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Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

Plate Tectonics

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee and NPTEL via Swayam


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ABOUT THE COURSE: The aim of this course is to introduce the concept of plate tectonics and its relevance to the students. The geodynamics of plate movement, its affect on various segments of the earth is less understood yet. The application part of the course is mainly confined in the concept of mineral and hydrocarbon exploration, paleogeographic changes, sedimentary basin development and closure, climate changes and understanding the seismic nature of the active segments of the plate boundary zones. A special segment in this course is neotectonics meant for application of tectonics in understanding the recent plate movement and its effect on our daily life.INTENDED AUDIENCE: MSc, MTech, Ph.D students of Earth Sciences, Mining Geology, Civil engineering, Petroleum and mineral exploration PREREQUISITES: BSc. In Geology for MSC and Ph.D students. For M.Tech students, introduction to geo SciencesINDUSTRY SUPPORT: Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Mineral Exploration corporation Limited Coal India


Week 1: Earth’s interior constitution and concept of lithospheric plate. Composition, heat flow, pressure and gravity variation in earthWeek 2:Oceanic and continental types of Earth’s crust, their composition, mineralogy and major structural featuresWeek 3:Types of plates, type of plate margins, Euler’s pole, sense of displacements of platesWeek 4:Creative Plate Margin: Composition, seismic structure, magmatic activities, gravity variation, isostatic balance and evolutionWeek 5:Conservative Plate Margin: Transform and transcurrent faults and plate motions, seismicity, structure and evolution. Different structure associated with transpression and transtension environmentsWeek 6:Destructive Plate Margins: Surface manifestations, geophysical and geological characteristics, sedimentological, metamorphic and magmatic characteristics, isostatic balance, gravity variation, thermal structureWeek 7:Orogenesis: Plate tectonics and mountain building processes, orogeny and epiorogeny, Fault plane solutionWeek 8:Concept of plate tectonics in mineralization and hydrocarbon exploration: Types of plate setting and basin formation, mineralization in different plate settingsWeek 9:Magmatism and metamorphism in plate tectonics: Different types of plate setting and igneous activities, Volcanoes and their products, metamorphism and its products in different plate boundariesWeek 10:Indian Plate: Configuration and characters of Indian plate margins; Himalayan orogeny and tectonic models; Indian seismicityWeek 11:Neotectonism: Identification of paleo and neotectonic features. Surficial expression of neotectonism and its effect on geomorphologyWeek 12:Active fault mapping

Taught by

Prof. Pitambar Pati



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