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University of California, Berkeley

CS188.1x: Artificial Intelligence

University of California, Berkeley via edX

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Artificial intelligence is already all around you, from web search to video games. AI methods plan your driving directions, filter your spam, and focus your cameras on faces. AI lets you guide your phone with your voice and read foreign newspapers in English. Beyond today's applications, AI is at the core of many new technologies that will shape our future. From self-driving cars to household robots, advancements in AI help transform science fiction into real systems.

The course will introduce the basic ideas and techniques underlying the design of intelligent computer systems. CS188.1x focuses on Behavior from Computation and will cover the following areas:

Statistical and decision–theoretic modeling paradigm. By the end of this course, you will have built autonomous agents that efficiently make decisions in stochastic and in adversarial settings.
Reasoning and Learning. With this additional machinery your agents will be able to draw inferences in uncertain environments and optimize actions for arbitrary reward structures. Your machine learning algorithms will classify handwritten digits and photographs.
Applications for a wide variety of artificial intelligence problems. The techniques you learn in CS188x will serve as the foundation for further study in any application area you choose to pursue.
Join us today to learn more about how AI affects your life, and where it is headed in the future.

Taught by

Dan Klein and Pieter Abbeel


4.8 rating, based on 30 Class Central reviews

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  • CS188.1x: Artificial Intelligence is an introductory AI course offered by UC Berkeley through the edX MOOC platform. CS188.1x covers roughly the first half of the material in the full on-campus AI course in the span of 12 weeks. Major course topics…
  • I took this course after attempting the first iteration of Caltech's Learning From Data. I enjoyed the material and lectures immensely and consider it one of the best artificial intelligence courses available online. The quizzes effectively reinforced everything you learned and the programming project was an agent based pacman game. Brilliant. you absolutely need a solid foundation in probability, intelligent agents and expertise in at least one object oriented programming language.
    Seriously hoping Dan Klein and company will resurrect this course for another run.
  • Anonymous
    GREAT COURSE - BUT @AWFUL , THIS IS THE WORST COURSE EVER This is a course that is challenging. Without the background you really will need to put the time in. I worked through the material well after the course completion date. However I have so…
  • Profile image for Michal Kosinski
    Michal Kosinski
    One of the most interesting courses I have ever taken, same top league as Machine Learning by Andrew Ng. 12 weeks of pure fun.
  • Profile image for Eugene Abramchuk
    Eugene Abramchuk
    Easily best course I've ever taken!

    Reasonably hard, no background needed (some high school math and familiarity with programming is a plus) and Dan Klein / Pieter Abbeel led it in such a fun way, that I could not wait for the next week's materials.
    The downside for me was that it was rather time consuming: by the middle of the course I spent about a 1-1.5h on workdays and took one whole weekend day for the course tasks.

    It's very sad they discontinued the course.
  • Anonymous
    Yes, this course was amazing, and I would definitely recommend it to anybody with a solid mathematical background as a sneak into the concepts of AI. The mathematical part was the dimension which I loved the most, because it was the challenging part…
  • Anonymous

    This is a kick ass course. It's hard. I have taken a lot of Coursera and edX courses and this was one of the hardest (and it was only half the course). That is why people here gave it a bad review. But this is reality. Hard. If you don't have what it takes don't take the course. If you have what it takes it will be an unbelievable experience and you will learn some of the coolest things you will ever get to learn. You can also use this knowledge beyond this class which will definitely be a weapon in your hands. A huge weapon. If you have not strong mathematical background and no programming experience it's not for you. Check the prerequisites.
  • Anonymous
    I had taken the AI course from Norvig and Thrun and thought it was the best course ever. I had to review my "belief state" after I started folllowing this amazing course from Dan Klein. It is not simply the best course on AI ever made available online. It is the best course ever made available on any subject.

    Challenging and rewarding, I cannot imagine how long it would take to learn such concept with Dan Klein guidance. And he's funny too!
  • Anonymous
    The best MOOC I have taken!

    I had already taken a graduate class in AI at a respected university, but I learned so much more in this class.
  • Anonymous
    Excellent course, they're using a pacman videogame to do the coding assignments. Dan Klein explains things very clearly.
  • Anonymous
    Great class. Superb lectures. Amazing material. Can't be beat. Oh, it's hard too.
  • Anonymous
    Excellent course - challenging, but very well taught.
  • Anonymous
    Incredibly fun homeworks helping PacMan beat the ghosts. Great teacher.
  • Tijl De Backer
  • Evgeniy Mikhailovich Zheltonozhskiy
  • Billy Lim
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

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