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Design Thinking and Management

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Startup School

Written 7 months ago
Start Up School : (The MOOC version)

This is the best place to

A) learn If you are cut to be an entrepreneur

B) question whether your product fits with what market wants

C) get inspired to do more faster

D) get funded!


The course runs ten weeks touching on aspects of funding, VC, product management, startup founding dilemmas and examples of proven strategies through conversations with successful startup founders and lecture pedagogy.

The course delivery is through lectures or if you are selected for the advisor track, your company is allocted a mentor.

The first Mooc version ran through August to October this year. Each week lectures were added.

The forum allowed you to interact with the YC team, other entrepreneurs, share resources and experiences. Often Experts were invited for AMA (Ask me anything) sessions.

Information Resources

The StartUp School library is an open resource. It is advisable to go through the earlier lectures, which may take 20-30 hrs or more of your time, much before the course starts.

A lot of resources, tips and experiences are shared through these videos and to benefit completely, do watch till the end.

You have to be enrolled, not just auditing; to be able to access the current course and resources. Weekly lectures take 2-3 hours to watch and a couple more if you’d like to browse through the forum. The rest of the time you are expected to devote to your startup, with time kept aside for sleep, health and family too!


The culture at SUS is impressive, they have a “No spam” policy.

The school was quite approachable to the participants through email or forum. The lecture conversations about how to generate millions of dollars are held in a comfortable environment exuding casual ease.

To support the mooc participants, we were placed in groups of 5-10 companies.

An experience worth taking if you are a startup or aspire to be one.

Downside: The lectures remain relevant till mid course for early stage startups ideas. The last few weeks are relevant once you have found your product market fit or your magical idea.
My rating
Bhawnavk is taking this course right now, spending 10 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be easy.

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