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Galileo University

Unlocking the Power of Generative AI with ChatGPT for Higher Education

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In an increasingly digitized and technologically evolving world, it is crucial to stay informed about the tools and resources that are reshaping education. Undoubtedly, ChatGPT is one of these tools, revolutionizing how students access and process information, and how educators design and deliver personalized educational content.

ChatGPT is a conversational language model developed by OpenAI. It operates by employing natural language processing techniques and is trained on vast amounts of text to generate responses to user-provided questions or prompts.

The potential of these technologies in education is evident. ChatGPT, Bard, or Bing can assist educators in several tasks, such as content generation and learning activities. However, new technologies bring along a series of changes, challenges, and concerns regarding their use in education. On one hand, optimists praise these tools for supporting teaching. On the other hand, skeptics perceive a clear challenge, particularly regarding the possibility of students easily completing tasks using tools like ChatGPT. These concerns and questions arise whenever new technologies appear in the educational domain. Yet, as usual, these concerns must be considered within a broader framework of reflection, encompassing the relationship (past, present, and future) between technologies and education.

In this course, you will discover how to effectively and creatively engage with ChatGPT to obtain surprising and relevant responses in the educational realm. Through practical examples, we will explore everything you need to know about ChatGPT, from designing curriculum plans and orchestrating learning experiences to creating instructional materials and crafting assessments.

At the end of this course, participants will have a better understanding of how to use ChatGPT to enhance teaching and learning processes. Participants will also have the opportunity to experiment with ChatGPT and develop their own ideas on how to integrate it into their teaching practice.


Lesson 1: Artificial Intelligence in Education

  • How is artificial intelligence transforming teaching and learning processes?
  • What is ChatGPT?
  • ChatGPT and its limitations
  • Key considerations when using ChatGPT
  • What is Bard?
  • Bard and its characteristics
  • What is a prompt?
  • Writing effective prompts
  • Parameters
  • Techniques

Lesson 2: How to incorporate ChatGPT into your teaching practice.

  • How can ChatGPT help teachers?
  • Curriculum Design for Academic Programs
  • Class Planning
  • Generation of Educational Materials
  • Design of Learning Activities
  • Optimizing the Assessment Process
  • Use ChatGPT to give students’ real-time feedback
  • Academic Research with Artificial Intelligence

Lesson 3: ChatGPT + Generative AI Tools

  • Generative Artificial Intelligence
  • Text-to-Image Generators
  • Text-to-Presentation Generators
  • Text-to-Speech Voice Generators
  • Video Generators
  • AI Tools for Research
  • AI Tools to Enhance Video Conference Sessions

Lesson 4: Challenges and Opportunities for Education

  • How are students using ChatGPT?
  • How can critical thinking and creativity be fostered by ChatGPT?
  • Case studies in Mathematics and Programming
  • How ChatGPT impacts education
  • Is using content created by ChatGPT considered plagiarism?
  • Who is the author of AI-generated content?
  • How can educators promote responsible and ethical use of ChatGPT in the classroom?
  • Reimagining assessment processes

Taught by

Rocael Hernández Rizzardini, Ph.D. and Miguel A. Morales-Chan, Ph.D.


