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Tsinghua University

Tsinghua Chinese: Start Talking with 1.3 Billion People

Tsinghua University via edX


This introductory Chinese language course will emphasize basic language skills for everyday life in Mandarin speaking countries.

The course utilizes pinyin, the standard system of Romanized spelling for transliterating Chinese, so learners will find it easy to understand and study the language.

The course is composed of several parts: Dialogues (taught through pinyin), listening comprehension exercises (in real-world situations), Chinese characters (frequently used in daily life), Mandarin songs, and Tea Time (tips for self-study).

This course is for anyone interested in learning Mandarin Chinese, especially if you plan to work or study in Mandarin-speaking countries. The course is also a good start toward the HSK Chinese proficiency test.

Taught by

Xia Ding, Xiaoning Wang, Li Lu and Yuan Li



4.8 rating, based on 94 Class Central reviews

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  • It has been a while since I took this course on edX. It is still available on the archived mode on edX, so felt like I would share my review here. I took this class in 2016, in its first iteration at an instructor-paced mode. This was my first introduction...
  • This class is very good for the foreigner to understand and learn Chinese in the easy way. Appreciated all Laoshi and Tsinghua team to prepare this for us. Xiexie!
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    I can't recommend this course enough. This is a masterclass on how an online course should be designed, and how a second language should be introduced. Whether you're living in China or overseas, a total novice or just need a refresher, there's something...
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    I've just finished the Mandarin Level 1 course given by Tsinghua University.
    The overall course was amazing. Not only very high quality content, and great lessons, but also very useful content for everyday living in China.
    The course is also very entertaining, mixing a back story that develops over the whole course.
    There are also great technological tips that make Mandarin learning, and living in China easier.

    This is an amazing course, everyone interested in starting to learn Mandarin should take it, and should expect completing it and being very motivated to keep on learning, just as I am right now.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    This is the best MOOC i've taken in my life, and i've taken quite a few. It's like being part of a TV show or a movie, where you are part of a story, get to meet characters, identify with them, and feel sad when it all ends. Except that instead of a movie it is your journey into the Chinese world.

    The teaching is top-notch, short, lucid videos, plenty of practice exercises, you learn how to write characters, totally practical spoken chinese, excellent actors and overall it is such a fun experience. Best part - its self-paced so no stress about meeting deadlines.

    Absolutely worth it.
  • Anonymous
    ดีมากค่ะ อธิบายละเอียดดี แล้วก็มีแบบทดสอบสนุกๆให้ได้ทำตลอดบทเรียน
    ขอขอบคุณเหล่าซื่อและเพื่อนๆต่างชาติทุกคนแม้ฟังออกบ้างไม่ออกบ้างก็พอเดาได้ค่ะ เรียนสนุกมากค่ะ
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous is taking this course right now.

    The content is for beginner, but it's enjoyable to follow with Peter's story here and there. So it's not monotonous.

    Even the videos are broken down into one-minute chunks, since they know we're too lazy to watch anything above one-minute. I've learnt Mandarin before and grew tired of the basics already (I'm not saying that I'm proficient already; my real level seems to be stagnating in the basics).

    Overall, this course seems interesting as a review. Looking forward to more Peter's adventure.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    This is one of the better beginner courses I've encountered. The stress on tone is quite good. The character lessons are also insightful, although I must emphasize that Wang Laoshi's stroke order is of utmost importance -- I don't think that was stressed enough. Grammar is not a huge deal in Mandarin, but students should be open-minded to some of the differences from European languages. I have already recommended this course to others, and will continue to do so.
  • Profile image for Walarak Xu
    Walarak Xu
    I've just finished the course. The overall course is pretty good, not hard or easy. Teachers are teaching easier to understand.

    However, I think there are mistake from the quiz. Some questions in the quiz are unclear like the topic, interpret emotion.
  • Anonymous
    I'm Thai.I love to learn Chinese.I think this course very useful for me to practise and can speak with Chinese.I wanna say thank you to every chinese teachers. They teach very well. I hope Thaimooc should have more Chinese courses than present.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    This course is good for beginners, it provides a lot of useful phrases. The focus is less on writing, so if you seek to learn written Chinese, it might not be your cup of tea.

    2-3 questions in the quizzes were a bit unclear, and the speakers in the audio quizzes are a bit too fast for a complete beginner I think.

    I'd also like some basic phrases like: "I did not understand" or "Please talk a bit slower" included in that course.
  • Anonymous
    It’s new knowledge, vocabulary about chinese for me. I like it we can study by ourself. anywhere anytime can enjoy video.
  • Anonymous
    very good. Learning Chinese this time made me know the basics of Chinese. I can apply this experience to my daily life.
  • Anonymous
    I really enjoyed studying in the class, the contents and medias are so interesting and not boring. I feel like I am one of foreign student who studying in China, same as Peter. looking forward to joining level 2 soon
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    An excellent, pragmatic introduction to Mandarin. The course is very professionally built, and executed. With such a generic, wide approach and course mission it must be very hard to get it right - but the course team miraculously managed to keep the course in the "Goldilocks zone" :
    - not too hard to scare beginners, but not too easy and shallow to become useless;
    - addressing everything including writing, tones etc, but still not getting lost in details;
    - etc
    Well done, and 谢谢!
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    This was he best course I have ever taken. wonderful for beginners like me and the structure of this course was very well. I really felt involved and it as never boring but rather entertaining. I must say that I had no difficulties to follow along and I enjoyed the reading and writing of the chinese characters. I hope there could be a continuation of this course. I would definitely take it. Xiexie
  • Anonymous
    I have finished the Mandarin Chinese level 1 designed by Tsinghua and it was really helpful. The combination of common dialogue and character worked very well, I could both understand the use of simple Chinese in life and how to write them along. It is a great course for a beginner to start learning Mandarin. Thank the organizer team and teachers very much.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    I really loved this course. It was easy to follow, yet challenging compared to some monotonous online classes. It made me pay special attention to tones and tested me how well I listened. That helped a lot. I also loved that they did not forget to include character writing. The backstory was also very interesting. It was exciting to progress each week. The teachers and staff seemed very warm nice people.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    This is a very good course, and covers a lot. It is simply explained, interesting, designed in short palatable pieces and was also really fun. I loved all the presenters on it and I really felt like I was really involved in a group lesson. Very highly recommended to anyone wanting to get a basic grasp of the Chinese language. Thank you Tsinghua University and your exceptional team.
  • Nkwelle Caleb

    Nkwelle Caleb completed this course.

    I have taken and proud to say i completed the course. Its simple with wonderful lectures and course instructors. the self based aspects is also a great feature. The lessons are just awesome for day to day interactions. The interface and structure, i have also enjoyed. Being free is a massive thumbs up for Tsinghua. I greatly appreciate. If you ever want to get some basics in Chinese Mandarin then just coming running over here.

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