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CEC and Manipur University via Swayam


The course will provide basic knowledge of Immunology for UG students in the field of Life Science and Biotechnology. The course introduces students to a wide range of topics in immunology starting from cells of immune system, innate and adaptive immune systems, humoral immunity, antibody structure and function, basic immunological techniques, autoimmunity, hypersensitivity and vaccine production. The course is well balanced with the basics of immunology as well as advanced topics delivered easily for UG students in particular.
Any branch of life sciences
PREREQUISITES :Bichemistry, Microbiology, Cell and molecular biology.
INDUSTRIES SUPPORT :Biologics, Biopharma Industry, Vaccine industry



Week 1: Introduction to immune System, Immune cell types, Hematopoiesis, B and T lymphocytes, NK cells, Lymphoid organs (primary and secondary)Week 2: Features of/introduction to inflammation, Adaptive immune system, Innate Immune systemWeek 3: Antibody structure, Generation of antibody diversityWeek 4: Generation of antibody diversity and TCR rearrangementWeek 5: Major histocompatibility complex, Antigen presentation, APCsWeek 6: T-cell development, negative/positive selection,co-stimulatory moleculesWeek 7: Humoral immunity/Cell-mediated immunity, T cell subtypes: Th1, Th2, Th17, Tregs etcWeek 8: B-cell maturation/activation BCR signalingWeek 9: Pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokinesWeek 10:cell polarization/Complement activation (classical/alternate), Vaccines, memory B and T cell responses, active immunization, passive immunization Vaccine production.Week 11:autoimmunity, hypersensitivity, host vs graft reactionWeek 12:Immuno-diffusion assay, ELISA (Sandwich), Immuno-blotting, Immuno-precipitation, polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies

Taught by

Dr. Reena Haobam

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