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Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals

Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University, Nagpur , UGC and CEC via Swayam


The online course on Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals is a 4 credit course of 15 weeks duration. This online course deals with health promoting nutritional factors and bioactive constituents, their potential health implications and mechanisms of action. This course is a part of the approved curriculum and is being taught in Indian Universities for one semester in Masters in Food Science and Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics and Applied Nutrition. After studying this online course, the student shall be able to describe what are functional foods and nutraceuticals, classify the functional foods, discuss the potential health implications and mechanism of functional foods and discuss the applications of functional foods in the industry. The pre-requisites of this course is, the student must be enrolled for Masters degree in Food Science and Nutrition or Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics or Applied Nutrition from Indian Universities. The course shall cover five units viz., ‘Introduction to Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals ,Probiotics, Prebiotics, Other Food Components with Potential Health Benefits and Non Nutrient Effect of Specific Nutrients’. These five units shall be covered in 40 modules and every week two to three modules shall be taught. The final evaluation and credit award of the student shall be based on formative assessments and assignments of 30 marks and summative assessment through online exams of 70 marks.



Week 1Introduction to Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals :Definition, History and ClassificationPerceived Effects of Functional Foods
Week 2Introduction to Probiotics,Prebiotics and SynbioticsProbiotics: Taxonomy and Important Features of Probiotic MicroorganismsHealth Effects of Probiotic Microorganisms
Week 3Probiotics in Various FoodsQuality Assurance of Probiotics and Safety
Week 4Prebiotics: Non Digestible Carbohydrates/ Oligosaccharides,Prebiotics: Dietary Fiber
Week 5Prebiotics: Resistant StarchPrebiotics: Gums
Week 6Polyphenols: Flavonoids, Catechins, Isoflavones, Tannins
Week 7Phytoestrogens, Phytosterols, Glucosinolates
Week 8Pigments: Carotenoids, Lycopene, Curcumin
Week 9Organosulphur CompoundsIntroduction to Anti-nutritional Factors, Phytates
Week 10Enzymes, Protease inhibitors, Amylase inhibitors
Week 11Saponins, Haemagglutinins,An introduction to Active Biodynamic Principles in Spices, Condiments and Plant extracts
Week 12Resveratrol, Kaempferol, Quercetin, Cinnamaldehyde, Crocin, Lutoline
Week 13Capsaicin, Piperine, Gingerol, Eugenol, Rosmarinic acid, Apigenine, Thymoquinone
Week 14Fenugreek and DiosgeninNon Nutrient Effect of Specific Nutrients: Conjugated Linoleic Acid, Omega 3 Fatty acids

Week 15
Proteins and Peptides, Vitamins and Minerals

Taught by

Dr. Rekha Sharma

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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous is taking this course right now.

    The course is covering entire nook and corner in connection with the subject line functional foods and neutraceuticals. The most positive is the detailing of course content through videos and notes. The notes are prepared by taking utmost care and it is easy to understand. The key points are repeating at many times so that a concentrated reading is sufficient enough to understand the content well. The way in which course videos are prepared is commendable. It is far better than other MOOCs offered by different agencies. Hats-off to the entire team behind the execution.
  • Profile image for Anu Anusha
    Anu Anusha
    [contact details detracted]
    Thank you for such a wonderful cource without any problems mam.
    The best online platform in this pandemic year. To learn something different knowledge . And this certificates are very useful to get job very easily and the type of employment like that. And UGC issues guidelines regarding online courses, allows universities to offer 40% Semester courses on SWAYAM this one of the useful message about SWAYAM...
  • Anonymous
    This course is very Informative and useful for us .Really I got vast knowledge on Functional foods and Neutraceuticals .Dr.Rekha Sharma , principal investigator, with her team organised the course very nicely .I will definitely suggest my classmates and friends to complete this type of knowledgeable courses.
    Once again thanks a lot to providing great opportunity to complete this course .
    S. Venkata Anusha
    [contact details detracted]
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous is taking this course right now.

    nice course , i came to know some facts about foods , as i am studying foods and nutrition , i already know about some foods and nutrients within them and also the functional foods . since i had an assignment on nutraceuticals , i came to see this interesting course and i also recommended to my dear friends . so thanks to the course holders to preach this wonderful and exciting course for all students around world.
  • Anonymous
    This coures is very informative. I gain so much knowledge about food and nutrition wich is very helpful for our daily routine Rekha mam, and other lectureer are very exllent I must suggest this coures for my friends . Thankfull to mam for taking this course

    Dipali Itankar

  • Anonymous
    Very useful and interesting and helps to gain knowledge on the subject in a simplified manner which is easy to understand the subject properly
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    This course is very informative.when I started this course I got an idea of this course.Really I got vast knowledge of Functional foods and Neutraceuticals.DR.Rekha Sharma,Principal investigator with her team organised the course very nicely.Notes are...
  • Anonymous
    Good Morning Ma'am..... Excellent experience of the course..Enjoyed learning with lot of insight...An entrepreneur with 20 years at the back and evolved six new integrated model through ur course..

