    Thanks for sharing. I would be happier if you direct me free online course in Health (MSc level) or degree in Physiotherapy

  22. Florence Masajuwa

    This is awesome. Salute to these great universities designing and offering these courses and for free.
    Please can they come up with courses in Law?

    • Amit

      I believe EDX have a few from Louvain and there are like 2 IP courses from Penn.

      Also Harvard has the legendary Contracts class.

      On Coursera there are a few intro classes.

    • David Phillips

      Agreed. There are few “Law” courses.

  23. Sara

    Thank you for useful information and online courses.

  24. Ronald amarasekara

    Dear sir i’m ronald frome srilanka i’m youth coordinater “new strength youth service “i like to learn pshycology ,councelling, personality deverlopment ,& drug adicts ricovery treatment …if ucan help me tolearn that subjects it will grate help for our youth service …..

  25. Besmira

    That’s a great opportunity to learn, are the courses free and is there a maximum courses you can take? Thank you

  26. haghtalab

    Thank you for useful information and online courses.

  27. haghtalab

    از زحمت شما تشکر میکنم این تلاش شما کمک بزرگی در ارتقا سطح علمی کشور ها است .
    حق طلب

  28. Bufarraj M. Eddinali

    Dear all,
    I would like to thank you so much for your kind
    efforts in free learning in various fields of science.
    I am looking for free grammar and writing for pre-intermediate levels with answer keys for all exercises if possible!
    kind regards,

  29. Jesse Greatman

    This is a great opportunity I am ready to make use of

  30. Acquah Christiana

    how do i sign in to the coursera courses for free

  31. Caroline Malia

    Thank you team for this great collection. I had been looking for a chance for an online course on financial innovation models and strategy…this is a great opportunity, pls keep up!

    Thanks again.

  32. Sing Min

    Thank you Dhawal for these great collections of resources! I hope these can help those in need and those who aren’t able to attend the course physically but have to do it online. Let’s make great things out of these courses learning!

  33. Bernard A Cotic

    these great collections of resources! I hope these can help those in need and those who aren’t able to attend the course physically but have to do it online. Let’s make great things out of these courses learning!

  34. John

    Even if certificate is not issued, would there b any other évidence of participating in the course issued for Free?

  35. Hema

    Thanks so much for compiling and publishing this awesome list.

  36. Tiaku Clinton

    please why are they offering courses here for free,I think it should cost?

  37. Leo

    Thank you for the list. I just wander if some of the courses could be combined into a degree or used as a credit to a degree in another university.

  38. Zawa

    Hi…If i complete any corse, will you give the certificate?

  39. Soe Win Aung

    Thank you for the list

  40. Irfan Mohammad

    Is there any course on stock market / share business

  41. Sunny

    Are there any courses on general GRE

  42. Belinda

    Is there a search facility? I’m looking for latin courses

  43. Cheryl

    It would be helpful to also organize these by language of instruction.

  44. Chris

    Any Bee keeping courses ?

  45. Lynette

    Are any of these courses teansfereable??

  46. Debbie

    Do you hv Hebrew language courses available ?

  47. Nathaniel

    Can anyone find any classes that study animal care? Other than zoology i couldn’t find any, hoping to work towards being a veterinarian.

  48. Alexis

    Tried two courses. One isn’t in fact free, the other ended on the 18/3/20 and isn’t letting anyone enrol.

  49. Erika

    Any Spanish language courses?

  50. Monica David King

    Any course on teaching Dyslexic children
    …. Or in Special Education

  51. Neeraj b mokale

    Went through some courses..there are no free moocs in hotel management.please do guide

  52. Sruthi

    Hi..thank you for these excellent resources.
    Are there any dental courses?
    If you can post that as well, that would be great!

  53. Harinder singh

    I wanted to learn Photogrphy & video making skills.
    Can you suggest any course.

  54. Badsha Banerjee

    Hi and thank you for having this available. Before enrolling it does state that a certificate is available for a fee; what I noticed typically around 99-149 USD. My question is would a certificate be available at the stated fee after successful completion of that course or does it act as a credit only to a certificate after completing all courses for the program.

    Thank you


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