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Digital Marketing

Panjab University Chandigarh and CEC via Swayam


India has witnessed an exponential growth in the internet and mobile phones users during the recent decade. It has opened a wide range of communication tools for the individuals and organizations. Today, the communication through online platforms has become a key element of Integrated Marketing Communication strategy and changed the way how organizations communicate with their stakeholders. Organizations have started using internet and digital devices in their main marketing strategy in the form of digital marketing. Digital marketing is rapidly growing force in the present marketing domain and is set be the future of marketing. It has resulted in numerous opportunities and avenues for advertising and marketing both in domestic and international business environment.Therefore, there is a need to understand the fundamentals of Digital Marketing and to inculcate the skills of digital marketing among students. In this background, a course on Digital Marketing has been designed which aims to build conceptual foundation of digital marketing and to develop the students’ skills to plan, implement and monitor digital marketing campaigns in globalized environment. The target audience of this course is primarily students pursing MBA and other management related courses. However, anyone who wants to leverage the power of digital marketing in his business or profession may join this course.Prerequisites of the course are ; Basic Knowledge of internet and internet browsing Experimental and Analytical mindset , No Hardcore technical knowledge required to pursue this course.✅RANKED AMONGST TOP 15 COURSES WORLDWIDE BY CLASS CENTRAL (AMONGST TOP 5 IN INDIA)✅Checkout Learners’ Experience ( What they say about this course!!!) :CLICK HERE✅More than 35000 Students already upgradedtheir skills form this course


✅ Week 11:Introduction to Digital Marketing and its Significance
2: Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing
3:Digital Marketing Process✅Week 24:Website Planning and Development : Types of websites
5:Website Planning and Development : Keywords✅Week 36:Understanding Domain and Webhosting
7:Building Website/Blog using CMS WordPress
8:Using WordPress Plug-ins✅Week 49:Introduction to Search Engine Optimization
10:Keyword P lanner Tools
11:On Page SEO Techniques-Indexing and Key Word Placement✅Week 512:On Page SEO Techniques- Content Optimization
13:On Page SEO : Yoast SEO Plug-in
14:Off –Page SEO Techniques✅Week 615:Email Marketing- Introduction and Significance
16:Designing e-mail marketing campaigns using Mail Chimp✅Week 717:Building E-mail List and Signup Forms
18:Email Marketing Strategy and Monitoring
19:Email –Automization✅Week 820:Pay Per Click Advertising: Introduction
21:Pay Per Click Advertising: Google Adword
22:Type s of Bidding strategies✅Week 923:Designing and Monitoring search campaigns
24:Designin g and Monitoring Display campaigns✅Week 1025:Designing and Monitoring Video campaigns
26:Designin g and Monitoring Universal App Campaigns✅Week 1127:Google Analytics : Introduction and Significance
28:Google Analytics Interface and Setup
29:Understanding Goals and Conversions✅Week 1230:Monitoring Traffic Behavior and preparing Reports
31:Social Media Marketing : Introduction and Significance
32:Facebook Marketing : Introduction Types of Various Ad Formats✅Week 1333:Setting up Facebook Advertising Account
34:Under standing Facebook Audience and its Types
35:Designing Facebook Advertising Campaigns✅Week 1436:Working with Facebook Pixel
37:Twitter Marketing: Basics
38:Designing Twitter Advertising Campaigns✅Week 1539:Introduction to LinkedIn Marketing
40:Developing digital marketing strategy in Integration form

Taught by

Dr.Tejinderpal Singh



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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    Hi Sir, Good Afternoon !!! This is my third course from Swayam in a year. Second course in digital marketing through any platform( first digital marketing course I did from LinkedIn learning). I had subscribed two courses for Digital marking 1) Basic...
  • Profile image for Aditya Tiwari
    Aditya Tiwari
    Hi there,

    I am aditya. 4 months ago I was searching for the best digital marketing course, fortunately, was found "swayam" under the digital marketing course and started the journey of learning digital marketing. During 15 weeks I learn a lot of things. I would thank you to Singh sir the way he has explained every chapter was outstanding. And also reply to the ask questions.
  • Nikita
    Hi Sir, I came to know about Swayam when I was just scrolling my FB. There I got FB page of NPTEL offering courses online for free during lockdown. I visited website n downloaded app on the spot in my mobile. Earlier I registered for organic farming....
  • Anonymous
    This indeed was one of the simplest and wonderfully explained course for Digital Marketing by Dr Tejinderpal Singh not only for beginners but also for the one who is very well versed with the subject. I thank Swayam for giving us such a Wonderful Learning...
  • Profile image for Brij Mohan Sharma
    Brij Mohan Sharma
    thankyou thankyou thankyou for this course sir. I loved this course and the way you teach sir is great. this course offers so much value. I always wanted to learn digital marketing but was not sure where to start. your teaching skills are so great and cover each and every topic in depth. I created my website and now have started blogging and applying the techniques. I am glad I met such a wonderful teacher and learn such a high paid skill without any fee. this is the last module and want to learn more and more from you sir. please be in contact with us through your youtube channel