4.8 rating, based on 49 Class Central reviews

4.7 rating at edX based on 19 ratings

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  • Anonymous
    I am doing this course mid-2024. Already the course seems extremely dated. I think I may have found it useful 18 months ago but now some of the content seems questionable. Halfway through, I have not heard much about how GPT is really not actually v…
  • Anonymous
    I found ChatGPT to be extremely useful with virtually limitless applications across all fields of human endeavors, and currently I can only imagine the potential endless possibilities for helping to solve everyday problems in the nearest future.
    This online course which is probably the best available on ChatGPT is comprehensive, precise, relevant, and up-to--date with real-life examples. It is highly recommended for all teachers and students in higher education institutions, and knowledge enthusiasts to enhance their efficiency, expertise and professionalism.
    Jay Alfa, Nigeria
  • Anonymous
    I found this course on Unlocking the Power of Generative AI with ChatGPT for Higher Education to be exceptionally informative and engaging. The instructor did a fantastic job explaining complex concepts with clear examples and practical applications. The blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on activities provided a comprehensive learning experience. I especially appreciated the focus on current trends and technologies in education, which is highly relevant in today's digital age. Overall, this course has significantly enhanced my understanding and skills in the field.
  • Anonymous
    I am totally new to AI tools, have never used of even tried them before. I am studying this now, because of a job opportunity and to my own surprise I really like this topic and I am astonished how amazing things you can do with ChatGPT. I absolutely recommend this course to everyone who wants to understand more about this topic and who wants to learn how to use ChatGPT and what contents can be created with its help.
    I think the course is easy to understand, gives enough background material to read and sums up very well the topic.
  • Anonymous
    I have honestly found this course quite illuminating! I have learned so many useful stuff, although am just half-way through it. I particularly liked its practical insights and they way course developers guide learners step by step. I highly recommend it!
  • Profile image for Valliammal M
    Valliammal M
    The course is well deisgned to understand and practice the prompts which the AI tools can understand. Practice questions and the collaborating activity are motivating.
    Using the prompts for curriculum design, creating lesson plan, course outline, course descriptions are very interesting. It is interesting to learn about the evaluation and assessment tools . Practical way of preparation of rubrics , case study etc. for formative assessments were very helpful.
  • Anonymous
    While I was somewhat familiar with Chat GPT, this course taught me how to write much better prompts and even how to incorporate visuals with access to some plug ins.
    I found the rubric creation a bright spot because I struggle to write them and it takes a lot of time that I think I could put to better use.
    Overall, this course will help me to be a better teacher and educator. Even an experienced practitioner needs some innovative support!
  • Anonymous
    This course teaches us not only to use ChatGPT in teaching and learning process but also teaches us various linked tools to create photos, videos, Power point presentations and to create a table to analyze results. One of the best online courses I have ever undergone and I gladly recommend this to anyone looking to harness the power of AI in teaching process.
  • Anonymous
    The topics and materials are excellent. However, the evaluation questions did not assess students' comprehension of the materials. It seems like the questions were not designed to test students' understanding of the material but to guess what the questions' creators thought. I don't think that it was what evaluation questions should have been testing.
  • Anonymous
    This is one of the bests courses I've ever made. I rarely purchase any course in any platforms, but this one is worth it. It gives us a satisfactory notion of what language models are and suggests several uses for ChatGPT in a pedagogical context. I've used ChatGPT for a while and this course helped me explore it in more different ways.
  • Anonymous
    i have learnt a lot here. i am glad i took this course. i am now able to work smart and not hard. i can plan a lesson within minutes, complete with an assessment as well. ChatGPT is a real game changer for me, i am even planning training for my colleagues so that we can all benefit from this knowledge and improve results at work,
  • Anonymous
    Unlocking the Power of Generative AI with ChatGPT for Higher Education course in EDx is an important and useful course for the faculty members in Higher education who can utlise this for their curriculm design , especially in define the course objective and course outcome. It will be useful in teaching learning process as well
  • Anonymous
    The course is very much interesting, engaging, and thought provoking. Learnt a lot about the utility of AI tools in education, and empowering my students, while keeping their ethical and academic integrity intct.

    Thanks to the course designers, instructors and all the stake holders in running the course.
  • Profile image for Dr SP Srinivasan
    Dr SP Srinivasan
    This Course on ChatGPT course effectively demystifies AI communication technologies. It offers insightful modules, practical examples, training and interactive elements that enhance learning. Ideal for both teachers and advanced users looking to deepen their understanding of AI applications.
  • Anonymous
    This course is very much informative. got a chance to know more about Chatgpt. Awesome course. As the title suggests its just Unlocking the Power of Generative AI with ChatGPT for Higher Education. all the teaching faculties should know about this and should make use of it in professional way.
  • Anonymous
    "Unlocking the Power of Generative AI with ChatGPT for Higher Education offers an insightful and practical exploration of AI's potential in academic settings. The course is well-structured, engaging, and provides valuable tools for educators to enhance their teaching strategies."

  • Anonymous
    it provides complete guide to improve higher education concepts through Chat GPT.
    it also helps to creation of lesson plan, objectives, course outcome and learning objectives.
    The practice session makes to revise the concept clearly.
  • Anonymous
    This course really useful for all teachers to plan their teaching and time.

    It gave me very good insight into the efficient use of chatgpt.

    After attending the course, I can use almost all prompts.

    This course is wonderful course.
  • Anonymous
    Very complete information. Quizes are too difficult. Don´t know if I need more practice to have a perfection about the topic or may be the course should have more examples about how to prompt, How to learn to interpret the prompt.
  • Anonymous
    Course is nice . Good and informative
    Happy to learn new concepts
    new technology
    The instructors were knowledgeable , making complex topics easier to understand through practical examples and interactive sessions

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