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Become a Digital Marketer

Facebook , Google , HubSpot , Hootsuite , Moz and Mailchimp via Udacity Nanodegree


Meet the growing demand for skilled digital marketers by learning the latest technologies for building impactful marketing strategies.


  • Marketing Fundamentals
    • Building a digital marketing strategy is a journey—let us be your guide. In this course, we offer a framework to help you define your business’s value proposition and branding, while mapping out your customer journey, content strategy, and channels to achieve your business goals.
  • Marketing Data and Technology
    • In this course, you’ll learn the value of marketing data and trending technologies. By the end, you’ll understand how popular marketing analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, can help you understand your audience, measure the success of your acquisition, understand engagement efforts, and evaluate your user’s conversions to your goals.
  • Social Media Marketing (Elective)
    • Social media has become one of the most powerful marketing tools available. In this course, you’ll learn more about the differences between commonly used social media platforms and the importance of planning. Plus, you’ll become familiar with managing your social media presence, building community, leveraging organic and paid, creating effective content for multiple platforms, and generating campaigns.
  • SEO Essentials (Elective)
    • Search engines are an essential part of the online experience. Learn how websites are optimized in search engine results using link-building, keywords, and UX design. Then conduct a search engine optimization audit in which you’ll offer recommendations for improving a website.
  • Search Engine Marketing (Elective)
    • Optimizing visibility in search engine results is an essential part of online marketing. Reinforcing findability through Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an effective tactic to achieve your marketing objectives. In this course, you’ll learn how to create, execute, and optimize an ad campaign using Google Ads.
  • Digital Advertising (Elective)
    • Display advertising was the first form of advertising on the web. It’s still a powerful marketing tool, strengthened by technology advancements with mobile, video, and targeting. In this course, you’ll learn about display advertising: how it is bought and sold, how to set up a campaign using Google Ads, and how to effectively reach audiences across multiple channels.
  • Email Marketing (Elective)
    • Email is an effective marketing channel, especially at the conversion and retention stages of the customer journey. In this course, you’ll learn how to create an email marketing strategy, execute email campaigns, and measure the results.

Taught by

Anke Audenaert, Daniel Kob, Julia Aspinal, Hassan H., Ashley B., Susan L., Daniel S., Henning R. and Olivera R.


4.7 rating, based on 24 Class Central reviews

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  • Anonymous
    Que bom que você tem como meta se tornar um profissional de marketing digital! Pode ser difícil fazer a transição, mas com as estratégias certas e etapas práticas, você pode alcançá-la. Aqui estão algumas dicas para ajudar você a começar: Aprenda os...
  • Anonymous
    Udacity U-turns on Refunds They charged me $899 for the C++ nanodegree, with a refund deadline of 7 days. I purchased this Oct 18, 2019. But I request my refund and cancellation to both Sherry and Pritha before the 7 day deadline. This entire company...
  • Profile image for Laura Frew
    Laura Frew
    Pretty good content. Some of the projects have overly strict requirements that make them irrelevant. Also Udacity is great at sales and REALLY BAD at customer service and refunds. I waited over a month for a reply to my email, and was charged double because of that, it's taken another month for another reply. Now, I don't have access to the course AND was overcharged $400. This is actually the second time this has happened. It feels a little misleading. If I had thousands of dollars to blow, I'd probably re-enroll and go through it again, but I think there are enough high quality marketing courses out there with better customer service, support and followup.
  • Anonymous
    This course is my dream, especially for college, I know I can get where I never got by taking it. I can certainly be a great influencer, especially if I know more about marketing and its importance for any job. I know I can move mountains when I want to.
  • Anonymous
    I love this course so far, I’m learning more than I even expected. I enjoy the hands-on projects, they challenge me to think critically and I can see improvements even at my job and the quality of my output. I’m looking forward to learning more and graduating . Thank you Udacity!
  • Anonymous
    There are many topics and many suggestions.

    It's quite hard to fix some concept sometimes but going ahead the process become more clear.

    Hoping to end it successfully.

    Sorry for my english, just italian!
  • Anonymous
    Best investment ever!
    This is the only online Digital Marketing course that really delivers a balanced approach between theory and practice. It will give you the fundamentals of digital marketing while providing you with opportunities to have hands-on experience managing platforms like Google Adwords, MailChimp, Facebook Advertising, among others. Udacity understands the challenges of online learning; with this Nanodegree, they managed to create a product that is engaging, with videos that are not long-winded, with teachers that deliver the message in a straight-forward and easy to understand manner. The course is respectful of peoples time, money and intelligence. I'm very satisfied by taking this course. Best investment ever!
  • Profile image for Dennis Njine
    Dennis Njine
    I have been doing Social Media Management for almost 3 years now but wondered what great course to pursue and get started in Digital Marketing. Through thorough research, I came across Digital Marketing Nanodegree. Despite it being costly, I risked enrolling in it and I don't regret the decision. The course is well structured, easy to understand and practice, with deep content and amazing instructors and mentors who know exactly what they are teaching. I am so grateful.

    Dennis Njine Karani.

    Social Media Manager/Client Services Manager

    HBCU Lifestyle.
  • Anonymous
    "It has surpassed my expectations. I like how short and extremely insightful each video course is.

    Taking the customer persona assignment has opened my eyes to the actual needs my customers have as opposed to what I had earlier thought they were. "
  • Anonymous
    My learning journey and experience thus far has been exceptional. I'm so happy to be learning this particular course on this platform. this course is packed with real-life projects and solutions that are related to digital marketing.
  • Anonymous
    Being a beginner in the Marketing industry and Digital Marketing class, I am quite optimistic that the program would surely meet up with my expectations. The lecture platform and the project review method is quite fascinating.
  • Anonymous
    The Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree program is quite extensive and very practical. The program has helped me master some aspects of digital marketing I never knew about and get better on the ones I've known.
  • Anonymous
    The course is interesting and a bit challenging but it was worth it. The review from the reviewers were timely and helpful.

    I would recommend this course for everyone who wants to learn Digital Marketing.
  • Anonymous
    The program is going great so far. I really appreciate the teaching approach, which has made transitioning into a new and unfamiliar industry not as overwhelming as I had anticipated.
  • Cassandra Ramnarain
    The DMND Course is amazing. It is teaching and educating me on so much. It matches my needs, expectations as well as driving me forward to the spacing I would like to specialize in.
  • Anonymous
    I enjoyed working on this project. I was surprised to see how honest everyone was on their questionnaires. People wanted to help with my project and they gave truthful answers."
  • Anonymous
    "It is very exciting experience.. It is a new field I have never learnt before.. I loved the beginning and hope it will be like this till the end "
  • Anonymous
    Easily digestible content. Great work flow. Language is clear and concise. I love the Slack app for communicating with students and the community.
  • Anonymous
    "It's very interesting, I like the way how you teach and also your support after I sent my first project. It is better then I expected :)"
  • Anonymous
    Digital marketing nano degree program is really a well detailed program. Their hands-on project also gives a edge in working confidently

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