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Enhancing Study Skills

IGNOU via Swayam


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Education has become more accessible to people with the advent of technological assistance. Open and Distance Learning (ODL) is one such avenue which utilizes technology for imparting knowledge with the convenience of students as its prime objective. This convenience is present in terms of the student deciding the time, place and pace of study.Although there are various factors that lead to a successful impartation of knowledge, ‘learning outcomes and students achievement’ constitute the major building blocks in the field of education. Though academic achievement of students depends on a multitude of factors including the students desire to learn, instructional strategies, study materials, students’ study skills, etc.In this course, we discuss the skills of learning independently.Learning skills have been understood differently by different people and have been used interchangeably with study skills. Nevertheless, they all talk about competencies or skills associated with acquiring, organizing, synthesizing, remembering, and using information and ideas read in books, observed or listened to in different situations.Learning is a life-long process, and in the whole spectrum of education, our focus is on enhancing certain competencies and skills in learning. Hence, skills in learning refer to students’ development of confidence and competence in learning. While confidence in learning depends on the students’ motivation, self-interest, positive attitude to learn, etc., competence in learning comes from specific activities a student is engaged in while doing a particular learning task.


Module 1: Learning Skills

  • What is learning? Learning approaches

  • Stages in the process of learning

  • Learning styles (8 types)

  • Learning strategies

  • Difference between study and learning

  • Life-long learning

  • How to learn online?

Module 2: Study Skills

  • What is Study?

  • What are Skills?

  • What are study skills?

  • Reading Strategies

  • Organization of study

  • Effective listening skills

Module 3: Thinking Skills

  • What are thinking skills? And why it is important in education

  • Classification and types of thinking

  • Meta Cognition

  • Difference between problem solving and decision making

Module 4: Skill for organizing information

  • Attention and listening skills

  • What is attention?

  • Improving listening

  • Strategies for listening

  • What is note taking?

-Key words in self-learning materials

-Note taking in the margin

  • Organization of information

-Two-column strategy

-Reading grid strategy

-Topic and description card


-CEI strategy

  • Re-organization of notes using alternative formats

-Organization of contents

-Star diagram

-Spider map

-Circle diagram

-Square diagram

-Fishbone diagram

-Chain diagram

-Timeline diagram

-Flowchart diagram

-Venn diagram


-Decision making chart

-Cause and effect chart

-Inquiry chart

-Comparison of characters

-Flash card


Module 5: Time Management Skills

  • What is the time management?

  • Why time management important?

  • Prioritization

  • Scheduling

  • Concentration and focus

  • Goal setting and self-motivation

  • Time management challenges

Module 6: Self Care

  • What is self-care and its benefits

  • Types of self-care

  • Stress management

  • Prioritizing self-care

  • Reinforcement of yourself

  • Digital detoxing

Pedagogy of the Course
The Learner is expected to spend:

Sixty hours to complete the course.

● Nearly twenty, half an hour videos and

essential readings which will also be the self learning material.

● Internal assessment would be through

assignments and quizzes. In addition, there will be discussion forums also.

● Proctored examination at the end of the

Course covering all the blocks.

Objectives of the Course

After going through this course, the learners will be able to:

  • define the meaning of learning skills;

  • identify the learning skills to be acquired by the learners;

  • identify the various study skills required by the learner;

  • differentiate between the learning skills and the study skills;

  • Acquaint yourselves with how to teach thinking skills.

  • Re-organize your time for study;

  • Discuss the meaning of stress and how it affects our body and mind;

  • Develop the self-care

  • skills for studies;

Learning Outcomes

The successful completion of this course learners are expected to enhance the study skills to inculcate them with confidence, time management skills, communication skills and feeling of belongingness while writing assignments and appearing in the examination.

Taught by

Dr. P. Lakshmi; Dr. G. Mythili



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