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Nikita Neganov

Nikita Neganov

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Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)

Written 2 years ago
Well, this course is my first programming experience: I've never programmed before, high school Pascal doesn't count, I think. Lecturer, Charles Severance, is a really nice guy, who knows a lot about his course and delivers very good experience while learning.

For his lectures on Coursera (which are solely enough to understand basics of Python) he also provides a textbook designed exactly for this course, lecture slides and so-called 'Student-curated notes'. The last ones include previous student's notes, explanations, abstract of textbook chapters and some extra exercises.

As a learner with no prior experience, I used to read the book first, then accomplish textbook assignments, then go through student-curated notes and finally open coursera, listen to lectures, note every detail Charles adds to the textbook and only then accomplish quizzes and coursera assignments.

Really awesome course, recommend everyone to start programming or learning python by enrolling in this course.
My rating
Nikita Neganov completed this course.

Python Data Structures

Written 2 years ago
First of all - I didn't spend whole 7 weeks learning this course, it only took me 3-4 days maximum, learning 4-5 hours/day maximum. So roughly it will be maximum 3 hours per week if you'll keep to a schedule.

Okay, about the course itself: as I wrote in a review about the previous course, Dr. Chuck is a great lecturer and a person with deep knowledge and passion about what he teaches. This course is respectively more difficult than the previous one, this time I had to spend some time trying to understand methods and code and other stuff.

On the other hand, this course is still for beginners, as I am a beginner, who just have completed previous one and have only been learning python for about a week.

This course introduces students to more complex part of python: strings, list, dictionaries, tuples, etc. The more I learn python through this course, the easier earlier assignments seem to me. After finishing it I clearly understood how much I don't actually know about python and programming in general, and am going to continue this specialisation.

Highly recommend this course for beginners, who have completed the 1st course. If you still know nothing about programming but want to start: begin at Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python), and then advance to this one. Good luck!
My rating
Nikita Neganov completed this course, spending 3 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be medium.

Using Python to Access Web Data

Written 2 years ago
As I mentioned in the previous reviews about this Specialisation, all these courses are meant for beginners without previous programming experience and difficulty of courses rises gradually.

Thus, the first course was a real piece of cake, second got a little tougher and this one is the first course that really took me some time to finish it. This time I really had to listen to some lectures twice, to debug my code a hell lot of times and to stick to the sample code a lot.

Students, who have programming experience might still think that this course is too slow and easy, but it is a great way for the beginner to learn python.

The only problem that seems to appear is new coursera policy, that doesn't allow you to submit assignments before you pay for the course, e.g. you can only get access to theory unless you pay. But there is a solution - Dr Chuck has created his own website to complete these courses

To sum up: great course, uprising difficulties, recommend to enroll after finishing previous courses. 10/10
My rating
Nikita Neganov completed this course, spending 4 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be medium.

Using Databases with Python

Written 2 years ago
That's a great introductory course to using databases, it helps to deal with data and creates a little background to further data analysis. Though it almost doesn't add anything new to python, I found it's interesting and it also helped me to upgrade my previous program using DB instead of text files.

In a nutshell, not very challenging course with pretty simple assignments which only require to review the sample code and alter it a little bit.

4,5/5 because it was not challenging enough, though good.
My rating
Nikita Neganov completed this course, spending 1 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be easy.

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