    thankyou so much

    Brij Mohan Sharma [contact details detracted]

  • Profile image for Manav Mahendru
    Manav Mahendru
    Thank you very much for the course. I enjoyed every minute of your lecture as well as your marvelous sense of humor. And please give my best regards to your laptop — I sincerely hope it has fully recovered! You are always very kind, patient, helpful and truly care about your profession and your students!
    But one thing I want to add is that there must be captions in all videos.
  • Anonymous
    The course will make you an expert on digital channels and how to target the right audience. You will learn about social media, facebook marketing, youtube marketing, email and mobile marketing. Gives you an in-depth understanding and advanced knowledge of the eight most important digital marketing domains and includes real-world projects for gaining domain experience to help you become industry-ready.
  • Anonymous
    This course is outstanding, after learning this course I feel so many changes in my digital marketing skill. After learning this course you don't need to learn any other digital marketing course. This course is well explained in very easy language .
  • Anonymous
    You are amazing at what you do! Your passion and dedication is beyond words! Thank you for getting me through this hard quick semester, I honestly would have never passed if it was not for your help! Thank you so much once again!
  • Anonymous
    It's very helpful for me to develop website and how to use social medias very effectively for digital marketing. Our website SERP ranking gets improved now thanks for the wonderful training given to us.
  • Profile image for Pratik Singh
    Pratik Singh
    It was great to learn about the digital marketing from and expert and implement it on our sites or at work.
  • Anonymous
    very interesting subject to learn via swayam portal. this is my previlege to attend this online marketing program.
  • Anonymous
    course is arranged nicely. i learn the most from this course.
    when the exam will be held of this course?
  • Profile image for Jainesh Bothra
    Jainesh Bothra
    ➢The Course was really great and in deep learning of every concept and sir explain it in very easy way so any one can understand. Its very user-friendly website But It would be really great if you update the stats and reports frequently has the data...
  • Anonymous
    Highly effective course. Learnt more about digital marketing concepts. Digital marketing is when any product is promoted through a minimum of one form of electronic media. This form of marketing is vastly different from traditional marketing. Digital...
  • Anonymous
    Digital marketing is one of the most important course in todays time as we know that everything is shifting online such as payments, shopping, food delivery so it has emerged as one of the most important course which everyone should learn if they have...
  • Anonymous
    Core knowledge of course and explanation of topics are in a very simple manner with example.
    All the Statics are shown with figure and fact recorded in branded companies.
    Course design is absolutely up to the mark content writing is perfect to understand the concept completely.
    Activities , quizzes and power point presentation is simpler as well as full of information .
    Thnx to design a perfect course to help self learner.
  • Anonymous
    First of all i thanks to whole entire team of Swayam and Course coordinator for conducting online classes in every week as well as assignment also. Really i am happy to share these kind of link and courses usefully to create more knowledge. Again i thanks to UGC via Swayam Team.

    T. Asrar Ahmed, M.Com.,M.Phil.,M.Ed.,
    Ph.D - Research Scholar
    K.M.G.College of Arts & Science (Co-Ed),
    Gudiyatham -635803.
    Vellore Dist.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    It was a fantastic course. Dr Tejinderpal made it so simple & exciting. even a non technical man like me gained significantly from this course. The website preparation was a real challenge but his communication which was so simple, lucid and down to earth that i could do it successfully. That gave me immense confidence. His graded and non graded quiz forced us to study from time to time and that is why it was possible to answer the final exam properly.

    Being a person from academics , i could share some knowledge with the students . The students were also very happy to get additional & latest data and some of them also expressed their strong desire to do this course. All in all it was a fantastic experience.
  • Anonymous
    I had started this course not knowing i had to buy a domain and the likes for the course and as i do not have spare change to spare that was a little bumming on my side as all the assignment were based on it. But on the basis of the course itself it was very informative and eye opening. Also the courses are made very well and easy to understand.

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