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Six Sigma: Define and Measure

Technische Universität München (Technical University of Munich) via edX


*The current course run ends on June 30, 2021. If you think you won't have enough time to finish, you can enroll in the run starting on May 01, 2021 and ending on June 30, 2022 *

Understand the background and meaning of Six Sigma and the five steps of the DMAIC process improvement flow: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. Discuss what "Quality" means and how to identify the Voice of the Customer.

You will learn how to set an improvement project goal, calculate process yield, and identify Critical-to-Quality parameters.

You will learn how to map a process and to use the necessary statistical techniques to establish the baseline performance of a process and to calculate the process capability.

To complement the lectures, we provide interactive exercises, which allow learners to see the statistics "in action." Learners then master the statistical concepts by completing practice problems. These are then reinforced using interactive case studies, which illustrate the application of the statistics in quality improvement situations.

Upon successful completion of this program, learners will earn the TUM Lean and Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification, confirming mastery of Lean Six Sigma fundamentals to a Green Belt level. The material is based on the American Society for Quality ( Body of Knowledge up to a Green Belt Level. The Professional Certificate is designed as preparation for a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt exam.


Week 1: Six Sigma Introduction
Introduction to the Six Sigma Methodology and the DMAIC process improvement cycle. Understand the contributors to the cost of quality. Discuss the difference between defects and defectives in a process and how to calculate process yield, including a comparison of processes of different complexity using the metric DPMO.

Week 2: DEFINE - Defining the Problem
Discuss how to understand customer expectations, using the Kano Model to categorize quality characteristics. Start the first and difficult task of a Six Sigma project, Defining the Problem, and review the key content in a Project Charter.

Week 3: MEASURE - Statistics Review
Review of random variables and probability distributions used commonly in quality engineering, such as Binomial, Poisson, and Exponential. Cover descriptive statistics, emphasizing the importance of clearly communicating the results of your project.

Week 4: MEASURE - Normal Distribution
Learn the characteristics of the Normal Distribution and how to use the Standard Normal to calculate probabilities related to normally distributed variables. Cover the Central Limit Theorem, and how it relates to sampling theory.

Week 5: MEASURE - Process Mapping
Introduce Process Mapping, including SIPOC and Value Stream Mapping. We identify the Critical-to-Quality characteristic for a Six Sigma project

Week 6: MEASURE - Measurement System Analysis
Learn the basics of Measurement Theory and Sampling Plans, including
Precision, Accuracy, Linearity, Bias, Stability, Gage Repeatability & Reproducibility

Week 7: MEASURE - Process Capability
Introduction to Process Capability and the metrics CP/CPK for establishing our baseline process performance.

Week 8: Quality Topics and Course Summary
Cover the basics of Tolerance Design and the risk assessment tool failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA).
Review the complete Six Sigma Roadmap before summarizing and closing the course.

Taught by

Martin Grunow and Holly Ott


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  • Elias Elias

    Elias Elias completed this course.

    First and foremost, I want to convey my utmost gratitude, praise, and appreciation to Holly Ott for her skillful execution and expertise conducting the course. She made the course interesting as an online course can be. Even for someone who has been...
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    My name is Rony Tabari and I am from Indonesia, I am currently undertaking a role as an Operations Improvement Advisor for Phu Bia Mining (PBM) with operations in Laos as one of the producing assets for PanAust in South East Asia. First of all, I would...
  • Profile image for Umang Mittal
    Umang Mittal

    Umang Mittal completed this course, spending 19 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be hard.

