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Desu Desu

Desu Desu

Introduction to Korean

Written 8 months ago
I completed this course in 9 days spending approximately 3 hours a day. Which makes about 23 hours in one week. Divide with 6 weeks - 3,8 hours per week for six weeks.

(Sorry for my english)

It's a truly an introductory Korean language course.

My friend started learning Korean on his own and I decided to catch up with him by taking this course. I have experience in self-studying languages, but I’ve been also learning Italian with The Open University on FutureLearn. I can say I am moderately engaging self-learner

I did this course in 9 days instead of 6 weeks.

The level of the course is quite low, but, if you consider that course is only made to touch the surface of the language, it’s kind of perfect. The introduction!

This course gives you a peak into the basic language structure and pronounciation. It’s built in such way, that every week the learning is centred around couple of tourist-like phrases for memorisation and you learn a bit about Korean culture(actually useful). The phrases are about how to talk about hobbies, how to order food at a restaurant etc. You don’t get a lot of explanation on the phrases grammatically-wise, but you do get information on which situations you can use this phrases.

It’s a good way to start learning a language, because it sparks curiosity, but I felt that it would get a bit old in the spawn of 6 weeks.

That said, the course is quite slow-paced, but it’s good news for some.

If you are willing to deepen your studies of Korean language and you have time, you will probably switch to self-studying on one of the great websites dedicated to this language. But you will still acquire useful everyday phrases and get some insight into the Korean culture with this course.

The course gives you some external links, mostly on, again, culture, which are interesting to read, but there are also few about the grammar.

You can start additional learning on external websites which was what I did.

Many steps on the course are targered towards learner’s discussion with other learners. This course asks lots of questions that are able to spark a discussion. It results in many interesting comments, where you can learn a bit about other cultures.

You can also find some websites for further studying Korean in the comment section, because the course attracts people, who are interested in Korean or people, who already know some Korean. They provide materials for further learning and help with questions, that are well above the course level(many courses have these great people).

Educators are also helping with the questions and are willing to answer questions that are higher level than this course.

By now Hanyang University released Introduction to Korean 2.

It's possible to finish the course in 6 days spending less than 3 hours a day(I finished the course in 9 days. 7 out of 9 days I spent 2,5 hours on course material).

Disclaimer: I couldn't find the Review Guidelines for Class centraland I wasn't willing to ask them, so I apologize if my review doesn't fit into Guidelines.
My rating
Desu Desu completed this course, spending 4 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be very easy.

Food as Medicine

Written 8 months ago
*I do not haveany background in nutrition.

I absolutely loved the content in this course. I learnt a lot about food and nutrition. This course improved my quality of life.

Some videos had bad quality, but the presentation and the content was great.

I have to agree that the course was more of introduction to food and nutrition and did not cover "food as medicine" part so much. But I still loved the knowledge from this course.

I like courses that Monash University offers through Futurelearn.
My rating
Desu Desu completed this course and found the course difficulty to be medium.

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