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Adobe XD: UX/UI Design Essentials

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  • Use key UX and UI terminology with ease.
  • Master basic and advanced Adobe XD features.
  • Unpack and prepare a client brief and build a detailed audience persona.
  • Know your way around Wireframing (Low Fidelity) in Adobe XD.
  • Work with existing UI Kits and bring new Kits into Adobe XD.
  • Prototype a website and mock-up and App.
  • Work with Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop.
  • Navigate your way around Plugins.
  • Know why, when and how to use micro-interactions.
  • Master advanced prototyping with voice interactions and user testing.


Seamless UX and UI have become integral parts of the most successful sites and apps. If you’re looking to open yourself up to new opportunities in a lucrative field, there’s no time like the present to upgrade yourself.

This class is aimed at beginners interested in UI/UX Design as well as those with some experience who want to accelerate your growth by learning how to use Adobe XD like a pro.

Illustrating the power of XD in the UX and UI design processes, this class allows you to work on an actual project brief from one of Daniel’s clients, providing you with real-life experience as you learn.


  • The different roles and responsibilities of a product designer, UX designer and UI designer
  • How to pitch to clients using Photoshop mockups, ProtoPie and After Effects
  • How to use Type, create buttons and work with colors in Adobe XD
  • How to make new pages and artboards and add Lorem Ipsum to your page
  • Connect your pages, preview them and make your wireframe interactive
  • How to work with groups in isolation mode, free icons and popup modals / overlay boxes
  • Expert prototype and navigation tips and tricks


  • Freelancers wanting to start offering UX and UI services
  • Web designers wanting to do their own UX and UI design
  • UX and UI Designers wanting to expand on their existing skill set
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs wanting to enhance their website
  • Web programmers, front end and full stack developers wanting to diversify and enhance their skills
  • vAnyone wanting to start a career in UX and UI Design
  • All levels of experience


Adobe XD CC software
Adobe Creative Suite


An influential media designer, Advanced Adobe Certified Instructor and dedicated teacher to thousands of students for over 15 years. Daniel is a speaker and multi-award winner at the prestigious annual Adobe Max conference.


  • Getting Started with XD
  • What is UI vs UX
  • The UX Brief & Persona
  • Wireframing (Low Fidelity)
  • How Wide for my Website
  • Existing UI Kits
  • Working with Type
  • Basic Colors & Buttons
  • Free UI Icons
  • Footers & Lorem Ipsum
  • New Pages & Artboards
  • Class Project 01 - Wireframe
  • Prototyping & Interactivity
  • Create a Popup Modal
  • Prototype
  • Groups & Isolation Mode
  • How to Use Components (Previously Components)
  • Production Video - Left Nav
  • Repeat Grid
  • Updating Components & Repeat Grids
  • Prototype Tricks
  • Navigation Tricks & Tips
  • Class Project 03 - Components
  • Mocking Up an App
  • XD App on Your Phone
  • Fixing the Position
  • iPhone & Android Status Icons
  • Production Video - Login
  • Sharing Wireframes
  • Recording Your Interactions
  • Class Project - Wireframe Feedback
  • Mood Boards
  • Class Project - Mood Board
  • 12 Column or Grids
  • Working with Colors
  • Tricks for Using Colors
  • Gradients
  • Class Project 06 - Colors
  • Use Web Safe Fonts
  • Character Styles
  • Font & Text Tips Tricks
  • Plugin Lorem Ipsum
  • Paste Properties
  • Class Project 07 - Text & Buttons
  • Draw Custom Icons
  • Strokes & Lines
  • Pen Tool
  • Drawing Practice
  • Production Video with Tips
  • Illustrator in XD
  • Class Project 08 - Custom Icons
  • InDesign in XD
  • Pros & Cons for Images
  • CC Library Connection
  • Adobe Stock
  • Free Images
  • Masking
  • Photoshop in XD
  • Infographic
  • Class Project 09 - Hi-Def Mockup
  • Mobile Phone Mockup
  • Class Project 10 - Mobile Website
  • Hidden Features for Repeat Grid
  • Plugin - Content Generator
  • Plugin - UI Faces
  • Plugin - PhotoSplash
  • Plugin - Copy Cat
  • Advanced Asset Panel
  • Advanced Symbols
  • What are Micro Interactions
  • Button Grow
  • Animated Image Gallery
  • Full Vector Change
  • Class Project 11 - Micro Interactions
  • Time Delay Transitions
  • Popup Menu or Modal
  • Animated Mobile Side Nav
  • Drop Down Menus
  • Drag Transitions
  • Number Ticker Scroll
  • Alexa Voice Commands
  • What is User Testing
  • Unmoderated UX Test
  • Class Project 12 - User Testing
  • Mocking up in Photoshop
  • ProtoPie
  • Add Animation Using After Effects
  • Export Images & Assets
  • Export Code Using Design Specs
  • Class Project 13 - Roar Cycles
  • Conclusion
  • Final Quiz

Taught by

Daniel Walter Scott


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