    [27/03, 11:08 am] ashish mantri: 1. Preboitics..Organic FOS..GOS enriched milk....Inulin from Jowar or Sorghum...Sulforaphane from Brocoli sprouts...Fenugreek to Diogenin to steroids....High lycopene content Tomato...

    [27/03, 11:09 am] ashish mantri: One point should have been is Desi Ghee or Makhan in detail...Large part of Indian Diet...
  • Anonymous
    This course is really a wonderful course with full of knowledge and information. All the resources persons have delivered wonderful lectures. This course is an amalgam of great personalities with different ideologies and teaching techniques. Sometimes I felt like I am taking home tution with the teacher sitting beside, lectures were so natural. Special thanks to Dr.Rekha Sharma and the whole team. My favourite lecture is enzymes really enjoyed it.

    Whoever opts for this course will definitely benefit. Thank you.

  • I m Dr working in pharmaceutical as director I did my PhD Naturopath medicine Nutrition advisor. Musculoskeleton system courses I have wide experience in pharma about 30 years and I have my own clinic where I am practicing as naturopathic physician I am interested to attand functional food and neutraceitical which will help me to implement in my daily life practice
  • Dr. Mithun Rudrapal
    The course was well designed and instructions for the course was so appropriate and useful for the learners. The course coordinator or mentor of the course have expertise in teaching-learning process. I must very much satisfied with the instructional / evaluation materials such as learning notes, videos, assignments etc. provided during the course.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous is taking this course right now.

    I had taken a general course in nutrition from another university last year.
    I like this course because i learned a lot about specific foods, pre and probiotic foods and how to include all those nutraceuticals in our diet.
    The course content is very good. Lot of effort has been taken to prepare the material. I have not come across 'functional foods and nutraceuticals ' course any where else
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    Thank you so much for such a systematic explanation about Nutraceuticals . Hard work is done to collect information, preparing videos and quizzes. Work of organizing committee is highly appreciated. Really benefited with this content not only in profession but also in personal life. This content upgrade the knowledge as well helpful to keep us healthy. Thank you once again to all who are directly or indirectly involved in this process.

    X.SELVA DEEPA completed this course.

    Very informative course which I have not known and learn. This course purely emphasis that there are n number of chemical properties, components are exist in food and nutraceuticals
    After I read the module it push me recognize the components in foods which I use in my day- to -day life. Also it's not quite easiest lesson to recall the points because it has so many points to memorize. Thank you somuch for the teachers team
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous is taking this course right now.

    One of my friend sent the link related to the course. I am very thankful to her and the course organisers for making available this beautiful course online. I am an academician and this course has helped me to gain more knowledge related to the subject. The contents of the course are rich in information, language, presentation and audiovisuals.
    A big thanks to Ministry of Human Resourse Development.
  • Anonymous
    Nice explanation by a good faculty. A use full course. Teaching is good and the given notes is usefull. Weekly examinations and graded assessment is used to revise what we have learnt before in previous videos. It is like a type of revision. A good course from a good website.
  • Anonymous
    Hi Everybody, I am Bhuvana Parasuraman. I di online course in swayam. It was really a wonderful course with clear cut notes and I gained great knowledge through it. Thanks to Swayam. Now I am encouraging everyone to enroll in that course to get enlightened.
  • Anonymous
    Good evening madam,
    My self s.swarnatha
    E-Mail: [contact details detracted]
    This course is very useful for me... online class like videos and E.Tex.. web links and practice assignments are helpful for learning... Thank you for your support madam.
  • Profile image for PREETI DHARMADE
    Hello every one!

    Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals course is very useful. Very nicely designed and videos and study material is very good.

    Thank You Prof. Dr. Rekha Sharma madam and the team for enrolling me for this course.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous is taking this course right now.

    This course is very informative.Easily understood.videos with tabulations /presentation are excellent.The course is helpful for the persons related to health care and advisors and ultimately useful for the mass.

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