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[Updated 2020] SWAYAM + NPTEL Courses Full List

SWAYAM is India’s national MOOC platform, designed to achieve the three cardinal principles of India’s Education Policy: access, equity and quality.

Class Central has been keeping track of SWAYAM’s progress since the platform was first announced back in August 2014.  Since its beta launch in July 2017, the platform has enrolled over 10 million learners. At the rate it’s growing, in a few years, SWAYAM could become the world’s largest MOOC provider, offering courses in a wide variety of disciplines from prestigious Indian institutions such as IITs and Central Universities.

In July 2019, SWAYAM’s homepage and course catalog were revamped, notably to include all courses offered by NPTEL, a group comprising some of India’s most prominent engineering institutions. All these courses can be taken for free. Students can also choose to pay a small fee (about $15) to sit a proctored exam in an examination center in India to earn a certificate of completion.

Certificates may, in turn, be used by students enrolled in India’s higher education to earn academic credit for completing SWAYAM courses earmarked as credit-eligible by their universities. If you’d like to know more about how India is leveraging SWAYAM at the university level, head to our previous article: In India, MOOCs Are Now Part of the Education System.

I personally completed several courses on SWAYAM, including a SWAYAM-NPTEL course that was part of the last semester of my master’s degree in computer science (specialization in AI) at the Central University of Rajasthan, India. I paid a small extra fee (less than $2) to receive the certificate (embedded below) by mail. Since then, paper certificates have been discontinued, but students can still obtain virtual certificates that afford the same privileges.

Suparn NPTEL certificate

I joined the Class Central engineering team in April 2019, and part of my job is to make sure that Class Central’s catalog is up-to-date. This means I maintain as well as write new scrapers that collect the course information from different providers.

And I am happy to say that we now list all SWAYAM courses. There are more than 600+ free online courses starting in January and February 2020. If you want to be notified about these courses, please use the follow button and Class Central will keep you in the loop.

Below is a list of all SWAYAM courses categorized by subject. Click on the subject in the index below to directly jump to that section.

Humanities (47)

Programming (19)

Computer Science (38)

Engineering (155)


Data Science (7)


Business (78)

Science (108)

Health & Medicine (16)

Social Sciences (54)

Education & Teaching (24)

Art & Design (12)

Mathematics (34)

Personal Development (10)



  1. Avatar

    Gopalkrishna P..V

    The class central which giving different course of which one I must study is bit difficult to select as I am interest in saving hard earn money not give me value that their in it for me. Even an ordinary people were organizing better result in respective business for earning, as individual with no support to protect my in this hacker world I feel very to invest or to do business so that I to have better and happy peaceful life without fear of lossing or my is being missed by unknown for what I was thinking so I thought learning form some very special professional Trained experience teacher I excepting such course for myself from list moocs or maybe it not be their in your list so kindly inform me if such any course if for me to learn in this changing day to day life style of people
    Thanking you I am looking for reply to email Id for all the details required

    • Avatar


      @Gopalkrishna P..V
      Do not mean to be offensive or rude but based your comment you definitely need some English writing and reading classes. Experiences of life can be absorbed and shared with better sophistication if you can write and comprehend clearly. I’m not good in grammar that is the reason why I came here to look for a good class 🙂 Good luck.

  2. Avatar

    KIrit Shah

    Where a person who has passed XII then done diploma animation get a UG degree under swayam?

    • Avatar

      Suparn Patra

      You may complete up to 20% of degree online by taking courses on SWAYAM.

