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Course review: Schizophrenia by Wesleyan University

Gain a deeper understanding and broader perspective about Schizophrenia and the scientific research behind therapies and drugs to treat it

Professor Matt Kurtz, course instructor

Hello, everyone. I will tell you about the course I completed called Schizophrenia by Professor Matt Kurtz, who is a very good lecturer on this subject at Wesleyan University.

I came across the mental disabilities of those people suffering from this disorder much earlier because I had friends who struggled with these problems. At that time I couldn’t help them yet, but I always tried to treat them normally. Without making them feel that their behavior was wrong. Therefore, people were happy to talk to me and treated me friendly. Later in my life, this prompted me to finish school and I became an Occupational Therapist.

Why did I took this course

Because I wanted to start helping people affected by this disorder in a professional way, I enrolled in Mr. Professor Matt Kurz’s course to learn about this disorder as in-depth as possible. I wanted to put myself in the shoes of these people. To understand what they have to deal with on a daily basis. Professor Kurtz made it possible for me to explore this subject as he is an expert in this subject. The lectures were presented in an understandable and helpful way for me.

The course

The course was fully online, which made me extremely happy because I really appreciate this form of learning no matter where I am at any given moment. All I needed was a good Internet connection and good quality headphones to listen to the lectures.

Recommended level

The level of the course is intermediate, despite that I think a beginner would also be able to cope with them. It lasts for four weeks. The course schedule can be adjusted to your preferences with the possibility of resetting the dates on which we are to hand in certain assignments. We can also take part in discussions about the disorder. Exchange thoughts which is a very valuable experience for us.

Language barrier

The course is in English but also includes subtitles in French, German, Portuguese, Russian. Unfortunately, there are no Polish ones, but the course has the possibility of downloading scripts and lectures in English, which can then be translated. It only requires more time, but the language barrier is not a problem for us. It is really worth it.

Latest content about schizophrenia

Demonstration: Schizophrenia with Disorganized Features

This course presents the latest information on scientific research, from therapy, to treatment and the various groups of old and new generation drugs used. The course topics are divided into sections; it pays attention to the psychological, biological and social problems of these people. It also draws attention to the forms of support these people receive. It includes numerous slides that allow us to fully understand the processes going on in the human brain of a person suffering from schizophrenia. Carefully prepared simulations by actors allow us to explore the topic and understand the behavior of these people.


I was able to learn a lot from this course. To look at the problems of these people from a broader perspective. I will definitely try to use this information in my work to be a more informed person.

The end of the course ends with the participant receiving the certificate. It is best to pay for it in advance because we have access to all study materials.

My certificate of completion

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Agnieszka Anna Wójcicka

I am an Occupational Therapist. I am interested in medical courses related to my profession, as well as on other topics.

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