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Ten Most Popular MOOCs Starting in January 2018

The best new free online courses starting in January 2018

Ten Most Popular MOOCS - January 2018

Religion, Conflict and Peace
Harvard University via edX

Explore the diverse and complex roles that religions play in both promoting and mitigating violence.
8th Jan, 2018

Young People and Their Mental Health
University of Cambridge and University of Groningen via FutureLearn
Mental health problems often develop during the teenage period. As many as 1 out of 5 teenagers are dealing with these problems. Therefore, it is important that you know how to recognise common mental health problems, know how they arise, what you can do to prevent them and what you should do when you actually suffer from them. This course, designed specifically for young people, will help you find out more.
15th Jan, 2018

Marketing Analytics
University of Virginia via FutureLearn
In this course you will get the tools to measure the effectiveness of brand and customer assets, interpret regression analysis, calculate customer lifetime value, and design experiments as a way to evaluate and optimize marketing campaigns.
8th Jan, 2018

Structural Materials: Selection and Economics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology via edX
Billions of tons of structural materials, such as steel, aluminum, and titanium are used every year. Learn where, why, and when they are used.
24th Jan, 2018

Leading the Organization
University of Queensland via edX
Learn effective strategies for developing, articulating, and implementing organizational change initiatives that can help lead your organization to success.
15th Jan, 2018

Designing Synthesizer Sounds
Berklee College of Music via Kadenze
This course is designed to explore practical contemporary synthesis techniques in the context of creating a musical composition. It focuses on the musical and emotional implications of synthesizer components and techniques: envelopes, LFO’s, filters, oscillators, modulation, and audio effects.
23rd Jan, 2018

Deep Learning in Computer Vision
Higher School of Economics via Coursera
The goal of this course is to introduce students to computer vision, starting from basics and then turning to more modern deep learning models. We will cover both image and video recognition, including image classification and annotation, object recognition and image search, various object detection techniques, motion estimation, object tracking in video, human action recognition, and finally image stylization, editing and new image generation.
1st Jan, 2018

Financial Accounting for Corporations
University System of Maryland via edX
Ever wonder how Wall Street investors compare corporations? Learn to prepare, analyze, and compare financial statements for publically traded U.S. corporations.
15th Jan, 2018

Evidence-Based Project Management
Australian National University via edX
Learn which project management strategies, tools and techniques are most effective by analyzing evidence-based research.
20th Jan, 2018

Power and Responsibility: Doing Philosophy with Superheroes
Harvard University via edX

Pow! Bang! Kaboom! Power and Responsibility: Doing Philosophy with Superheroes, a SmithsonianX and Harvard Division of Continuing Education course, blends superheroes narratives with the core areas of philosophy.
16th Jan, 2018


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