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École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

New Space Economy

École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne via edX


The New Space sector is a fast-growing market, boosting the historical institutional space exploration economy. The roughly 366 billion USD global space industry in 2019 is estimated to surge to over $1 trillion by 2040. The current growth in the development of space infrastructures and production of data from space is opening a full range of new applications for new customers. New business models for space encompass launchers, satellite manufacturers, in-orbit servicing, telecommunication, cybersecurity, earth observation analytics, and many more.

Space4Impact, eSpace, E2MC and Space Innovation joined forces to launch this online course on New Space Economy. The course contains more than 30 videos from space experts from various space domains, including professors, scientists, representatives of public institutions and international organizations, entrepreneurs, and investors.

Join the new space boom. Whether you are an entrepreneur, student or career jumper, this course gives you a detailed overview of the new space economy. You will learn about current and future space infrastructures that enable various applications, such as telecommunication, broadcasting, geolocation, Earth Observation or in space manufacturing. You will learn how space data can enable new products and services to final customers on Earth. Last but not least, you will learn about how space can make Earth more sustainable and how to make sure to keep space sustainable in return.


The goal of this online course is to create awareness of the New Space economy among graduate students, traditional space actors, entrepreneurs, and career jumpers.

  • 7 weeks online course
  • 30+ speakers and videos
  • 100 + Quiz questions

Every week will explore another angle of the new space economy:

Week 1: History and trends in space

In this week you learn about:

  • History of Space Exploration
  • Trends in the space economy
  • Transportation to Space
  • Future and past space missions
  • An introduction to space infrastructures
  • Startups & Space

Week 2: Management of space and impact

In this week you learn about:

  • Satellite platforms
  • The threats of space debris
  • In-orbit servicing
  • Sustainability in Space
  • Global space governance
  • Radio Spectrum & Use of associated orbits
  • Export Controls 4 Space

Week 3: Remote sensing for Earth applications

In this week you learn about:

  • Earth Observation 4 Society
  • Copernicus program
  • Earth Observation infrastructures
  • Opportunities and applications in (re)insurance
  • Space technologies for cities
  • Meteo & weather predictions from space

Week 4: Remote communication for Earth applications

In this week you learn about:

  • Satcom business models
  • Satcom performances and constraints
  • Satcom market size and newcomers
  • Satcom communications security
  • How space enables global IoT
  • Finance and space

Week 5: Space a unique environment

In this week you learn about:

  • Navigation from space
  • Edge-computing for space applications
  • Entrepreneurship in the space industry
  • How to work with non-space corporates
  • Marketing & Sales strategy
  • Ho to find investors

Week 6: Remote geopositioning and navigation

In this week you learn about:

  • Cybersecurity in space
  • Manufacturing in space
  • Medical research in microgravity
  • Example of circular economy in space
  • Social design thinking for entrepreneurs

Taught by

Gaetan Petit, Nina Walker Nina Walker, Raphael Roettgen, Emmanuelle David and Grégoire Bourban


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