We aggregate courses from many providers to help you find the best courses on almost any subject, wherever they exist. You support us by clicking through from Class Central to register for courses on the platforms that host them, which may allow us to earn a commission.

About Class Central

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Our goal is to make online education work for everyone.

Class Central is a listing of online courses. We aggregate courses from many providers to make it easy to find the best courses on almost any subject, wherever they exist. Whatever you are interested in learning, it is more than likely that our catalog includes a course that will meet your needs.

Through Class Central, you can find courses; review courses you’ve taken (and read other people’s reviews); follow universities, subjects and courses to receive personalized updates; and also plan and track your learning.

Community driven

Class Central is a remote company with no physical offices. Our team consists of learners whose lives have been impacted by online education. Between us, we have done 400+ online courses and 3 online degrees. If our names look familiar, it may be because you have read articles we have written or even because one of us has been a mentor in a course you took.

Our goal is to make online education work for everyone, so we’re constantly working on new features. If you have an idea for how to make Class Central more useful, please let us know.

The Report

We are in the business of educating people about education. In addition to our catalog, The Report by Class Central keeps tabs on the overall state of the online education landscape. We especially like to uncover overlooked stories and ascertain trends that others haven’t yet reported.

How do we make money?

Class Central makes money through advertising and affiliate links. We’ve tried to clearly denote ads and sponsored search results. We stand to earn a commission when someone clicks through to a course provider and upgrades to a paid offering. For a substantial portion of our catalog we do not have any affiliate partnerships. Our affiliate and advertising relationships don’t influence the course listing, nor do they affect user reviews. The most important thing to us is to maintain a relationship of trust with our users, so we want to be transparent about how the bills get paid.

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  • Dhawal Shah Photo

    Dhawal Shah

    Founder and CEO

    Dhawal discovered a passion for education during his time as a masters student in Computer Science at Georgia Tech. When free online courses from top universities started popping up, Dhawal built a one-page site to keep track of these courses. That site, Class Central, is now the leading destination for finding MOOCs as well as understanding what is happening in the world of MOOCs. Since 2011, more than 60 million learners have used Class Central to decide which online course to take.

    Dhawal himself has completed over a dozen MOOCs and has written over 200 articles on MOOCs, read by millions of people every year. Dhawal is a columnist for EdSurge and has written for publications including Techcrunch, VentureBeat, Quartz, and Observer.

    Dhawal’s favorite courses of all time are Barbara Oakley's Learning How To Learn and Stanford's Algorithms: Design and Analysis.

  • Pat Bowden Photo

    Pat Bowden

    Customer Support Lead

    Since discovering MOOCs in 2012, Pat has completed more than 150 fascinating online courses. She loves learning about a wide variety of subjects without leaving home and created a blog to help others make the most of online learning. In 2018, Pat joined the Class Central Help and Support team and also writes articles for The Report on Class Central.

    It’s a tough choice, but Pat's favorite courses of all time are Learning How to Learn, The Science of the Solar System, and Mountains 101.

  • Bobby Brady Photo

    Bobby Brady

    Catalog Manager

    Bobby has been a consumer of MOOCs since the launch of the first Coursera and Udacity courses. In late 2011, he created the Library Initiative project to track free online courses, OERs and resources that would be beneficial to the library community and their patrons. In 2014, he joined Dhawal in Class Central and published the first ever In-depth Review and has acted in many roles ever since. Bobby has successfully utilized MOOCs in his professional career twice, transitioning from the service industry to IT support and then again to Development. He now works full time as an edtech consultant and contractor helping students from all over the world learn React and JavaScript.

    His favorite courses of all time are Malicious Software and its Underground Economy and Learning From Data.

  • Manoel Cortes Mendez Photo

    Manoel Cortes Mendez

    Developer and Writer

    Manoel's entire higher education has been online. He completed his online bachelor's degree with the Open University. And he is now studying toward an online master's degree in computer science with Georgia Tech, specializing in machine learning. In his free time, he enjoys taking online courses on a wide variety of subjects and writing about education, technology, and their intersection.

    Manoel's all-time favorite online courses are Harvard's CS50 Introduction to Computer Science and Barbara Oakley's Learning How to Learn.

  • Kiri P Photo

    Kiri P

    Visual Experience and Design

    Kiri was always curious about new things and online courses turned out to be an accessible way to expand skills. Starting from YouTube, Kiri explored more platforms like Skillshare, Class101, FutureLearn and more.

    During one such bootcamp, Kiri officially became a part of Class Central and is now working as an illustrator and designer, while continuing to learn.

    There are a lot of amazing courses but some favorites would be by Bring Your Own Laptop and Scrimba.

  • Suparn Padma Patra Photo

    Suparn Padma Patra

    Full Stack Engineer

    Suparn developed an interest in MOOCs through a project he worked on during his MSc in Artificial Intelligence at the Central University of Rajasthan, India. His love of teaching and learning started much earlier. Suparn has worked as a teacher at DPS Gaya and holds two bachelor's degrees, one in Science and another in Education from St. Xavier's College, Ranchi.

    Suparn joined the Class Central Engineering team in April 2019 and primarily focuses on keeping Class Central’s catalog up-to-date by maintaining and writing scrapers that collect the course metadata from different providers.

  • Kinjal Vora Photo

    Kinjal Vora

    Catalog Curator

    Kinjal is passionate about education and technology and completed her graduation in German from the University of Mumbai. She considers herself to be multipotentialite with variable interests and passions and is currently pursuing her second degree online in Computer Science.

    She has worked as a visual effects artist, a journalist, a teacher and a translator in her previous avatars.

    She enjoys learning and taking courses on various youtube channels and MOOCs. One of her favorite python learning youtube channels is from Corey Schafer. Among MOOCs, her favorites are Problem Solving, Python Programming, and Video Games offered by the University of Alberta and Java Programming from the University of Helsinki.

  • Elham Nazif Photo

    Elham Nazif

    Content Writer

    Elham completed his first ever MOOC when he was just 11. Since then, his love for online courses has never been stronger. He is a firm believer in the self-pursuit of knowledge, and freely-accessible, high-quality education has only made it a lot easier. He is currently studying Computer Science as his degree, and is now working for Class Central as a content writer documenting the best courses out there on the web.

    His favorite course is Build a Modern Computer from First Principles: From Nand to Tetris and his favorite specialization is Computational Social Science.

  • Fabio Dantas Photo

    Fabio Dantas

    Content Writer

    Fabio has been passionate about online learning since 2013, when he first wrote about free online courses in his blog (in Portuguese). He worked as an ESL instructor teaching online for three years until joining Class Central in 2021 as Cohort coordinator. In 2022 he also started writing for the Class Central's Report.

    His favorite courses of all time are Learning How to Learn, Introduction to Psychology, and Creative Writing: The Craft of Plot.

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