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Learn Git & GitHub

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Learn how to integrate Git and GitHub into your development practice!

### Why Learn Git & GitHub?

Git is a version control tool used widely by developers across the world. It helps individual developers keep track of changes as they work on different features in the same project, and helps teams organize their code. GitHub can integrate with Git - it is a web application that allows users to host, explore, and collaborate on code with their teams and the wider developer community.

### Take-Away Skills
This course is a great introduction to how Git and GitHub work. We'll cover the most commonly used Git commands, the relationship between Git and GitHub, and how to collaborate with other developers using these powerful version control and remote hosting tools. We will also introduce GitHub features that are helpful for teams and enterprises.


  • Introduction: Git & GitHub: Introduction to all that we'll cover in this course!
    • Informational: Introduction: Git & GitHub
    • VideoContentItem: The Power of Git and GitHub
  • Basic Git Workflow: An introduction to Git and a few of its core features
    • Lesson: Basic Git Workflow
    • Project: Manhattan Zoo
    • Project: SnapFit Robots, Inc.
    • Quiz: Basic Git Workflow
    • ExternalResource: Git Cheat Sheet
  • Important Git Operations: Learn different ways to undo changes made to a Git project and when to use them.
    • Lesson: How to Backtrack
    • Project: Poem Fiasco
    • Project: ASCII Portfolio
    • Quiz: How to Backtrack in Git
    • Article: Handy Git Operations
  • Introduction to GitHub: GitHub is a powerful platform when used with Git. Learn how to set up your first GitHub repository!
    • Article: What is GitHub?
    • Article: Set Up with Git and GitHub
    • Article: Getting Started with Git and GitHub (Videos)
    • VideoContentItem: Starting a Code Base on GitHub
    • VideoContentItem: How to Push Code to GitHub
    • Lesson: The GitHub Flow
    • Quiz: GitHub Flow
  • GitHub & Markdown: Learn the Markdown formatting language, used on GitHub and many other platforms.
    • Informational: GitHub and Markdown
    • VideoContentItem: What is Markdown?
    • Article: What is Markdown?
    • Article: Mastering Markdown
    • ExternalResource: Markdown Cheatsheet
    • Article: How To Write a Good README for Your Project
  • Git Branching: Learn How to Manage Multiple Versions of a Project with Branching
    • Lesson: Git Branching
    • Project: Birthday Party
    • Project: Ruby Time Calculator
    • Quiz: Git Branching
  • Git Teamwork: An introduction to Git collaborations with remotes, pulling and pushing
    • Lesson: Git Teamwork
    • Project: JavaScript Homework
    • Project: Recipe Book
    • Quiz: Git Teamwork
  • Deploying Websites using Git and GitHub: Practice using the Git version control system and publish your website to GitHub Pages.
    • Article: Deploying to GitHub Pages
    • Project: Off-Platform Project: Excursion
    • Informational: Excursion Project Solution
  • Best Practices for GitHub Repositories: Learn how to manage your GitHub repository when more people start joining your team.
    • Informational: Intro to Best Practices for GitHub
    • Article: How To Write a Good Pull Request
    • Article: How To Use Git Rebase
    • Article: Git Rebase Off-Platform Project
    • Article: Managing a GitHub Repository
    • Article: Using a .gitignore File in Your GitHub Repository
  • Collaborating with the GitHub Community: Learn how to access all that the GitHub community offers, and how to be a contributor yourself.
    • Article: What is the GitHub Community?
    • Article: Forking a Repository
    • KanbanProject: Contributing to the Codecademy Docs Repository
    • Article: Off-Platform Project: Wedding RSVP
  • GitHub Features: Issues, CLI, & Actions: Learn about a handful of GitHub features for intermediate to advanced users.
    • Informational: Introducing Helpful GitHub Features
    • Article: Project Management: Issues and Projects
    • Article: Tutorial: GitHub CLI (Command Line Interface)
    • Article: GitHub Actions & Tutorial On Automated Testing
  • GitHub Copilot: Fly into the future of programming with GitHub Copilot!
    • Lesson: A Guide to GitHub Copilot
    • Article: Setting Up GitHub Copilot
    • Article: Writing Your First Function With GitHub Copilot
    • Quiz: GitHub Copilot: Quiz
  • Review: Learn Git & GitHub: Review this course with us!
    • Informational: Review


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