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Speech Recognition Systems

Microsoft via edX

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This course is part of the Microsoft Professional Program in Artificial Intelligence.

Developing and understanding Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) systems is an inter-disciplinary activity, taking expertise in linguistics, computer science, mathematics, and electrical engineering.

When a human speaks a word, they cause their voice to make a time-varying pattern of sounds. These sounds are waves of pressure that propagate through the air. The sounds are captured by a sensor, such as a microphone or microphone array, and turned into a sequence of numbers representing the pressure change over time. The automatic speech recognition system converts this time-pressure signal into a time-frequency-energy signal. It has been trained on a curated set of labeled speech sounds, and labels the sounds it is presented with. These acoustic labels are combined with a model of word pronunciation and a model of word sequences, to create a textual representation of what was said.

Instead of exploring one part of this process deeply, this course is designed to give an overview of the components of a modern ASR system. In each lecture, we describe a component's purpose and general structure. In each lab, the student creates a functioning block of the system. At the end of the course, we will have built a speech recognition system almost entirely out of Python code.

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Taught by

Adrian Leven

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Reviews for edX's Speech Recognition Systems
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1.0 a year ago
Anonymous completed this course.
It is very text heavy course with few videos here and there explaining the module. Seems like the instructors are reading the script which is very obvious in the recordings as well as makes the learning experience very quirky.

The course is designed based on the assumption that you already have some understanding of the formulas and what they are talking.

In the past, I've read through materials and learned a lot. But this courses text material is too much of a read and doesn't do any justice explaining concepts in simple language.
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Kurp K
2.0 a year ago
Kurp is taking this course right now, spending 1 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be hard.
My review is based on material of the first module only. The course seems to be strongly text-based, with no satisfying clarification of some terms and ideas. I believe video would be perfect to explain the subject - and the only thing we've got is a wall of text of mediocre clarity and quality. I expected nice introduction to the subject, but think nobody without prior knowledge would be able to finish the course.
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