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Ten Most Popular MOOCs Starting in August 2016

The best new free online courses starting in August 2016

Agent-Based Modeling in Netlogo
Santa Fe Institute via Complexity Explorer
This course will explore how to use agent-based modeling to understand and examine a widely diverse and disparate set of complex problems.
Starts 1st Aug, 2016

Sponsored Applied Logistic Regression
The Ohio State University via Canvas.net
An examination of the Civil Rights movement in Iowa then and now.
Starts 15th Aug, 2016

English for Journalism
University of Pennsylvania via Coursera
This course is designed for non-native English speakers who are interested in developing the skills needed for a career in modern journalism.
Starts 15th Aug, 2016

Spanish for Beginners 1: Meeting and Greeting
The Open University via FutureLearn
Learn how to greet people, and talk about where you live and what you do in the first Spanish for Beginners courses.
Starts 8th Aug, 2016

Leadership and Influence
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign via Coursera
Listening and being sure of your values underpins everything that comes with professional influencer and leadership skills. You’ll go on to look at self-assessment and leadership planning, negotiation, addressing and resolving conflict, and successfully identifying and promoting circumstances you want.
Starts Aug, 2016

Introduction to Animal Behaviour

Graphic Design
University of Colorado Boulder via Coursera
In this graphic design course, you will learn that designing professionally is as critical to success as good writing and presentation. You will also learn that acquiring good design skills is surprisingly easy. This course will introduce you to a design process that emphasizes planning, message clarity, and focus.
Go To Class | Next Session : 1st Aug, 2016

Judaism Through Its Scriptures
Harvard University via edX
Learn about the key beliefs and practices of Judaism through an examination of its sacred texts and their interpretation.
Starts 2nd Aug, 2016

Advanced Algorithms and Complexity
University of California, San Diego via Coursera
Start with networks flows which are used in more obvious applications such as optimal matchings, finding disjoint paths and flight scheduling as well as more surprising ones like image segmentation in computer vision or finding dense clusters in the advertiser-search query graphs at search engines.
Starts Aug, 2016

Introduction to Animal Behaviour
Wageningen University via edX
Explore the amazing range and complexity of wild animal behaviour. Discover how animals learn, communicate, find food, avoid predators, and interact socially.
Starts 9th Aug, 2016

Management and Leadership: Leading a Team
The Open University via FutureLearn
Develop a business plan and build a team with one of two courses in the Management and Leadership program.
Starts 8th Aug, 2016

Maths Puzzles: Cryptarithms, Symbologies and Secret Codes
Weizmann Institute of Science via FutureLearn
Explore and solve encrypted maths puzzles, in which numbers are replaced by letters or symbols
Go To Class | Next Session : 29th Aug, 2016

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