  3. Avatar


    This a great compilation of courses offered by Swayam. I have completed only one course offered by NPTEL, which, by the way, is not in this list. I don´t know why. Maybe because is not in the Swayam catalog? It´s name is “Equipment Design: Mechanical Aspects”. That was a very good course. However, the only issue that I could mention about these courses offered by these Indian Institutes, is the accent and the quality of the English handled by the instructors. Like I said, I only completed one course, and the English of the instructor was quite good, but without flaws in pronunciation. I´m currently viewing the course about Heat Exchangers, and in this case, the pronunciation of the instructor is very bad, and even the transcription of the course doesn´t help, because it seems like it was created automatically by a transcription software, and the mistakes of the instructor when speaking, translates to the transcription as well. So, the thing is that this issue adds a level of difficulty to the learning process, because one has to apply a little more effort to understand what is being said. It´s time consuming and distracting. I´m speaking based on my experience with only two courses, so I would like to know the opinion of the author of this article about it, or others, for that matter. Thank you for the valuable information contained in this article, and also for your work. Regards.

  4. Avatar

    Mats Eklof

    Will the exam for certifaction be available to foreign students staying in India? What will be the value of certificate to foreign students?
    I am from Europe but will be in India during exam times.

    • Avatar

      Dr A Semalty

      That fine you can give exam in India… You can avail benefit out of the knowledge and as credentials to your CV.

  5. Avatar

    Elizabeth Greene

    Is there a recommended order for the Mathematics classes?

  6. Avatar

    Sovan acharya

    Basically I am working as a civil engineer. I was completed 12 nos course regarding civil engineering (NPTEL MOOC COURSES). All are good and informative courses. Regards

    • Avatar

      Bipul Das

      How I can register myself at SWAYAM. please help me

  7. Avatar


    Have you Arabic language courses? I want to learn this language

  8. Avatar


    It’s almost impossible to use Swayam outside of India as they demand a mobile phone number. I do not want to give away my mobile phone number. Disappointing.

    • Dhawal Shah

      Dhawal Shah

      You might be able to get away with by putting a random phone number in there.

      • Avatar


        Thanks, could be worth a try. There are some great-sounding courses. It’s so disappointing though because we should be able to sign up with just an email address, like all the other MOOC providers.

  9. Avatar


    I want to do translation course from Hindi to English
    It will be PG diploma or something else.
    How can I get registered for this
    Please help me

  10. Avatar


    Now im doing m.phil. am i eligible to join swayam courses?.
    Have to apply before completing pg?

    • Suparn Patra

      Suparn Patra

      Yes, you can join any Swayam course before the enrollment end date.
      Create a free Swayam account, go to the course page which you wish to take and click on Join button (placed below introduction video).
      Join button can be seen till its enrollment end date.

  11. Avatar


    Hi sir
    I am pursuing my PhD degree from Gujarat Technology University Ahmedabad.
    I need to know the insights if Mooc platform in India .
    Please mention the name of Mooc platform which are in management subject.
    Secondly there is no data regarding which Candidate has opted for which course.
    Nor there is statistics for number of registered users n there satisfaction level to complete the course
    Thanking you

  12. Avatar



  13. Avatar


    Are lectured held regularly? Or it is recorded course?

    • Suparn Patra

      Suparn Patra

      Lectures are recorded.
      For scheduled courses, lectures get available a week prior to the desired week.

  14. Avatar


    Is there a limit on the number of courses that can be taken at once??

    • Suparn Patra

      Suparn Patra

      I don’t think there is any limit on the number of courses that can be taken at once.

  15. Avatar


    You may complete 6,7,8 th semester mechanical engineer ing course online by (SWAYAM,NPTEL,MOOC course),All are good and informative course, Regarding.email upendra.singh33@yahoo.com

  16. Avatar


    By mistake I have joined one course which is not needed to me.so how can I get out of that course?
    I want do that course in my next semester.so what I should do??

    • Suparn Patra

      Suparn Patra

      You will be allowed to again enroll in the course in your next semester if the desired course will run in that session.
      You may unsubscribe from announcement and forum by going to the progress tab present in course page.

  17. Avatar


    Are the certificates provided through SWAYAM are genuine i.e. if those will be issued from the universities mentioned in the course list? and are also valid internationally?

  18. Avatar


    my wife has joined a yoga course. The course is almost over how and where to apear for exams and pay the fees


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