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Assamese Poetry: From Ancient to Modern Period

IGNOU and Krishna Kanta Handiqui State Open University via Swayam


Since the days of the unknown folk poets tuning their thoughts and emotions in varied forms, the course of Assamese Poetry remains sturdy and vibrant. That the first ever regional version of the Ramayana was accomplished in Assamese also ascertains the beauty as well as strength of the language still in the 14th century. Indeed, the course of Assamese poetry has been enriched and widened by the magic of these Bhakti poets, but it had to wait up to the threshold of the 20th century to listen to a voice that is really cosmopolitan in spirit and essence. At this juncture we find all those romantic poets who sought inspiration from the West but composed poems with the exact fragrance of the Assamese soil and soul. Of course, it was during the Second World War days that Assamese poetry responded faithfully to the ‘modern’ experience of stark and naked urban realities which reshaped it with search for new subjects as well as techniques well-distanced from those of the romantics. Since then, we have many significant modernist voices contributing in their distinctive ways for making the course of Assamese poetry unique and distinctive in the regional scene of Indian literature.This course is expected to motivate and inspire students to have a systematic knowledge and understanding of the course of Assamese poetry. Besides, as the course has also incorporated in it the selected texts from each significant period, it will enable learners in critical appreciation of the poets, thus leading to the logical estimate of the history of Assamese poetry as well.





Week 1

Module 1.

Assamese Poetry since the Ancient Period: A Bird’s Eye View

Module 2.

Assamese Folk Poetry-I

Module 3.

Assamese Folk Poetry-II

Week 2

Module 4.

Charyapada: Its Themes, Language & Philosophy

Module 5.

Selected Charyapadas

Module 6.

Charyapada and other Bhakti Literature in Assamese

Week 3

Module 7.

Madhav Kandali: His Times and Contribution

Module 8.

Notes on Kandali’s Translation

Module 9.

Bargeet: Introduction

Week 4

Module 10.

Assamese Romantic Poetry: Background and Features

Module 11.

Chandra Kumar Agarwalla’s Bin-Boragi

Module 12.

Assamese Sonnets: Features and Hemchandra Goswami’s Priyatamar Chithi

Week 5

Module 13.

Prose-Poetry: An Introduction and Jatindra Nath Duwarah’s Prose-Poem

Module 14.

Mysticism in Assamese Poetry: Nalinibala Devi’s Natghar

Module 15.

Assamese Poetry and Rabindranath Tagore

Week 6

Module 16.

Assamese Poetry of the Transition Period

Module 17.

Debakanta Baruah’s Kalangparat Majnisha

Module 18.

Debakanta Baruah as a Poet

Week 7

Module 19.

Modern Poetry: Background and Features

Module 20.

Assamese Modern Poetry: An Introduction

Module 21.

Hem Barua’s Mamatar Chithi

Week 8

Module 22.

Modern Assamese Poetry: Amulya Baruah and Bhabananda Dutta

Module 23.

Amulya Baruah’s Kukur

Module 24.

Bhabananda Dutta’s Rajpath

Week 9

Module 25.

Modern Assamese Poetry and Navakanta Barua

Module 26.

Navakanta Barua’s Eta Premar Padya

Module 27.

Modernity in Nabakanta Baruah’s Poetry

Week 10

Module 28.

Nilamani Phukan and His Poetic Thoughts

Module 29.

Nilamani Phukan’s Muthi Muthikoi Kati

Module 30.

Nilamani Phukan as a Modern Poet

Week 11

Module 31.

Hiren Bhattacharya and His Poetic Contribution: Hiren Bhattacharya’s Lakhimi

Module 32.

Nirmalprabha Bordoloi’s Poetry and her Mormantik

Module 33.

Ajit Barua’s Poetry and his Jengrai 1963

Module 34.

Harekrishna Deka’s Poetry and His Samudrabheeti

Week 12

Module 35.

Sammer Tanti’s Poetry: Kadam Phular Rati

Module 36.

Anubhav Tulasi’s Poetry: Doron Phul

Module 37.

Nilim Kumar’s Poetry: Panit dhou Dhoubor Mas

Taught by

Prof. Pranjit Bora


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