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Human Rights, International Law and International Humanitarian Law

CEC and English and Foreign Languages University via Swayam

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The Course is designed to give a complete understanding of the concept of human rights, international law and international humanitarian law. It helps the student to learn different characteristics of human rights and the landmark developments in the area of human rights. The course focuses on the origin and development of International Law, and makes the students appreciate the nature and the principles of International Law as a true law. Further, the course deals with the concept, purpose and basic rules of International Humanitarian Law, and studies contemporary position of Humanitarian Law, Refugee Law and Human Rights.

Students belonging to Law, Political Science, Human Rights, International Relations, Human Rights Diploma Students, Advocates, Human Rights Activists, NGOs can take this course.

Objectives of the Course:
  1. Enable the students to realize the significance and importance of human rights in national and international context, particularly in the current globalized world
  2. Understand the transnational nature of human rights
  3. Trace the evolution of human rights in different countries and subsequently at the global level
  4. Analyze the relationship of national and international law in the context of human rights protection
  5. Understand the enforcement and protection of human rights in international jurisdiction and in India
  6. Identify the human rights of various stakeholders like the women, children, vulnerable section, accused, arrested and convicted persons
  7. Trace the human rights to the Constitution of India and the Code of Criminal Procedure
  8. Understand the evolution and growth of International Law and identify the various sources of International Law
  9. Understand the concepts of State Recognition, State Responsibility, State Succession, Nationality, Extradition, Asylum and Diplomacy in International Law
  10. Explore the gamut of Law of the Sea and Law of Air and Outer Space and Acquisition and Loss of Territory in International Law
  11. Understand significance of International Treaties, United Nations Organization, International Court of Justice
  12. Help students comprehend the various stakeholders and authorities under International Law with respect to its application and implementation
  13. Trace the origin and development of International Humanitarian Law through relevant Conventions and Protocols
  14. Understand the concept of Conflict and various types of Conflict
  15. Analyze the position of Refugees under the Law



Week 1 Assignments
  1. Human Rights-Principles, Concepts and Evolution
  2. International HR-evolution and protection
  3. Human Rights in India-Constitutional Perspectives

Week 2 Objective
  1. Vulnerable Sections in India-Legal Protection of Human Rights
  2. The protection of Human Rights Act,1993-An outline
  3. Human Rights of Women – Protection in India

Week 3 Objective
  1. Human Rights of Children – Protection in India
  2. Criminal Justice System and Human Rights in India
  3. Human Rights of women and their protection from domestic violence

Week 4 Objective
  1. Introduction to International Law
  2. Sources of International Law
  3. State Recognition
  4. State Responsibility

Week 5 Objective
  1. State Succession
  2. Nationality
  3. Extradition
  4. Asylum

Week 6 Objective
  1. The Law of the sea
  2. Law of Air and Outer-space
  3. Diplomatic Agents
  4. International Treaties

Week 7 Objective
  1. United Nations Organization
  2. International Court of Justice
  3. Acquisition and Loss of Territory in International Law

Week 8 Objective
  1. Introduction to IHL
  2. Origin and Development
  3. Summary of Four Geneva Conventions and its Additional Protocols
  4. Types of Conflict

Week 9 Objective
  1. Current Challenges
  2. Implementation of IHL
  3. Refugee Law

Taught by

Prof. (Dr.) G. B. Reddy


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