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Computer Architecture

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Learn about the rules, organization of components, and processes that allow computers to process instructions.

In this course, you’ll learn about what the main physical components of a computer are, why 0 and 1 are such important numbers within computing, how instruction set architecture (ISA) establishes communication between the hardware and software components of a computer, and more. Starting from understanding how a computer works to learning about data-level parallelism, this course will teach you computer architecture with a combination of lessons, articles, quizzes, problem sets, and projects. At the end of the course, you'll be prompted to create your own CPU simulator in Python.


  • Introduction to Computer Architecture: Get started with computer architecture by learning about how a computer works, the binary numbering system, and logic gates.
    • Course Syllabus
    • How Computers Work
    • Binary Numbering System
    • Binary Numbering System Quiz
    • Learn: Logic Gates
    • Creating an Adder Circuit

  • Instruction Set Architecture: Learn about instruction set architectures and how they fit into the topic of computer architecture.
    • Introduction to Instruction Set Architecture
    • Instruction Set Architecture
    • Instruction Set Architecture
    • Ultra Super Calculation Computer

  • Assembly Language: Learn about Assembly languages and their role in computer architectures.
    • Assembly Language
    • Assembly Language Quiz
    • Assembly Language Problem Set

  • Cache: Learn about cache memory by implementing a simulation cache complete with cache reads, writes, replacement policies, and associativity.
    • Cache
    • Cache Memory
    • Cache Problem Set

  • Instruction Parallelism: Learn about the different methods of processing instructions efficiently!
    • The Instruction Cycle
    • Instruction Pipelining
    • Hazards of Instruction Pipelining
    • Superscalar Architecture
    • Instruction Parallelism
    • Instruction Parallelism Problem Set

  • Data-Level Parallelism: Explore different approaches to achieve higher data throughput with data-level parallelism.
    • Data-Level Parallelism
    • Data-Level Parallelism
    • Data-Level Parallelism Problem Set


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