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Charles Lenfest

I am a highly motivated explorer of the world, data and science!

Charles Lenfest
Wilton CT
Computational Finance
Masters Degree

Using Python to Access Web Data

Written 3 months ago
The course sequence by Prof. Severance is really amazing for the remote learner. He provides great lecture notes and excellent coding examples. Likewise, and this is not to be overlooked, he provides a ton of additional course related information which helps the data scientist better understand the scale and scope of programming, the history of computer science and the internet. I have materially increased my horizons with respect to Computer Science, much more so than in programming coursing in C++, SPlus, MatLab from past academic programs. I wish I was 20 all over again so I could attend UMich Dept. of Information Science in person!
My rating
Charles Lenfest completed this course.

Using Databases with Python

Written 3 months ago
I am in the process of completing the Python 5 course Specialization and I absolutely love these courses. Dr. Chuck and his team have put a tremendous amount of thought and technical planning into making this course something that you can accomplish remotely. I really appreciate how you can go back and re-watch the lectures, which is even better than a live one off in person lecture. I am older and have coded in other languages - R, SPlus, MatLab, C++ but am a firm believer of starting from scratch so going through the whole sequence. I have picked up so much knowledge at a reasonable price and in a manageable amount of time. I think Univ Michigan has undertaken a very heroic/noble quest to help vastly expand the knowledge people everywhere to keep pace with the technological demands of the 21st century.

Please be advised, similar to all programming languages and courses it takes a substantial amount of focus and effort to complete the programming assignments and pass the quizzes. To help you with this process there are vast online resources available that explain the precise details of every aspect of Python. During and after the lectures I spend a lot of time experimenting with code and researching methods, functions, etc. to help me figure out the assignments. Dr. Chuck has a huge repository of example code that is available for you to use and experiment with, adapt and research to help you along the way. One must devote a substantial amount of focus and time to achieve any academic goal. I have found myself up at 1AM experimenting with code snippets and it made me feel like an undergrad again...

One additional aspect of the course are all the interviews with important people across the IT world that have played pivotal roles in the development of computers and programming. For me, that has added a rich layer of contextual knowledge that has great expanded the scale and scope of my understanding of computer science and engineering has evolved since the beginning. You wouldn't get this in a live lecture...

All of this makes me wish I was 18 again and could go back and attend Univ Michigan in Data Science and CS.
My rating
Charles Lenfest completed this course, spending 5 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be medium.

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