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Advanced C++

Microsoft via edX

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Advanced C++ is the third course in the Microsoft Learning C++ series. Students will learn about a vide variety of high-level C++ software development techniques.

It is highly recommended that students complete both the “Introduction to C++” and “Intermediate C++” courses before attempting this one. However, with a solid understanding of the prerequisites, it is not absolutely necessary to take these courses. Prerequisites include an understanding of pointers, memory allocation, file processing, and general OOP concepts.

This course will cover the following concepts: Exceptions, C++ templates, Iterators and advanced Class mechanics, and design patterns.

Taught by

Adrian Leven


1.3 rating, based on 7 Class Central reviews

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  • Anonymous
    Short answer: Skip this class. There are so many things wrong. If I didn't suspect better, it almost looks like the class was deliberately constructed to turn people off to C++. I don't mean to sound too negative, but most of this class is just unnecessarily painful to go through. I've done a lot of programming and what little okay material is offered here is buried in a mass of poor presentation, nutty quiz questions, old (really old) content, and just plain bad C++. It's a shame.
  • Anonymous
    The course is merely an introduction to some advanced topics. The course material is of poor quality, the videos are useless, the texts are erroneous , the quiz question are not clear and sometimes "correct" answers are the wrong ones.
  • Anonymous
    Want to code like it's 1998? Want to learn poor C++ with examples that haven't been tested and videos that are barely readable and often inaudible? Want to learn 'advanced' features which are no longer used in practice? I want my money back for Edx on this one.
  • Anonymous
    Terrible class. Instructor responds to people doubt with bad quiz
    question with "I'll need to talk to the person who did the class"
    and then said quiz was correct even though many people
    in the class have explained why question and 'correct' answer are
    wrong. Dropped.
  • Anonymous
    Just finished and the class is as bad as other reviewers have mentioned. I got help from a coworker and she was astounded at how bad the material and presentation were (especially the quizzes). It's truly sad to see classes like this on Edx.
  • Anonymous
    The Advanced C++ course by Microsoft via edX is a huge disappointment for the following three reasons: 1. Tutorial videos are barely readable and often inaudible (check module 2 templates for example). The instructor has done a poor job explaining t…
  • Anonymous
    The first two courses of the series were great with the first one easily being the best as the video lectures were clear, detailed and to the point.

    This third course is a huge disappointment. The videos have terrible quality. You can hardly hear what the lecturer is saying as if he's on some kind of medication throughout the lectures. He's practically just mumbling the entire time.

    I can recommend the first two courses but not this one.

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