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Gary Worsham

Gary Worsham

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Physics-Based Sound Synthesis for Games and Interactive Systems

Written 2 years ago
I had started to mess around with STK C++ classes which are used for many of the sound objects in the ChucK language.

ChucK is a little unusual but I got the hang of it enough to complete the course. I enjoyed the subjects a lot. I am an engineer and know a lot about sound and DSP, but I still learned quite a bit.

Some of my complaints are super picky, but anyway here they are:

While I appreciate the sense of humor of ChucK's developers, some terms were invented apparently simply to be "cute", e.g. ChucK programs are called "shreds" (why?) and so the process manager/scheduler is called a "shreduler" (why?). When one is attempting to absorb a lot of new info in a short period of time, this stuff gets in the way.

The assignments are apparently robo-graded and it was occasionally difficult to get direct feedback from the instructor(s) as to why a given approach was marked incorrect.

The forum was OK for chatting with other students about various aspects of assignments etc. but the instructors did not comment very frequently.

Sometimes I found the quizzes a little challenging as maybe I missed one minute out of 30 or more minutes of video, where the question was answered. Later I found there were closed captioning text files but it would be better if the lecture transcript could be made available as a PDF.

Assignments would also be better as PDFs because I wound up copying the text off the screen into a document and then printing it out so I could keep track of all the details.

Many of the assignments are based on a "PONG" framework. At first this is OK, but it got a little repetitive, and once there were more than 4 instruments being triggered at a time, it becomes really difficult to hear any sort of subtle change you might be making to the synthesis models.
My rating
Gary Worsham completed this course, spending 3 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be medium.

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