    The course content is very much helpful and informative. The course really helps to gain insight into the lean production and six sigma. The concepts are very much latest and related with industry. The course has helped me a lot for securing the internship...
  • Anonymous
    Hello, My name is Faisal Enad S Alenezi. As I know from my experience from a bachelor's degree Dr Holly Ott, was one of the best I had ever experienced coming from an in-class and online university-level course perspective. Furthermore, I want to convey...
  • Katerina Christopoulos
    My name is Katerina Christopoulos and I have an MEng degree in Mechanical Engineering. I am currently between jobs (I have just moved to Munich in pursuit of my next role - this was a great coincidence!) and having worked as a Project Quality Engineer...
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    The professor Holly Ott understands what a S.M.A.R.T (specific measurable attainable realistic time) quality objective actually is for a each of her lectures. Furthermore she follows the 3E( FEMA Reinforcing the perception of fair treatment 3E) of communication...
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    Hello, I am Nuruzzaman Faruqui from Dhaka, Banglades. I am an Electrical Engineer and working in a Mobile Telecom Company with the technical Project Team of my company. I have to work & perform with different project all over the year. For me this a...
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    Hello, I am Prashant Bhavsar from India, working for an Automotive Industry in India. Let me first thank Prof. Holly Ott for her incredible skill for making this course easier. Her presentation and delivery of the course was excellent and made it easy...
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    It was a great honour to provide a review related to the Six Sigma Online Course by the Technical University of Munich through EDx. Browsing the internet, you’ll find that tons of institutions, organizations and various groups are offering similar Six-Sigma...
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    My name is Cole Shaigec and I am a management student at the London School of Economics. I highly commend Dr. Ott and her colleagues at TUM for their work in putting together this spectacular course. Dr. Ott is an exceptionally skilled teacher. She...
  • Anonymous
    I am an MSc. student of Manufacturing Engineering and want to align my future career in production and quality department. Recently, I have taken an internship in production and quality department and worked on process capability based on measured data....
  • Anonymous
    Marvin Clarke. Alcoholic Beverage Industry My name is Marvin Clarke. I have worked in Alcoholic Beverage Production for over 14 years. I strongly recommend this course, Define & Measure, to every and anyone with a high level of commendation to the Technical...
  • Anonymous
    Ονομάζομαι Βαλσαμάκη Δάφνη, είμαι απο την Ελλάδα και διαμένω στην πόλη των Σερρών. Η μέθοδος διδασκαλίας είναι εξαιρετική, με κατανοητά παραδείγματα και όχι πολύπλοκες αναφορές. Στα βίντεο περιγράφεται αναλυτικά ο κύκλος ποιότητας προϊόντος. Γίνονται...
  • Anonymous
    This six sigma verified course has a lot of benefits and a great learning platform for not only me(sireesha) for everyone too who are browsing for this courses in websites. i had a wonderful experience with this course and i'm very thankful to prof.holly...
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    Kit Siang Tan, working in a power tool company as an R&D Engineer. 1. I learnt from this course a solid foundation on how to judge the quality of the processes involved in manufacturing parts I developed for my products. Given that certain dimensions...
  • Anonymous
    Hello! My name is Francisco Soria, I am from Argentina. First of all, I want to say that I liked so much this course, the explanations of Professor Holly Ott were very clear with her examples and with her passion to teach. Thank you for that. Really,...
  • Profile image for Alexander Jaime Hernández Mitchell
    Alexander Jaime Hernández Mitchell

    Alexander Jaime Hernández Mitchell completed this course, spending 4 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be medium.

    This course teaches you the foundation knowledge required to master Lean manufacturing. Passing the 3 courses of Edx with Tum university you can achieve a yellow belt certificate in lean manufacturing that is a great acknowledgement and starting point...
  • Konstantinos Pettas

    Konstantinos Pettas completed this course, spending 4 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be hard.

    I finished the course studying 4 hours a week. I have study business administration 25 years ago, So I remembered material I learned years ago, viewed from a modern view. The material is very well structure and the presentation from Professors Holly Ott,...
  • Anonymous
    Respected Proff. Ott, Thank you for designing an amazing course which keeps an insight into the world of Six Sigma. There are a lot of things I have learned from this course. But to be specific, I would like to talk 3 of them. 1. KANO Model: I will...
  • Profile image for Norvin Cuentas
    Norvin Cuentas

    Norvin Cuentas completed this course, spending 10 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be medium.

    My name is Norvin from Bellevue, WA-USA with a background in Mechanical Engineering. As I write this I am in between roles as well as a Co-Founder of an early stage startup called Vivify Trucks. The 3 specific things that I learned in this course that...

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