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Learn Data Structures and Algorithms with Python

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Learn what data structures and algorithms are, why they are useful, and how you can use them effectively in Python.

### Why Learn Data Structures and Algorithms

At the backbone of every program or piece of software are two entities: data and algorithms. Algorithms transform data into something a program can effectively use. Therefore, it is important to understand how to structure data so algorithms can maintain, utilize, and iterate through data quickly.

### Take Away Skills

By completing this course, you will be able to:
* Recognize the differences between a data structure and an algorithm
* Create and manipulate data structures such as linked lists, queues, hash maps, graphs, and more in Python
* Understand the characteristics of various advanced algorithms as well as be able to implement them in Python
* Analyze the space and time complexity of different data structures and algorithms


  • Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms: Take your first steps into data structures and algorithms in Python!
    • Why Data Structures and Algorithms

  • Nodes: Learn about nodes, the building-block data structure.
    • Nodes: Conceptual
    • Nodes: Python
    • Nodes

  • Linked Lists: Learn about linked lists and how to build them in Python.
    • Linked Lists: Conceptual
    • Linked Lists: Python
    • Linked Lists Quiz
    • Swapping Elements in a Linked List
    • Two-Pointer Linked List Techniques

  • Doubly Linked Lists: Learn about doubly linked lists and how to implement them in Python.
    • Doubly Linked Lists: Conceptual
    • Doubly Linked Lists: Python
    • Doubly Linked List Quiz

  • Queues: Learn about queues and how to implement them in Python.
    • Queues: Conceptual
    • Queues: Python
    • Queues Quiz

  • Stacks: Learn about stacks in Python.
    • Stacks: Conceptual
    • Stacks: Python
    • Stacks Quiz
    • Towers of Hanoi

  • Hash Maps: Learn about hash maps and how to implement them in Python.
    • Hash Maps: Conceptual
    • Hash Maps: Conceptual
    • Hash Maps: Python
    • Hash Maps: Python
    • Blossom

  • Recursion: Learn about recursion in Python.
    • Recursion: Conceptual
    • Recursion: Conceptual
    • Recursion: Python
    • Recursion: Python
    • Recursion vs. Iteration - Coding Throwdown
    • Code Challenge: Recursion

  • Asymptotic Notation: Learn about asymptotic notation and how to use it to improve your code's efficiency.
    • Why Asymptotic Notation?
    • Asymptotic Notation: Conceptual
    • Asymptotic Notation: Conceptual
    • Space Complexity
    • Asymptotic Notation: Python
    • Asymptotic Notation: Python

  • Pattern Searching: Learn about the naive pattern search algorithm.
    • Naive Pattern Search: Conceptual
    • Naive Pattern Search: Python
    • Naive Pattern Search: Quiz
    • Code Challenge: Naive Pattern Search

  • Sorting Algorithms: Learn about bubble sort, merge sort, and quicksort and how to implement them in Python.
    • Bubble Sort: Conceptual
    • Bubble Sort: Python
    • Bubble Sort: Python
    • Merge Sort: Conceptual
    • Merge Sort: Python
    • Merge Sort: Python
    • Quicksort: Conceptual
    • Quicksort: Python
    • Quicksort: Python
    • Sort Runtimes
    • A Sorted Tale

  • Brute Force Algorithms: Learn about brute force algorithms.
    • Brute Force Algorithms
    • Linear Search: Conceptual
    • Linear Search: Python
    • Brute Force

  • Trees: Learn about trees and how to build them in Python.
    • Trees: Conceptual
    • Trees: Python
    • Trees Quiz
    • Choose Your Own Adventure: Wilderness Escape

  • Tree Traversal: Breadth-First Search and Depth-First Search: Learn about two different methods of tree traversal.
    • Tree Traversal: Breadth-First Search vs Depth-First Search
    • Breadth-First Search: Conceptual
    • Breadth-First Search: Python
    • Breadth-First Search
    • Depth-First Search: Conceptual
    • Depth-First Search: Python
    • Depth-First Search

  • Divide and Conquer: Learn about divide and conquer algorithms, with a focus on binary search and binary search trees.
    • Divide and Conquer Algorithms
    • Binary Search: Conceptual
    • Binary Search: Python
    • Binary Search Trees: Python
    • Binary Search Trees: Python

  • Heaps and Heapsort: Learn about heaps and heapsort, and implement them in Python.
    • Max-Heaps: Conceptual
    • Max-Heaps: Python
    • Max-Heaps Quiz
    • Heapsort: Conceptual
    • Heapsort: Python
    • Heapsort Quiz

  • Graphs and Graph Search: Learn about and implement graphs and graph search in Python.
    • Graphs: Conceptual
    • Graphs: Conceptual
    • Graphs: Python
    • Graphs: Python
    • Graph Search: Conceptual
    • Graph Search: Conceptual
    • Graph Search: Python
    • Graph Search: Python
    • SkyRoute: A Graph Search Program

  • Greedy Algorithms: Learn about greedy algorithms and implement Dijkstra's algorithm in Python.
    • Greedy Algorithms
    • Dijkstra's Algorithm: Conceptual
    • Dijkstra's Algorithm: Conceptual
    • Dijkstra's Algorithm: Python
    • Dijkstra's Algorithm: Python
    • Traveling Salesperson

  • Pathfinding Algorithms: Learn about pathfinding algorithms and implement the A* algorithm in Python.
    • Introduction to Pathfinding
    • A* Algorithm: Conceptual
    • A* Algorithm: Conceptual
    • A* Algorithm: Python
    • A* Algorithm: Python


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