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Course Review: Mind Control, Managing Your Mental Health During COVID-19

Learn from ingenious and inspiring Professor of Psychology about effectively treating and preventing some of the psychological issues attributed to Covid-19.

I took the Mind Control: Managing Your Mental Health During COVID-19 course by University of Toronto via Coursera. The instructor, Steve Joordens, did an excellent job providing information and outlining healthy coping behaviors.

Why I took this course

I originally took the course because of the overwhelming amount of burnout that was reported and exemplified through staff members because of Covid-19 changes. I wanted to serve as an asset to those in need.

My current degrees are in psychology and counseling studies. These degrees, along with my experience have opened the pathways to different opportunities. I currently am not using these skills on the front end but apply them when needed. This course substantiated what the workers felt and even what I have felt on occasion. There was a hearty contribution as to why burnout occurs and how to recover. This information was to be utilized by myself in health and wellness initiatives to support staff.

The Instructor

I had never heard of Steve Joordens prior to this. I sampled his teachings and made a quick discovery that this was in fact, what I needed. Honestly, I wanted more! He is ingenious and his tone keeps the learner focused. I then went on to find out that he was a professor at the University of Toronto. He was initially trained as a Cognitive Psychologist and currently works on “skills of success” utilizing educational technology. This gentleman is ingenious. I have no doubt that individuals who are having difficulties will enhance their opportunities with his teachings.

The course

The information is superior and all you truly need is a clear goal and desire to learn more about mental health and how to make things better for those who are and have suffered with burnout, depression, anxiety… etc. I am truly hoping he will post more of these lessons. I am fascinated with his level of expertise and real-life guidance on effectively treating and preventing some of the psychological issues attributed to Covid-19. There are situations that occur daily that are beyond our control. His teachings help. The day I was viewing this, I felt relieved and rejuvenated. For the first time, personally, I saw a light at the end of the tunnel.

Grading and Assessments

There were graded quizzes, but his lecturing style gave me, the student who has test anxiety, a great sense of calm when doing his quizzes. My level of retention from his lectures were phenomenal. The quizzes were not long, but his lecturing style gave me a vast amount of information. There is a small cost for the certificate. Due to the amount of information delivered, I am sure the average student will find it worthwhile.


The class was not hard but challenging. I took the course over a day’s time with no regrets! Thank you Dr. Joordens for all your hard work and the emotional intelligence it took to present this course. Dr. Joordens will forever be my favorite educator and psychologist and I would love to learn more from him.

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Debra Mitchum

I am a Disease Intervention Specialist with CDC Foundation. I have 2 kids in college and consider myself a life-long learner. Anything related to Public Health, specifically counseling and psychology engages me and increases my knowledge and application to this field.

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