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Biochemistry: Biomolecules, Methods, and Mechanisms

Massachusetts Institute of Technology via edX

4 Reviews 63 students interested

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Do you want to prepare for medical school, study a STEM field, become a research scientist, or transition to a career in the booming biotechnology industry? Or maybe you just want to understand the chemical reactions that govern life itself. Join Professor Yaffe, an MIT professor and practicing surgeon, as he guides you through the science that inspires countless doctors, researchers, and students alike.

We developed 7.05x Biochemistry with an emphasis on:
  • Developing your scientific thinking skills including articulating hypotheses, performing thought experiments, interpreting data, and designing experiments.
  • Using data based on real scientific experiments and highlighting the scientific process.
  • Asserting that biology is an active field that changes daily through examples of MIT (and other current) research, not static information in a textbook.
  • Visualizing real molecular structures with PyMOL to better understand function and mechanism.
  • Appreciating the quantitative aspects of biochemistry and practicing this quantitation with MATLAB.
  • Translating topics in biochemistry to diseases and medicine.  
  • Conveying the authentic MIT firehose experience.
  • Implementing the science of learning in the course design.
We offer a thorough and robust means of certifying edX learners in their mastery of the MITx biochemistry content, through the MITx 7.05x Biochemistry Competency Exam. This challenging option is available only to those who register for the verified-certificate track, and successful completion of this exam is the majority of the assessment grade that counts toward a certificate. The Competency Exam will be open from August 20, 2019 to August 27, 2019.


The course includes the following learning sequences:
  • Introduction to Biochemistry; pH and Buffers
  • Amino Acids and Proteins
  • Protein Purification
  • Protein Structure 
  • Protein Folding
  • Hemoglobin and Allostery
  • Hemoglobin and the Bohr Effect
  • Enzyme Chemistry
  • Enzyme as Catalysts
  • Enzyme Kinetics
  • Membranes, Channels, Transporters, and Pumps
  • Blood Clotting
  • Signal Transduction

Taught by

Michael Yaffe, Mary Ellen Wiltrout, Darcy Gordon and Monika Avello

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Reviews for edX's Biochemistry: Biomolecules, Methods, and Mechanisms
4.5 Based on 4 reviews

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Bl C
3.0 2 months ago
Bl is taking this course right now.
The course overall has good coverage of the subject and engaging supplementary materials through PyMOL, MATLAB, and database usage, but the interface, assessments, discussion environment seem half-baked.

Content-wise the lectures are very informative at a good pace. Prof. Yaffe discusses the topics with great economy of words to the point that the lecture transcriptions are enough to understand the topics discussed. A simple listing of goals and objectives at the beginning of every learning sequence gives an idea of the scope.

Some of the test-yourself questions in th…
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5.0 2 months ago
Anonymous is taking this course right now.
This is a fitting addition to the edX/MIT biology offerings (including 7.00x and the 3 7.28x courses). It is extremely comprehensive with respect to both the lectures and the testing, but one thing is always certain in these courses: if you dedicate the amount of time required, which will vary widely depending on prior knowledge, you *will* come away knowing the material. For some, this may include more detail than they want, if a high level overview is desired, but however well one does on the testing, it is a real treat to have access to a professor like Michael Yaffe, who is extraordinaril…
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5.0 2 months ago
Anonymous is taking this course right now.
I am 2/3 through this course and am thoroughly enjoying it. The lecture content is presented by Professor Yaffe in a clear and easy to follow format. The interspersed 'test yourself questions' break up the lectures nicely and help make sure I have understood topics before moving on. The problem sets are written in a fun, anecdotal way that is very engaging and helps me imagine what it would be like attending labs with students. The problem sets are not a simple regurgitation of facts, but challenge you to think critically and truly test understanding of the material. I am concurrently studying to write the MCAT and am finding the knowledge I'm learning here is definitely improving my practice testing in the Bio/Biochem section. Thanks for the opportunity!
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5.0 2 months ago
Anonymous is taking this course right now.
I started this course after taking already MITx-7.00x and MITx-7.28 1-3x and to see whether/how this course fills gaps between the other two excellent course . I appreciate the mixture of chalkboard lectures, animations, and test yourself questions. In particular, I like the introduction to PyMOL and MATLAB.

The problem sets with the characters and storyline comes close to real life situations in the lab and are challenging but doable at the same time.
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